Yardsale Finds and Repurposing

Repurpose something old! It’s that time of year! It’s a great time to hit the yard sales and estate sales. Scoop up fun inspiration for making something old new again. Check out these repurposed, upcycled and refreshed ideas!

Chandelier – one of my favorite DIY projects from the past. It does require a lot of TLC for the plants. I also love the idea of solar lights in place of plants. 

Chandelier Planter

DIYShowOff chandelier planter

Light Fixture – DIY at your own risk. Always make sure to use non flammable materials and to consult an electrician.

Globe Light Fixture

globe light cover

Repurposed Pallet – learn how to choose one that’s not chemically treated and plant a mobile herb garden.

Pallet Garden

vertical pallet herb garden

Or fill it with flowers for a beautiful outdoor feature.

Flower Pallet Garden

flower pallet garden @diyshowoff

Industrial milk can side table – look for unique pieces to repurpose!

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patioDIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

Tea cups for planters. 

Succulents in Tea Cups

tea cup succulent planters at diyshowoff.comtea cup succulent planters at diyshowoff.com

And a bundt pan too…

Patio Table Umbrella Planter

Update wooden candlesticks with paint. It’s a great way to add a colorful accent to your decor. 


colorful painted wooden candlesticksCandlestick Centerpiece at diyshowoff.com DIY candlestick update at diyshowoff.com Give a thrift store treasure a brand new look…

Serving Tray Makeover

chevron serving tray makeover

Basket wall – my studio is still a work in progress but there’s a new collection on display… 

basket wall diyshowoff

Grab a lamp and give it a makeover with a good scrubbing or paint and a new shade.

Lamp Makeovers

Lamp makeover at diyshowoff.com

New collections: I love these brooches on display!

Brooch Wreath

how to make a jewelry wreath


Gallery wall! A collection of thrifted and vintage artwork is one of my favorite ways to dress up a wall. So much interest and personality! 

Gallery Walls

DIY striped gallery wall tutorial @diyshowoff gallery wall at diyshowoff.com mixed media gallery wall at diyshowoff.com eclectic gallery wall stairway gallery wall gallery wall Christmas decorating thrifty gallery wall gallery wall

Furniture makeovers – the power of paint is an awesome way to rescue old furniture. 

Dresser Makeover after DIY Dog Bed labeled-dresser farmhouse kitchen diyshowoff side table makeover Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial plastic picnic table makeover steamer trunk coffee tablepainted upholstered chairsflea market step stool makeover @diyshowoffDIY Show Off step stool makeover

What are you latest greatest favorite yard sale treasures?

Color Lovers: Dining Room Refresh

Color Lovers Blog Tour: 10 color loving bloggers working on 10 colorful rooms! Are you ready for some ideas on adding color to your home? You hit the jackpot! Follow the tour below and stay tuned! 


The Challenge: Our dining room is looking kind of stale and uninspired. It’s hard to tell in photos but it needs a paint job pretty bad and well, while I LOVE neutrals too (have I mentioned my design-mutt style?), I am ready to add some color to my neutral base.   It’s usually looking like something along these lines…

#loveyourhomechallenge @diyshowoff dining room #loveyourhomechallenge @diyshowoff dining room #loveyourhomechallenge @diyshowoff dining room       


Nice enough. Clean. Bland. It’s time to liven things up with some color, baby!

Before: See the patch work for nail holes, dings, cracks and scratches in the walls below? These walls require some TLC! Since this room doesn’t have direct access to a window (although behind where I’m standing to take the photo is a set of French doors in another small room), there’s little to no natural lighting so it’s important to keep paint options light and bright but oh man, if you know me, I do love being creative so I might have something special planned for that back wall. Watch out! I’m armed with my FrogTape and ready to go! 

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room before

See how dark the room typically is?

Okay friends, so here’s the plan: feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments. If they’re nice. haha. Just kidding. Constructive criticism welcome! 

Walls & ceiling: Freshen up the ceiling and walls. The walls will be neutral and light for the most part (again, those lighting issues) with the exception of maybe something fun on that back wall. The ceiling was actually a lighter shade than the precious taupe-y walls at one point but as you can tell below, definitely not clean crisp white. That’s changing! 

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room before

 Sliding door: I still swoon over this door. I’ve considered repainting it for a change /something different but I am still so in LOVE with the chartreuse color so it’s staying! However, I’m adding frosted contact paper to the windows to give the bedroom privacy (there’s currently a dark curtain there…blah). The frosted film will still allow some of that natural lighting to make it’s way into the dark dining room but provide privacy between the rooms.

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room before

My thoughts on decorating and loving color:  I looooove bringing in color with paint and decorative accents. Why? Mostly because I love to rearrange and redecorate often. I find that keeping the furniture (those big ticket items) neutral allows for adding and changing color schemes whenever the itch to do so hits me. And I get itchy often. Wait. That doesn’t sound so good, does it? lol What I mean is…I find that my reward for ‘cleaning’ is re-arranging and redecorating. It keeps things fresh and motivates me to get the sweeping, dusting, picking up tasks done. So for me personally, change happens often in my home. It makes me happy. 

Summary: Paint and decorative accessories are easy to change so do what you love! I’m no stranger to colorful accents. Remember this fun room? Not everyone’s cup of tea but my family room was so colorful-carnival, I couldn’t help but smile in there. Ya know?

family room was once a kaleidoscope of color

eclectic family room


guest room/nursery

combined nursery/guest room @diyshowoff

Anyway…back to the dining room and adding color there! 

Keep: existing handmade barn wood dining room table, built-ins (I’m always tempted to tear those out but…they’re so functional I’d be crazy to do away with them, ya know?) and existing light fixture (still love it so working with it). Those two built-ins are actually a very light shade of blue. I’m ready for them to be white so I never have to paint them again in my lifetime.

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room before

Built In Cabinets:  I guess previous homeowners had a LOT to display since out of the 4 corners in the dining room, 3 have built-in cabinets. Well, who doesn’t love storage? So they stay. I’ve lived 10 years with being able to see what’s in the built in cabinets and it’s not always pretty. The best of intentions sometimes get out of control. My plan is to hide the contents.  I love this lace pattern privacy window film (affiliate link) on the two matching built-ins for hidden storage. Spray painting hardware. 

before…peeling light blue paint

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room before

after will be fresh, crisp and clean.

The other built in cabinet shown below will get a fresh restyling. 

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room before

Design board: I am SO super excited for this fresh colorful update!!! 

  • Update the seating. Birch Lane is an affordable shopping destination with classic designs. 
  • Add beauty to the walls. Minted has such a beautiful selection of stationery, wall art and fabrics. 
  • The Mine has a killer selection of unique fine furnishings for my plan to bring in a few feminine touches and color through decorative home accessories. 

Color Lovers series! @diyshowoff dining room design board: navy, blush, chartreuse and gray




blush, gray, navy, & chartreuse 

I am in LOVE! What are your thoughts? Not vibrant but certainly color lovin'! Think it's not colorful enough? Just wait and see! It might look muted in the plans but it's going to make my boring dining room bright and colorful! 


dining room before-7

I feel it's versatile. I'd have no problem adding in maroon or magenta, teal or turquoise, gold or silver, black or brown or even eggplant...lots of color options for adding colorful seasonal accessories. 

Mark your calendar! Stay tuned! On June 27th, stop back to see how a coat of paint, some DIY and a color palette of blush, gray, navy and chartreuse give my tired dining room a bright and colorful new look!

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Furniture Shopping

I was recently invited to check out our local CORT Clearance Center and since the big DIY room makeover goal this year is our unfinished basement remodel/man cave, I decided to give them a visit. Shopping for discount furniture is on our radar and I’d never been to their store. Have you?@cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoffCORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff I enjoyed the selection of high quality CORT Certified furniture. I was surprised to learn that CORT’s furniture quality is higher than other discount brands with more durable fabric and stitching and real wood instead of particle board, etc.  CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoffCORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff There was a large selection to chose from too! From bedrooms CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff to living rooms CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoffCORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff to dining rooms CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff and office furniture. CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff So many beautiful textures CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff and a selection of neutral colors CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff and bright fun colors (something for everyone) CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff and decorative accessories CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff along with the affordable budget friendly pricing at your local clearance center. There’s an option for extra discounts when you buy furniture in sets or take advantage of the “home to go” packages. That option makes furnishing an entire room less challenging, especially when you don’t know where to begin.  CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff   What an awesome investment for people looking to furnish and decorate a room! There’s also a CORT certified 90 day guarantee – where they will repair or replace defective product within 90 days of purchase. Gotta love a company who stands behind their name!   CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoffA big thanks to Jeanne and Aaron for the warm welcoming greeting and assistance!CORT-Furniture @cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff Have you ever visited a CORT Clearance Center near you? Did you choose a room package? What were your thoughts? 

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Step Stool Makeover

Scoop up a step stool at the flea market, yard sales or thrift stores and give it a makeover. Thinking ahead, sweet grand baby is going to need a step stool to reach the bathroom sink to wash his little hands. This wooden flea market treasure is perfect. And of course I can’t resist the opportunity to take it from blah to cute with a little paint and FrogTape®.

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

Materials I used:

  • wooden foot stool (sanded and wiped clean)
  • FrogTape and scissors
  • vinyl decal 
  • paint (I used Valspar Sea Kiss in a satin finish) and paintbrush
  • spray lacquer 

What I did: 

1. I convinced Mr. DIY to do the sanding for me. He’s much faster at that task than I. He simply sanded away the varnish leaving me a clean blank slate.

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoffflea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

2. Then I wiped away the saw dust with a damp cloth. 

3. Next I applied my vinyl decal to the top, burnished it and pulled away the transfer paper. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

4. I taped off stripes using FrogTape Multi-Surface. Since the sides aren’t 90 degree angles, here is what I did: Tore off a piece of FrogTape longer than needed. I placed it in a straight line (I just eye-balled it) and folded the edges over on the ends. Using my thumbnail (or credit card), I rubbed the FrogTape on the corner. Then I gently lifted it up and using scissors, cut along the ‘white’ line. Replace and burnish tape. Repeat on each of the four sides, two rows of stripes. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoffflea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

5. Paint a coat. Let dry. Paint a second coat. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoffflea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

6. While paint is still wet, carefully remove FrogTape and vinyl decal. Then allow paint to dry over night. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

7. Optional: sand edges for a distressed look. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

8. Apply two light even coats of spray lacquer, allowing dry time between each coat according to instructions on the can. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

Ta-da! A cute addition to the bathroom sink for little ones. 

flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff flea market step stool makeover @diyshowoff

*I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

 FrogTape Blog Squad

Industrial Milk Can turned Side Table

I’ve had old industrial milk can laying around, collecting dust (cobwebs too) just waiting for a fun DIY and repurposing it for a fun side table to add some charm to the patio seemed like just the right idea. 

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

Materials I used:

  • found industrial milk can
  • black paint + primer in one
  • FrogTape® MultiSurface
  • round wicker-like tray (also found…thrift store, I think) 

What I did: 

I like the distressed/dinged up paint finish but it needed a little pizazz. I gave it a good cleaning, then using FrogTape, I added some bold stripes. 

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

A spider crawled out of that hole too! Yikes! Once that was taken care of, using my thumbnail, I burnished the edges of the FrogTape to ensure crisp clean stripes.

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

I applied two coats of black paint. Paint. Dry. Paint. 

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

Right after I applied the second coat, while the paint was still wet, I carefully removed the FrogTape then let the paint dry. 

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

Secure a tray using whatever method you find best (glue and clamps, screws, etc.), (a round wooden table top or an old clock would be cool too) and ta-da! A fun side table for our patio: 

DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

I added in some coordinating accent pillows and I have a fun new look to a usually neutral area. The old industrial milk can is a great conversation starter too. DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio DIY industrial milkman side table @diyshowoff summer patio

LOVE IT! Have you added any fun elements to your outdoor areas this summer? 

*I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

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Side Table Makeover

Spring cleaning always inspires a bit of decorating and freshening up around the house. Today, an old side table gets a fun new look and a pop of color for the reading nook. Side table makeover:

diyshowoff side table makeover

What I used:

  • side table
  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • spray paint

What I did: 

I cleaned an old side table with a damp cloth and let it dry. 

diyshowoff side table makeover

Then using my FrogTape, I taped off a design onto the table top. 

diyshowoff side table makeover

Using my thumbnail, I burned the edges of the tape in order to get crisp clean lines. 

diyshowoff side table makeover

Next, I toted it outside and applied a couple of even light coats of spray paint. 

diyshowoff side table makeover diyshowoff side table makeover

Before the paint dried, I removed the FrogTape then let the paint dry. 

diyshowoff side table makeover

The side table adds a pop of color to our reading nook and will sit between two chairs. 

diyshowoff side table makeover

Do you have an old piece of furniture that needs an update? 

diyshowoff side table makeover diyshowoff side table makeover

*This post is sponsored by FrogTape.

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