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I’m late to the game, but it’s official! My daughter, Evangeline and I will be heading to the Haven Conference August 5-7 and will be revealing a fun partnership along with kicking off a long-time-coming room makeover, something that’s been on my mind ever since we bought this house 9 years ago. Can’t wait! Now, who will I get to hug at the Haven Conference again this year? 

Haven Conference

New Young Living product reveal! You’ve heard me share about essential oils but Young Living is about so much more, it’s evolved into a lifestyle for our family. You know those subscription boxes for just about everything under the sun? How about one where YOU choose what you want?

lifestyle in a box

I love ordering my non toxic products including cleaning supplies, laundry and dish soap, beauty supplies, essential oils, etc. monthly and having them delivered to my door! PLUS, I receive rewards for my purchases and promotional items too. It’s a no-brainer! Okay, on to the new products!

Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

I can’t wait to get this essential oil. I DO live my passion so this is the perfect blend to accompany my lifestyle. Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Ah! FDA approved ingredients! This is a BIG deal and going to provide so much relief for hubby’s joints. Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

I haven’t received my order yet but I have to tell you, I could have used these earlier this week. Thankfully I was armed with my Thieves essential oil to support a healthy immune system and added a Thieves Vitality, Lemon Vitality and honey to hot water for a soothing ‘tea’. I’m back to good as new but will have these in stock for next time! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

It’s Mr. DIY who does the cooking in our house and we have modified our diet to exclude pasta. However, we do make an allowance for this ancient grain! Can’t wait to try it! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Snack time! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

and OMGOSH – TREATS! Finding a better alternative to the sweet I used to eat is a challenge. These are going to be awesome! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

For weight management support! I heard it’s tastes great too! Berry Breeze? Yes, please! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Guess who else is going to be happy? There’s something for Rosie too! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

With a big DIY project in the works, this is going to come in handy! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Designed for men, benefitting women too. POWERgize? Oh man. This is on our order for sure! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Finally! We’ve made the switch to ditching the chemicals from washing and drying our laundry but now! NOW, a non toxic dishwasher powder to put my mind at ease, we could be choosing the best foods and placing them on dinnerware cleaned with chemicals doesn’t make sense. Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

My beverages consist of essential oil infused water and organic green tea 99% of the time. I love adding this refreshing treat once in a while. It’s so tasty and just the boost I sometimes need. (Have I mentioned how a certain 19-month-old grandson can be exhausting? haha!)Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

This is so cool! I spy a bunch of favorites to try! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

I snagged this and it arrived today. Beautiful teal color, a capsule holder (no more spills) and a place to organize supplements. So cool! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

How about this? I LOVE that it matches my kitchen! A place to store and organize the Vitality oils we use for our water and cooking! Hurray! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Exclusive collection! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Young Living is providing us with the products that support a healthy, green, non toxic lifestyle. It’s something I want for my friends too! Let’s connect to discuss the details, the DIYShowOff welcome bundle and all of the support and friendships you’ll receive when you become a member too! Read more HERE.

Check out how you can join me in taking the first steps to creating a healthier lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils at diyshowoff.com

More news and excitement to share! Stay tuned! 

Lavender Essential Oil

Happy day! 

embracing wellness blog hop #oilyfamilies

First, let me tell you a little about one of my current favorite essential oils. (Although for real, there really is no such thing as ONE favorite…they all have so many amazing benefits. It’s the entire Young Living essential oils line that has been life changing for our family.) But, today I’m sharing about Lavender essential oil: Lavender’s sweet, floral aroma and stress-relieving properties make it a versatile and beneficial addition to your daily routine. Lavender has so many amazing uses! Here are just a few quick ways we’ve been using lavender essential oil lately…

Lavender is also good for supporting normal healing and soothing minor skin discomfort.

Young Living Essential Oils @diyshowoff #oilyfamilies

Grandbaby boy’s head has the occasional flaky, scaly and crusty look to it. I know it’s normal and it goes away on it’s own but it sure doesn’t look pretty. I added 2-3 drops of lavender essential Oil (I only trust Young Living brand) to a 10 ml roller bottle then filled it the rest of the way up (dilute essential oil for infants) with a carrier oil (Young Living’s V6). All my daughter had to do was roll it onto his head and gently massage his scalp every once in a while (a few times a day for a few days/do it at a few diaper changes during the day in order to remember) and look at his beautiful scalp now: 

lavender essential oil @diyshowoff #oilyfamilies

Freshening laundry: I add a drop or two to each wool dryer ball for lavender scented fresh laundry and linens. 

wool dryer balls and essential oils @diyshowoff #oilyfamilies

How about freshening up bed linens between washes? Yes, perfect for that too. Smells nice AND it promotes rest, relaxation and helps with occasional sleeplessness. I used lavender essential oil for those reasons but you can choose the essential oil you’d like to add. 

lavender pillow and linen spray @diyshowoff #oilyfamilies

Let’s get YOU started! Join the DIYShowOff essential oils team! Simply visit Young Living HERE (using member#1836762 as sponsor/enroller), choose the wholesale membership to save 24% (no obligations) and choose the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best way to start your essential oils experience and a great deal! Embrace wellness! What are you waiting for? It’s never too late to start making healthier choices! Today’s the day! Learn more here.

Curious about more uses for essential oils? Follow the entire Healthy Living Healthy Home series by checking out these sweet blog friends and what they’re sharing: 

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Holiday Home Tour {part 2}

I’m done! Our home is ready for Christmas! Have you been following the Holiday Home tours this week? I’ve found following the tours motivates and inspires me to get things done. Take a little time, follow along and be inspired to dig out your decor and get started or rearrange what you have going on already for a fresh new look. 

holiday home tour @diyshowoff

Stopping by from the beautiful home of Jenna Sue Design? Welcome, friends! I love her fun style. What a pretty holiday home!

I didn’t decorate as much as previous years but I managed to juggle being a new grandma AND decorating our home for the holidays. Most of the time with a sweet little baby in my arms. If you’re a DIY Show Off reader, you’ve seen a bit of my Christmas decorating already but I’ve completed things and edited what I already had going on just a bit along with adding some new. 

DIYShowOff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff #holidayhome

Touches of Joy in the kitchen:

Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff

Dining Room (Succulents & Spruce dream tree challenge for an enchanted evergreen theme):

Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challenge Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challenge Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challengeHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoff

Christmas in the living room:

Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Housewalk @diyshowoff   Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff  Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoffHoliday Home Tour @diyshowoff


I added just a touch of Christmas to the nursery/guest room with a happy colorful mini-tree…

DIYShowOff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff #holidayhomeDIYShowOff Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff #holidayhome

See last year’s Christmas home tour here (I decorated for a real life holiday home tour).

Holiday Home Tour @diyshowoff 

and Part 1 of this year’s holiday home tour here.  

For DIY gift ideas to holiday decor, visit my tutorial page for more inspiration. 

Christmas DIY @diyshowoff

Next up on the Christmas home tour is Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl and you’re in for a treat! This talented DIY friend surprises us with something pretty amazing each year. You won’t be disappointed!

Follow the entire holiday home tour:  #holidayhomes

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Looking for something to add to your holiday wish list? I recommend Young Living essential oils! More details (get a free holiday recipe e-book, Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide and $25 cash back for orders placed by the end of the week) here

holiday ebook