Joss & Main Curator’s Collection is LIVE!

Joss & Main recently invited me to curate a collection (dream-come-true!). You’ve likely seen several blogger’s collections this year…it’s such a fun sales event!

Joss & Main

I worked hard to create a collection of items I have in my own home or that reflect my style, even items on my wish list. {dear Santa….}

DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator's Collection

On occasion I’m asked where I found a certain item. Today, I share some of my favorite decorative items in my Eclectic farmhouse Elegance collection.

DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator's Collection

If you’re not familiar with Joss & Main, they’re a member’s only online shopping site offering top brand and designer merchandise for your home well below retail prices.  Up to 70% off! Membership is FREE and you can join Joss & Main here.

I look at the collections and sales and find something I love nearly every day. It’s a great source for inspiration for decorating too! And every time you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you earn credit for shopping! I know! That’s awesome, right?

DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator's Collection

For a limited time at Joss & Main, I’m sharing some great decorative accents and furnishings {some that you’ll actually see in our home!}. To achieve a similar look, my eclectic farmhouse style, you’ll find items like our dining room chairs and a lot more…


See if you can spot some of the accents I’m going to be using in the apartment reveal that’s coming up too! Yep, they have some amazing prices and irresistible deals.

You’re invited! Head over and take advantage of the FREE membership so you can shop for some amazing discounted home decor for your next room makeover and I’d love for you to take a look at the DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator’s Collection for a limited time. Thanks, friends!
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I Love Thrifting Day – fun, finds & friends


Groups from all over participated in I Love Thrifting day this past weekend. As you know, I had the pleasure to organize and host the North Pittsburgh event.

DIY Show Off #ilovethrifting

Our group was small, consisting largely of family sprinkled with a few friends


and the opportunity to meet 3 local blog friends!

Kim {Reposhture} and me. Love her creativity. I’ve featured her before. We just didn’t know that we were practically neighbors. Now I can ‘borrow’ her ski pole lamp or have her professionally DIY a piece of furniture for me! 😉


Reposhture and DIY Show Off

I don’t know why I didn’t get my picture with Susan from Oh My! Creative {so many fun crafty features}, but you can see her in her green/white striped shirt in some of the photos. Love her and can’t wait to get to know her a little better. I have local blog friends!

And dear sweet, Jessica who I actually met last year. Jessica’s a local pet sitter at Sittin Paws, providing an awesome alternative to kenneling. Now I can consider getting a dog {I miss Niski} because vacations won’t be a problem with a friend like Jessica in the neighborhood! She’s also blog author at Craft Frau Times…but she’s lacking the ‘time’ to blog right now. 

Roeshel and Jessica

Our scheduled was as follows:

9 a.m. we arrived at the North Hills Goodwill.

North Hills Good Will

Lots of thrifty treasures!


Next up was Wexford GoodWill. It’s a more intimate store (not a donation center) but packed full of treasures and the service was a little more personal.

Wexford Goodwill

At this point, our entire group of lucky #13 was gathered…

Pittsburgh 2012 #ilovethrifting

North Pittsburgh #ilovethrifting 2012

Yep – there’s my aunt, my cousin, my GRAM! My sister, niece, daughters and friends! 

We also had a scavenger hunt at each store. Just a piece of paper with one word. The more hideous, the better.

#ilovethrifting scavenger hunt

A little prize was awarded for those finding their “thing”. Ali won $5…

#Ilovethrifting winner

Some really fun finds…

thrifty treasures

Next up, we headed to Cranberry Twp. to another GoodWill and more shopping! If I had room in the vehicle, this would have found it’s way to Ali’s tiny apartment where I would give “painting a loveseat” a little DIY trial. It was like new!

love seat

Time for lunch! Place: North Park Lounge ClubHouse where seating was limited for a small group, but booths were all in the same location. Food was good. Company was amazing.

#ilovethrifting pittsburgh lunch

Last stop: Gibsonia GoodWill.

#ilovethrifting shopping

It was a long HOT {104 degrees} day…we shopped til we dropped…


Some of us headed to my house for a little thrifty show and tell



What did I come home with? Surprisingly, very little, but LOVE

my thrifty treasures:

thrifty treasures #Ilovethrifting 2012

  1. A pouf! Price: $15.
  2. An old clip board for filleting fish – $2.99.
  3. Target shower curtain $11
  4. $2.99 ticking bed skirt for me to cut up for a project.
  5. Garden gnome. A little pricey at $9.99 but I couldn’t resist his cuteness.
  6. Picnic basket $4.99.
  7. Pitcher – I don’t remember. Maybe $1.99.

A special thanks to Rashon at Mr. GoodWill Hunting, the brains behind #ILoveThrifting day. Remember, we finally had the chance to meet a few weeks ago at the Haven Conference.

Rashon and Roeshel

And a special thanks to GoodWill of Southwestern PA for the discounts! If you’re local – the Butler GoodWill store is having a fun event this Saturday! I might even gather my friends and where our shirts and partake of some refreshments and sales!

Joining the party at Rhoda’s: SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb Check out all of the fun thrifty treasures’ links. You’ll want to see her latest progress in her new home too!