2020 Catch Up

Hellooooo, DIYShowOff friends! I know. I know! “What the heck, Roeshel?!” It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. What a crazy year it’s been, right? I’ve been itching and wanting to get in here to post but … LIFE. You know how it goes. Things have been busy and I’ve been pulled in so many directions (bringing it on myself, do you do that too?) and I’ve neglected my little slice of cyber space. But here I am! I’m ready to catch you up, my faithful followers and friends, my DIY buddies. And gasp! A blog post with no lovely pin-worthy photos this time around but stay tuned because this girl is back! Here’s what’s been going on with me. It’s been a whirlwind!

Wellness Inspired Living – It’s been over 6 years of discovering Young Living and making healthier choices and 3 years ago today (bring on the champagne!), we closed on a property in the city of Butler. It wasn’t in my plans but when opportunity falls into place and things just work out, you go with the flow, right? I wasn’t property shopping or looking and I didn’t stress over it. I stumbled across it. I met with the owner. He was so sweet, so cute and there was a connection over the character and charm in the old building. I told myself if it was meant to be, it’d happen. And it did! #helloredreno was the beginning of creating a space for my wellness and short term rental business and it has been a blessing to so many with educational workshops, a place to support an amazing team with small wellness events and changing lives. It’s a blast! It’s a mission so dear to my heart. I love my circle of oily friends! My love for the roller coaster experience with this amazing network marketing company because making a difference in raising awareness for building a strong immune system is as strong as it ever was! 

Suite Thyme – with Wellness Inspired Living on the main floor, the upstairs was an empty shell of un-utilized space. I knew I wanted to renovate “someday” to create a short term rental where I could host out of town guests and contribute to our small town. My original mindset was much like our house … DIY makeover as time and money allow. Well, you know how that goes. There’s never EVER enough time or money to complete a large scale project and nothing was being accomplished. I think that’s why God introduced me to one of my best of friends, Shelby from Suite Retreat Bed & Biscotti from right across the street. Full of life, motivation and a huge adventurous spirit bigger than life, she gave me the advice and little push to make it happen, to get my butt in gear and a little over a year and a half ago, that empty upstairs shell transformed into Suite Thyme and was listed on AirBnB and VRBO. First year of business is always a little rocky, especially when you throw “lockdown 2020” into the mix but I have to tell you, hosting out of town guests has become one of my favorite things to do! I love being a part of inspiring beautiful memories and making getting away special for others!

Thyme & Mint. Those things inspired some beautiful connections with the creating of personal wellness retreat options. A collection of carefully curated intention collections with The Lunar Fae (my amazing daughter, Evangeline’s etsy shop) providing reiki infused crystals and The Witchn’ Kitchen (a sweet friend who opened up shop on the adjacent corner of Wellness Inspired Living (essential oils) /Suite Thyme) … all things herbal knowledge providing bath soaks, these collections are created with lots of love and personalized intention. We also partnered up to provide options for creating a personal wellness retreat including private yoga sessions by Healing with Amber; crystal healing, guided meditation, sound baths by The Lunar Fae and The Wandering Bramble, Aroma Freedom with Wellness Inspired Living, tea leaf readings and herbal/energy consultations with The Witchn’ Kitchen. We’ve had wonderful positive feedback on the collaboration of these services and put so much care and love into offering up these one on one self care packages. 

WoW. I’ve had the best time getting to know Shelby from Suite Retreat. Down the street is another women owned business, a quaint antique boutique shop called Then & Again and Forever. Wellness Inspired Living and Suite Thyme on another corner. And when The Witchn’ Kitchen opened up along with Bent Oak Plant Co. across the street, and All About ReClaimed, — a boutique/wellness/shopping/lodging district was born! We call ourselves Butler Women of Washington (our street) or WoW and are on a mission to support women owned business, work together providing fun vendor events and local festivals and to inspire revitalization in our community. 

Oh! And I’ve been having the time of my life helping with designs on a new short term rental space. Simply helping a friend with decorating and design decisions and it’s starting to come together. I know I’m going to want to LIVE there. It’s unfolding into this beautiful magical happily ever after makeover story. I plan on sharing some crazy before and after about it as soon as it’s ready. Exciting! 

So whew! A lot going on, right? 

And you know my heart is filled with so much love for my grandson and you guys! He’s turning 6 years old already this month! SIX! Time is just flying by! Know what else? He’s getting a brother in less than 2 months!!! This mother of two girls is going to be a grandmother to two boys! I am so excited! I am so blessed! I can’t wait!

2020 is also the year I turned 50. Oh.my.goodness. A big milestone that’s gotten pushed aside. A lot of reflection. A lot of gratitude. March 2020 didn’t allow for a big celebration. We haven’t felt comfortable booking a celebratory travel destination either. But I’m looking forward to finishing out the year on a positive happy vibe and making the 5th decade of my story the best chapter yet! 

Okay. Back to DIYShowOff. With so much going on, I’ve neglected my passion for maintaining a beautiful home. Projects half finished, rooms cluttered and un-used, things feeling blah and boring. I miss surrounding myself with cozy comfort, seeing my home as my favorite safe haven and have a new desire to freshen things up and to resume my DIY lovin’ habits. Maybe a little ‘nesting’ with a new grand-baby on the way (?) but I am SO ready to dive in and get things done!

First up I’ve been working to downsize my closet. You guys, there are still professional work clothes from at least 10 years ago hanging untouched in the dressing room. And my craft room? It’s like a sealed vault. I haven’t opened that door in well over a year or more. We have a man cave creation in progress that’s been on hold. And remember one of my very first DIY makeovers…that bathroom with the painted floor? It’s time to give it some grown up DIY with tile! 

Time to clear out the clutter that’s weighing me down. There’s no two week tropical vacation in our December this year (boo) so I’ve decided to move full speed ahead into creating an in-home oasis. For me that means, out with the things that no longer serve us and changing up rooms to utilize and make the most of our entire home. Those early DIYShowOff room makeovers are feeling old and tired and I’m ready for some good old budget friendly DIY to change things up!

What’s new with you? I’m so ready and so happy to get re-acquainted and can’t wait to see what’s new with you! 


DIYShowOff 2017 Recap

2017 Recap

diyshowoff 2017 recap and highlights

Hello, friends! I’m joining my fellow bloggers in recapping favorite projects from 2017! For me, it was a light year when it comes to projects but that’s about to change! One of the most exciting things about 2017 is this…

I’m the proud owner of a new studio space!

1890s building // workshop

before photos

DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into but 2018 will bring more before and after photos and room makeovers! Subscribe to be notified of updates and follow along on social media. Check out the before photos. Do you see the potential? I love it’s character and can’t wait to dive in!

Home Sweet Home

My favorite project from this past year was joining forces with a talented group of blog friends in the Color Lover’s Series and freshening up the dining room. What a fun partnership! 

Color Lovers Room Makeover

Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers

I loved reconstructing and repurposing an old bird bath we found hidden in the weeds on our property. It’s now

a fountain of flowers

What a treasure! Check out this beautiful cast iron flower fountain in all of her chippy glory! @diyshowoff

…or it was until winter hit western PA. So I’ll be doing some planting again in a few months.What a treasure! Check out this beautiful cast iron flower fountain in all of her chippy glory! @diyshowoff

…and then there was a before and after room makeoverFloorté, enhanced luxury vinyl plank floor by Shaw is a luxury line locking durable, waterproof flooring option and I am in LOVE!

Shaw Floorte Classico Antico diyshowoff mudroom makeover

It’s actually a play room now! This grandma’s house is beginning to look like a daycare center! So, it’s nice to have a spot to keep toys out of the way. I’ll get some new photos so you can see the update. It’s such a great space to play with the light from the windows and the warm durable Shaw flooring. And if I can commit, I’d love to perhaps bring in some more permanent storage solutions in 2018. Perhaps some cabinets or cupboards. Or more open shelving like the DIY pipe shelving in the pantry? Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard

and I might have dropped the ball sharing a Christmas home tour but I did participate in hosting a festive fall home tour

Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Craft Time

This past year seemed to be more craft-related than home improvement as evidenced by my highlights. I love the opportunity to get creative every chance I get and enjoy sharing my projects with you!

flower crown reindeer

DIY holiday handmade gift idea - personalized flower crown Christmas reindeer decor @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

skeleton coutureDIY Halloween Fairy Fashion Show - Skeleton Couture @diyshowoff

Halloween dreamcatcher

Halloween witch dreamcatcher tea party @diyshowoff #madewithmichaels

fall decorating with non traditional colors & fall decor

Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

doily + hula hoop = BIG beautiful dreamcatcher 

DIY fall dreamcatcher wreath tutorial @diyshowoff

summer gift fun swim tote
DIY personalized pool party tote bag #madewithmichaels @diyshowoff

Easter egg hunt themed mantel

Spring Easter egg hunt mantel @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers #makeitwithmichaels #ad

etching glass

DIY Dremel maker kit engraving glass @diyshowoff DIY Dremel maker kit engraving glass @diyshowoff

spring centerpiece

So pretty! DIY spring floral centerpiece tutorial. Perfect for Easter too! #madewithmichaels @diyshowoff

All Things Essential Oils

I also shared my passion for essential oils + DIY with a few homemade/handmade ideas…

gemstone essential oil infused roll on

diy handmade essential oil roll on

water beads + essential oils // air freshenerDIY essential oil infused air freshener gift idea

DIY laundry boost

DIY essential oil infused laundry fabric softener tutorial

happy unicorn roll on // make & take

follow EO Garden on IG

Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!

summer cook out with essential oils // raspberry lime fro-yo popssummer cookout raspberry lime essential oil infused popsicle recipe

And if you’re looking for something to motivate making healthier choices in the new year, I invite you to join me! When another blog buddy shared her essential oil with me, it raised an awareness and sparked a wellness journey … it took me by surprise but I’m SO grateful AND healthier because of it. I love when my sharing empowers others to make healthier choices too. 

If there’s one thing I really want you to read, it’s this! Because I’m super passionate about raising awareness for living a healthy lifestyle:

A healthier me!

roeshel @diyshowoff

Precious blog memories… 

…take a look at favorite DIY projects from years past! 

2016 DIYShowOff recap2015 DIY project recap @diyshowoff


my favorite DIY year

DIY recap

2013 DIYShowOff Recap

2012 – so many fun projects including an APARTMENT before/after!


(Those last two! haha! Blogging, the early years. lol)

Looking for more inspiration from the best of the best? Visit our friend Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

That DIY Party

Hi DIY friends! Did you remember to turn your clocks ahead 1 hour? I do love my sleep but I didn’t miss that hour. I’m looking forward to longer days! More time for DIY. It’s That DIY Party time!

That DIY Party @diyshowoff.com

DIYShowOff weekly recap:

It’s still snowing here but there’s a little Springtime in Paris in the family room…

decoupage vase @diyshowoff #SpringTimeinParis #michaelsmakers

and an awesome TRIP TO PARIS contest and it’s so easy to enter to win!

#springtimeinparis #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

What’s your favorite current trend? I’m loving gold!

metallic gold @diyshowoff 

and a #proud grandma moment…he’s 13 weeks old and doing well with his shoes and bar. There was a shortage of smiles once the camera came out but an abundant supply of cuteness! He’s always smiling, laughing, cooing, talking. He loves that 1 hour of feet freedom every day. Look how improved his once completely turned in feet are doing!

baby love 2015 @diyshowoff


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DIYShowOff 2015 Essential Oil Bundle

That DIY Party time:

That DIY Party @diyshowoff.com


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