DIY Show Off #ilovethrifting

I Love Thrifting Day – fun, finds & friends


Groups from all over participated in I Love Thrifting day this past weekend. As you know, I had the pleasure to organize and host the North Pittsburgh event.

DIY Show Off #ilovethrifting

Our group was small, consisting largely of family sprinkled with a few friends


and the opportunity to meet 3 local blog friends!

Kim {Reposhture} and me. Love her creativity. I’ve featured her before. We just didn’t know that we were practically neighbors. Now I can ‘borrow’ her ski pole lamp or have her professionally DIY a piece of furniture for me! 😉


Reposhture and DIY Show Off

I don’t know why I didn’t get my picture with Susan from Oh My! Creative {so many fun crafty features}, but you can see her in her green/white striped shirt in some of the photos. Love her and can’t wait to get to know her a little better. I have local blog friends!

And dear sweet, Jessica who I actually met last year. Jessica’s a local pet sitter at Sittin Paws, providing an awesome alternative to kenneling. Now I can consider getting a dog {I miss Niski} because vacations won’t be a problem with a friend like Jessica in the neighborhood! She’s also blog author at Craft Frau Times…but she’s lacking the ‘time’ to blog right now. 

Roeshel and Jessica

Our scheduled was as follows:

9 a.m. we arrived at the North Hills Goodwill.

North Hills Good Will

Lots of thrifty treasures!


Next up was Wexford GoodWill. It’s a more intimate store (not a donation center) but packed full of treasures and the service was a little more personal.

Wexford Goodwill

At this point, our entire group of lucky #13 was gathered…

Pittsburgh 2012 #ilovethrifting

North Pittsburgh #ilovethrifting 2012

Yep – there’s my aunt, my cousin, my GRAM! My sister, niece, daughters and friends! 

We also had a scavenger hunt at each store. Just a piece of paper with one word. The more hideous, the better.

#ilovethrifting scavenger hunt

A little prize was awarded for those finding their “thing”. Ali won $5…

#Ilovethrifting winner

Some really fun finds…

thrifty treasures

Next up, we headed to Cranberry Twp. to another GoodWill and more shopping! If I had room in the vehicle, this would have found it’s way to Ali’s tiny apartment where I would give “painting a loveseat” a little DIY trial. It was like new!

love seat

Time for lunch! Place: North Park Lounge ClubHouse where seating was limited for a small group, but booths were all in the same location. Food was good. Company was amazing.

#ilovethrifting pittsburgh lunch

Last stop: Gibsonia GoodWill.

#ilovethrifting shopping

It was a long HOT {104 degrees} day…we shopped til we dropped…


Some of us headed to my house for a little thrifty show and tell



What did I come home with? Surprisingly, very little, but LOVE

my thrifty treasures:

thrifty treasures #Ilovethrifting 2012

  1. A pouf! Price: $15.
  2. An old clip board for filleting fish – $2.99.
  3. Target shower curtain $11
  4. $2.99 ticking bed skirt for me to cut up for a project.
  5. Garden gnome. A little pricey at $9.99 but I couldn’t resist his cuteness.
  6. Picnic basket $4.99.
  7. Pitcher – I don’t remember. Maybe $1.99.

A special thanks to Rashon at Mr. GoodWill Hunting, the brains behind #ILoveThrifting day. Remember, we finally had the chance to meet a few weeks ago at the Haven Conference.

Rashon and Roeshel

And a special thanks to GoodWill of Southwestern PA for the discounts! If you’re local – the Butler GoodWill store is having a fun event this Saturday! I might even gather my friends and where our shirts and partake of some refreshments and sales!

Joining the party at Rhoda’s: SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb Check out all of the fun thrifty treasures’ links. You’ll want to see her latest progress in her new home too!

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