2020 Catch Up


Hellooooo, DIYShowOff friends! I know. I know! “What the heck, Roeshel?!” It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. What a crazy year it’s been, right? I’ve been itching and wanting to get in here to post but … LIFE. You know how it goes. Things have been busy and I’ve been pulled in so many directions (bringing it on myself, do you do that too?) and I’ve neglected my little slice of cyber space. But here I am! I’m ready to catch you up, my faithful followers and friends, my DIY buddies. And gasp! A blog post with no lovely pin-worthy photos this time around but stay tuned because this girl is back! Here’s what’s been going on with me. It’s been a whirlwind!

Wellness Inspired Living – It’s been over 6 years of discovering Young Living and making healthier choices and 3 years ago today (bring on the champagne!), we closed on a property in the city of Butler. It wasn’t in my plans but when opportunity falls into place and things just work out, you go with the flow, right? I wasn’t property shopping or looking and I didn’t stress over it. I stumbled across it. I met with the owner. He was so sweet, so cute and there was a connection over the character and charm in the old building. I told myself if it was meant to be, it’d happen. And it did! #helloredreno was the beginning of creating a space for my wellness and short term rental business and it has been a blessing to so many with educational workshops, a place to support an amazing team with small wellness events and changing lives. It’s a blast! It’s a mission so dear to my heart. I love my circle of oily friends! My love for the roller coaster experience with this amazing network marketing company because making a difference in raising awareness for building a strong immune system is as strong as it ever was! 

Suite Thyme – with Wellness Inspired Living on the main floor, the upstairs was an empty shell of un-utilized space. I knew I wanted to renovate “someday” to create a short term rental where I could host out of town guests and contribute to our small town. My original mindset was much like our house … DIY makeover as time and money allow. Well, you know how that goes. There’s never EVER enough time or money to complete a large scale project and nothing was being accomplished. I think that’s why God introduced me to one of my best of friends, Shelby from Suite Retreat Bed & Biscotti from right across the street. Full of life, motivation and a huge adventurous spirit bigger than life, she gave me the advice and little push to make it happen, to get my butt in gear and a little over a year and a half ago, that empty upstairs shell transformed into Suite Thyme and was listed on AirBnB and VRBO. First year of business is always a little rocky, especially when you throw “lockdown 2020” into the mix but I have to tell you, hosting out of town guests has become one of my favorite things to do! I love being a part of inspiring beautiful memories and making getting away special for others!

Thyme & Mint. Those things inspired some beautiful connections with the creating of personal wellness retreat options. A collection of carefully curated intention collections with The Lunar Fae (my amazing daughter, Evangeline’s etsy shop) providing reiki infused crystals and The Witchn’ Kitchen (a sweet friend who opened up shop on the adjacent corner of Wellness Inspired Living (essential oils) /Suite Thyme) … all things herbal knowledge providing bath soaks, these collections are created with lots of love and personalized intention. We also partnered up to provide options for creating a personal wellness retreat including private yoga sessions by Healing with Amber; crystal healing, guided meditation, sound baths by The Lunar Fae and The Wandering Bramble, Aroma Freedom with Wellness Inspired Living, tea leaf readings and herbal/energy consultations with The Witchn’ Kitchen. We’ve had wonderful positive feedback on the collaboration of these services and put so much care and love into offering up these one on one self care packages. 

WoW. I’ve had the best time getting to know Shelby from Suite Retreat. Down the street is another women owned business, a quaint antique boutique shop called Then & Again and Forever. Wellness Inspired Living and Suite Thyme on another corner. And when The Witchn’ Kitchen opened up along with Bent Oak Plant Co. across the street, and All About ReClaimed, — a boutique/wellness/shopping/lodging district was born! We call ourselves Butler Women of Washington (our street) or WoW and are on a mission to support women owned business, work together providing fun vendor events and local festivals and to inspire revitalization in our community. 

Oh! And I’ve been having the time of my life helping with designs on a new short term rental space. Simply helping a friend with decorating and design decisions and it’s starting to come together. I know I’m going to want to LIVE there. It’s unfolding into this beautiful magical happily ever after makeover story. I plan on sharing some crazy before and after about it as soon as it’s ready. Exciting! 

So whew! A lot going on, right? 

And you know my heart is filled with so much love for my grandson and you guys! He’s turning 6 years old already this month! SIX! Time is just flying by! Know what else? He’s getting a brother in less than 2 months!!! This mother of two girls is going to be a grandmother to two boys! I am so excited! I am so blessed! I can’t wait!

2020 is also the year I turned 50. Oh.my.goodness. A big milestone that’s gotten pushed aside. A lot of reflection. A lot of gratitude. March 2020 didn’t allow for a big celebration. We haven’t felt comfortable booking a celebratory travel destination either. But I’m looking forward to finishing out the year on a positive happy vibe and making the 5th decade of my story the best chapter yet! 

Okay. Back to DIYShowOff. With so much going on, I’ve neglected my passion for maintaining a beautiful home. Projects half finished, rooms cluttered and un-used, things feeling blah and boring. I miss surrounding myself with cozy comfort, seeing my home as my favorite safe haven and have a new desire to freshen things up and to resume my DIY lovin’ habits. Maybe a little ‘nesting’ with a new grand-baby on the way (?) but I am SO ready to dive in and get things done!

First up I’ve been working to downsize my closet. You guys, there are still professional work clothes from at least 10 years ago hanging untouched in the dressing room. And my craft room? It’s like a sealed vault. I haven’t opened that door in well over a year or more. We have a man cave creation in progress that’s been on hold. And remember one of my very first DIY makeovers…that bathroom with the painted floor? It’s time to give it some grown up DIY with tile! 

Time to clear out the clutter that’s weighing me down. There’s no two week tropical vacation in our December this year (boo) so I’ve decided to move full speed ahead into creating an in-home oasis. For me that means, out with the things that no longer serve us and changing up rooms to utilize and make the most of our entire home. Those early DIYShowOff room makeovers are feeling old and tired and I’m ready for some good old budget friendly DIY to change things up!

What’s new with you? I’m so ready and so happy to get re-acquainted and can’t wait to see what’s new with you! 


What’s New with You?

 Hi DIY friends! How was your weekend? Okay. So something has been on my mind. And it’s just time to hit ‘publish’ and hope for the best because the time for caring what others think is standing in my way! 

Today is less about DIY and more about connections and friendships. I was just thinking about how much I miss being more personal and less “article” like with blogging when the realization hit me from the back of my subconscious that … “hey, it’s your blog! You’re the #girlboss. It can be whatever you want!” I think part of it is I felt the need to rebrand. Because it’s a DIY blog. DIY day and night, right? Well, waiting around for that day to arrive (the rebranding) has only pushed my goals back and halted progress. So, why not just start today?

Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers

My blog doesn’t have to be an online magazine filled with beautifully staged images for every post (although who doesn’t love that – reason to ::swoon:: 24/7?!), but there’s no reason for me to feel like I always have to keep up or play the comparison game or feel ‘less than’ because I haven’t done a project or posted in a while or hired an assistant or paid a writer. Right? This blog started as a journal and introduced me to some pretty sweet and amazing online friends. That’s the place I’m looking to be again. That’s the part of blogging that I treasure. The friendships. I’ve always strived for authenticity and it’s time to own it. I miss the simplicity and that’s what I’m working to reclaim. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Yes, my blog developed into a full time career. What a blessing! What a dream come true! Yes! Yessssssss! But the biggest part of that happening is my readers! You! I miss the part where friendships developed first, the business part being a perk. I hope to get back to that place of getting to know you! My goal is to get back to the friendship part of blogging, without worrying about SEO, page views and getting caught up in the next best way to promote a post, gain the most followers or heck, to even be sure followers see what I post. I’m thrilled that you found your way here and we can consider it serendipity at this point! 

Soooo, back to the beginning – In case it’s been a while or we haven’t ‘met’, I’m Roeshel or Shelly. I answer to both. I’m a blog author, mom, wife, daughter, sister and grandma (known as Nannie) to the sweetest little boy and I just love life!!! I am blessed!

Roeshel @diyshowoff

Currently going on with me: I’m renovating a studio/office/efficiency apartment space. It’s a work in progress and a slow one at that but I love the process so I don’t stress over deadlines. Well, I’m not completely convinced of that last sentence yet! ha! (Pssst. There is progress on the studio, so of course more on that coming soon! #helloredreno)

Oh and as you read this, I might even be at the zoning office facing the unknown so keep me in your thoughts today. I have no idea what to expect!

I’m also working towards a certification to be completed in July that is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. More about that another time. I’ll across the country for a convention later this month and to be honest, I suffer from travel anxiety and I don’t want to go but I force myself because I know I’ll have regrets if I don’t. lol Do you do that too?

I try to remember to savor every precious moment but at the same time, I feel like if I can just get through crazy June, I can relax, unwind, go at my own pace and enjoy summer!

diyshowoff dandelions

So just for today and perhaps something regular, let’s get to know each other again or work on getting re-acquainted. No matter what brought you here today, I’d love to just know a little about you. Who are you? What’s going on in your life? What’s on your mind?  Let’s connect the old fashioned way, in the comments below or find me on Facebook if that’s easier for you. Tell me something about YOU, your day, your plans, your life, your dreams. 

And maybe there won’t be any comments. And that’s okay too. Because I’m putting it out there. I’m pushing my fears aside and taking the leap of faith that you will reply and we’ll become better acquainted and hopefully good friends. I’m believing that something greater than us brought you here today for a reason, to introduce us. Have a happy day and a wonderful week! 

I look forward to re-connecting or e-meeting and getting to knowing you!