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 Hi DIY friends! How was your weekend? Okay. So something has been on my mind. And it’s just time to hit ‘publish’ and hope for the best because the time for caring what others think is standing in my way! 

Today is less about DIY and more about connections and friendships. I was just thinking about how much I miss being more personal and less “article” like with blogging when the realization hit me from the back of my subconscious that … “hey, it’s your blog! You’re the #girlboss. It can be whatever you want!” I think part of it is I felt the need to rebrand. Because it’s a DIY blog. DIY day and night, right? Well, waiting around for that day to arrive (the rebranding) has only pushed my goals back and halted progress. So, why not just start today?

Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers

My blog doesn’t have to be an online magazine filled with beautifully staged images for every post (although who doesn’t love that – reason to ::swoon:: 24/7?!), but there’s no reason for me to feel like I always have to keep up or play the comparison game or feel ‘less than’ because I haven’t done a project or posted in a while or hired an assistant or paid a writer. Right? This blog started as a journal and introduced me to some pretty sweet and amazing online friends. That’s the place I’m looking to be again. That’s the part of blogging that I treasure. The friendships. I’ve always strived for authenticity and it’s time to own it. I miss the simplicity and that’s what I’m working to reclaim. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Yes, my blog developed into a full time career. What a blessing! What a dream come true! Yes! Yessssssss! But the biggest part of that happening is my readers! You! I miss the part where friendships developed first, the business part being a perk. I hope to get back to that place of getting to know you! My goal is to get back to the friendship part of blogging, without worrying about SEO, page views and getting caught up in the next best way to promote a post, gain the most followers or heck, to even be sure followers see what I post. I’m thrilled that you found your way here and we can consider it serendipity at this point! 

Soooo, back to the beginning – In case it’s been a while or we haven’t ‘met’, I’m Roeshel or Shelly. I answer to both. I’m a blog author, mom, wife, daughter, sister and grandma (known as Nannie) to the sweetest little boy and I just love life!!! I am blessed!

Roeshel @diyshowoff

Currently going on with me: I’m renovating a studio/office/efficiency apartment space. It’s a work in progress and a slow one at that but I love the process so I don’t stress over deadlines. Well, I’m not completely convinced of that last sentence yet! ha! (Pssst. There is progress on the studio, so of course more on that coming soon! #helloredreno)

Oh and as you read this, I might even be at the zoning office facing the unknown so keep me in your thoughts today. I have no idea what to expect!

I’m also working towards a certification to be completed in July that is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. More about that another time. I’ll across the country for a convention later this month and to be honest, I suffer from travel anxiety and I don’t want to go but I force myself because I know I’ll have regrets if I don’t. lol Do you do that too?

I try to remember to savor every precious moment but at the same time, I feel like if I can just get through crazy June, I can relax, unwind, go at my own pace and enjoy summer!

diyshowoff dandelions

So just for today and perhaps something regular, let’s get to know each other again or work on getting re-acquainted. No matter what brought you here today, I’d love to just know a little about you. Who are you? What’s going on in your life? What’s on your mind?  Let’s connect the old fashioned way, in the comments below or find me on Facebook if that’s easier for you. Tell me something about YOU, your day, your plans, your life, your dreams. 

And maybe there won’t be any comments. And that’s okay too. Because I’m putting it out there. I’m pushing my fears aside and taking the leap of faith that you will reply and we’ll become better acquainted and hopefully good friends. I’m believing that something greater than us brought you here today for a reason, to introduce us. Have a happy day and a wonderful week! 

I look forward to re-connecting or e-meeting and getting to knowing you!

DIY Essential Oil Gemstone Infused Roll-on

Fluff up the couch cushions, put your feet up (are those holiday socks?!) and grab your hot cocoa (peppermint-spiked, right?), we’re going to show you {at least} EIGHT GREAT handmade holiday gift ideas! There’s a blog hop (THIS is it!) then a fun online holiday event with giveaways! You don’t want to miss it! So many gift ideas, you’ll gather a collection to nearly fill the unlimited file space in your Pinterest folder. Okay, maybe a little less than that. Still – TONS of inspiration coming your way! 

handmade holiday ideas

And I’m sharing an essential oil AND gemstone infused roller bottle recipe I call “Comfort & Joy”…because ’tis the season! Hey, if we’re to pull off “merry & bright”, we’re gonna need a little “comfort & joy” to make it happen. Am I right? 


I feel like I might have stolen this idea from my daughter. I’m pretty sure we were talking and she mentioned it and then I ran with it. So thank you, Evangeline, for being so gracious and for being the creative inspiration behind what I’m about to show off and claim as mine, or at least my version, for my handmade holiday project below.  

Handmade Gift Idea: DIY Essential Oil Gemstone Infused Roll-on

diy handmade essential oil gem infused roll on holiday gift idea


(Head’s up! Full disclosure: I’ve included some affiliate links! Shop ’til you drop! ::wink::wink:: but seriously, if you’re just hanging out waiting for the right time…get.oils.NOW! Today. They’ve changed my life and I think they’ll do the same for you!)

diy essential oil gem stone infused roll supplies


Okay, back to the topic at hand. Supplies: 

  • roller bottles (similar ones here
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil (Did I mention that quality matters? Not a Young Living member? WHAT?! We need to talk! Get the kit & membership and join our awesome community of oily bloggers and friends HERE! You need oils and we need you in our community and know what? I’ll hook you up with some sweet holiday surprises because Santa told me you were good this year!)) 
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Carrier oil (liquid coconut oil or try Young Living V6…choose something clear. You’ll want to be able to see the gemstones!) 
  • amethyst and rainbow fluorite chips (check for them at my most favorite shop in the whole entire world: The Lunar Fae)

Get busy: 

It’s pretty self-explanatory but here we go! Pictures and everything! After all, I take my responsibility as DIY blogger seriously! 

Step #1: I added the gemstone chips to the roller bottle. diy essential oil gemstone roll on

Step #2: Then dripped 10 drops of Ylang Ylang + 10 drops of lavender + 1 drop of peppermint into the bottle. Think happy thoughts and good intentions! Positive vibes and lots of love!diy essential oil gem stone recipe


Comfort & Joy blend…

  • Amethyst = calming
  • Rainbow fluorite = harmony
  • Ylang Ylang = relaxing & romantic
  • Lavender = mood booster & relaxing
  • Peppermint = positivity & peace

Note: Choose your own oils and create a blend personal to you. Remember some oils have color like amber, yellow or blue. Same with carrier oils. Normally I would have chosen to pair the florals with something citrus-y but I didn’t want to take away from seeing the gemstones, so I altered my recipe and chose what I felt worked nicely. 

Step #3: Next I topped it off with carrier oil.diy essential oil and gem stones

Step #4: And popped in the roller ball, screwed on the lid and decorated with decorative tape and a label. Ta-da! All done!

diy handmade essential oil roll on

It’s a BEAUTIFUL personal handmade gift!

Because – friends don’t let friends wear synthetic fragrances!


handmade gemstone infused roll on recipe

What a beautiful gift idea for friends and family (if I don’t say so myself) and a super sweet stocking stuffer! I’d be stoked to get it and your friends will too! It smells SO pretty! Uh…so comforting. So joyful! 

diy essential oil gem infused roll on

You’ll have to let me know if you try it and what you think! 

Shake and apply topically by rolling on to wrists, behind ears, neck…wherever you desire! But avoid eyes. And inside of ears. And mouth. I don’t recommend that. Probably not very tasty.

Smell pretty & enjoy!

Or give! Make one for you and one for a friend. Give the gift of essential oils and handmade pretties, not carcinogenic synthetic uglies! 

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Thanksgiving That DIY Party Highlights

Look no further for last minute Thanksgiving inspiration! Here is a collection of favorites from That DIY Party: (as always please remember to visit and pin from the original blog/source). Now, on to some beautiful Thanksgiving features…

That DIY Party Thanksgiving

Marty with her Thanksgiving tablescape at A Stroll Thru Life … who needs food? I’m drooling over the pretty centerpiece and elegant place settings. 

Thanksgiving inspiration

Need some help staying organized? You might need to grab this printable Thanksgiving dinner meal planner from Crafting A Family. You might also be interested in her crockpot turkery recipe. Thanks, Susan! Thanksgiving dinner meal planner from Crafting a Family

And oh my, so pretty – a Thanksgiving bar cart from The Honeycomb Home

Thanksgiving bar cart The Honeycomb Home

I’m in love with this beautiful plaid Thanksgiving tablescape at Five Marigolds….


A beautiful Thanksgiving printable at My Busy Beehives. Thanks so much, Julie! 

Thanksgiving printable at My Busy Beehives

I love this cute gratitude lesson idea at Building Our Hive blog. So cute!

gratitude lesson

make this beautiful magnolia pumpkin from Time to DIY

magnolia pumpkin at Time to DIY blog

and creating a Thanksgiving kids’ table The View from the Ville

Thanksgiving kids table at the View from the Ville

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Thanks so much to the talented ladies above for sharing their inspiring ideas, hard work and creativity! Link up your latest creative DIY or decorating project to the weekly That DIY Party for a chance to be featured or pinned to the That DIY Party Highlights Pinterest board. 

That DIY Party - autumn