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What’s New with You?

 Hi DIY friends! How was your weekend? Okay. So something has been on my mind. And it’s just time to hit ‘publish’ and hope for the best because the time for caring what others think is standing in my way! 

Today is less about DIY and more about connections and friendships. I was just thinking about how much I miss being more personal and less “article” like with blogging when the realization hit me from the back of my subconscious that … “hey, it’s your blog! You’re the #girlboss. It can be whatever you want!” I think part of it is I felt the need to rebrand. Because it’s a DIY blog. DIY day and night, right? Well, waiting around for that day to arrive (the rebranding) has only pushed my goals back and halted progress. So, why not just start today?

Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers

My blog doesn’t have to be an online magazine filled with beautifully staged images for every post (although who doesn’t love that – reason to ::swoon:: 24/7?!), but there’s no reason for me to feel like I always have to keep up or play the comparison game or feel ‘less than’ because I haven’t done a project or posted in a while or hired an assistant or paid a writer. Right? This blog started as a journal and introduced me to some pretty sweet and amazing online friends. That’s the place I’m looking to be again. That’s the part of blogging that I treasure. The friendships. I’ve always strived for authenticity and it’s time to own it. I miss the simplicity and that’s what I’m working to reclaim. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Yes, my blog developed into a full time career. What a blessing! What a dream come true! Yes! Yessssssss! But the biggest part of that happening is my readers! You! I miss the part where friendships developed first, the business part being a perk. I hope to get back to that place of getting to know you! My goal is to get back to the friendship part of blogging, without worrying about SEO, page views and getting caught up in the next best way to promote a post, gain the most followers or heck, to even be sure followers see what I post. I’m thrilled that you found your way here and we can consider it serendipity at this point! 

Soooo, back to the beginning – In case it’s been a while or we haven’t ‘met’, I’m Roeshel or Shelly. I answer to both. I’m a blog author, mom, wife, daughter, sister and grandma (known as Nannie) to the sweetest little boy and I just love life!!! I am blessed!

Roeshel @diyshowoff

Currently going on with me: I’m renovating a studio/office/efficiency apartment space. It’s a work in progress and a slow one at that but I love the process so I don’t stress over deadlines. Well, I’m not completely convinced of that last sentence yet! ha! (Pssst. There is progress on the studio, so of course more on that coming soon! #helloredreno)

Oh and as you read this, I might even be at the zoning office facing the unknown so keep me in your thoughts today. I have no idea what to expect!

I’m also working towards a certification to be completed in July that is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. More about that another time. I’ll across the country for a convention later this month and to be honest, I suffer from travel anxiety and I don’t want to go but I force myself because I know I’ll have regrets if I don’t. lol Do you do that too?

I try to remember to savor every precious moment but at the same time, I feel like if I can just get through crazy June, I can relax, unwind, go at my own pace and enjoy summer!

diyshowoff dandelions

So just for today and perhaps something regular, let’s get to know each other again or work on getting re-acquainted. No matter what brought you here today, I’d love to just know a little about you. Who are you? What’s going on in your life? What’s on your mind?  Let’s connect the old fashioned way, in the comments below or find me on Facebook if that’s easier for you. Tell me something about YOU, your day, your plans, your life, your dreams. 

And maybe there won’t be any comments. And that’s okay too. Because I’m putting it out there. I’m pushing my fears aside and taking the leap of faith that you will reply and we’ll become better acquainted and hopefully good friends. I’m believing that something greater than us brought you here today for a reason, to introduce us. Have a happy day and a wonderful week! 

I look forward to re-connecting or e-meeting and getting to knowing you!

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