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Since Instagram has become a convenient way to share what’s going on with day to day life, I thought I’d start a regular weekly post/slideshow to share what real life often looks like here at DIYShowOff.

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Sometimes there’s more to life than DIY. What?! Did I really admit to that? Why yes, DIY friends…it is DIY most of the time so you can catch a sneak peek of what we’re working on that hasn’t evolved into a blog post yet as well as things non-DIY in my every day life. I always enjoy seeing a bit of real life behind the blogger and thought you might too. Although be forewarned, we’re not dramatic reality tv material. Meaning you might find us a bit boring but you will find us happy!   

Roeshel & Rosie

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TGIF! Have a great weekend! 

Hellooo, Farm Kings! #farmkings

Uh, hello? Where have I been? Have you heard of the tv, the docu-reality show called Farm Kings on GAC? A show about an amazing mom, her 10 kids and their farming? I hadn’t. And they are nearly geographically right under my nose. 

Farm Kings

farm kings family


Well, the day that you realize that family is seriously practically your neighbors (as in less than 10 mi. away), that Freedom Farms sells pasture raised, antibiotic/hormone free chicken, beef and pork, non GMO foods, AND fresh flowers for all of those room makeover props and that they have their own tv show is the day you’re completely star struck. And your usually controlled crazy gets loose like the time I learned that Brett Michaels is from my hometown too. Craaaazy! The Kings are hard working good people and they live local! So in a small effort to support local business along with my shopping, I felt they deserved a bit of a “show off” in a DIY Show Off post. 

And so even though I’ve eaten their pies and carved their pumpkins, Bri and I still couldn’t resist the temptation to make a point to stop by the Freedom Farms just down the road on the day their new season starts. I did have to pry myself away from the Farm Kings marathon leading up to the season premier. Okay, no need to whisper that I’m being borderline stalker crazy. I’m well aware. But it just seems so cool and now that I’ve had a chance to see a little behind the scenes to “tv-meet” the fam, I’m a fan.  

Roeshel and Bri

Me and Bri at Freedom Farms 

Oh and I have to mention it – these are four of the brothers.  No further comment needed. If you’re not familiar with who I’m referring to, here you go: 

farm kings


You’re welcome!

I’ve never been able to get on board with reality tv but this show and family has won over my heart. Since I raised two girls on my own for a very long stretch of time, I have to tell you that if I ever have the chance to meet Lisa, I’m giving her a big high five. Smart, strong and funny. And well, I did have the chance to meet her today but since I’m shy, I was too chicken to approach her. How do you do that anyway without being so awkward? So I purchased some fresh green beans and leaf lettuce, the Freedom Farms magazine then couldn’t resist a bouquet of beautiful fragrant flowers from Lisa’s Garden…

Flowers from Lisa's Garden

I’m pretty excited to have a very local place to shop for hard to find NON GMO food! I’ve been asking Bri to get started on a blog to share her wealth of non GMO knowledge (will keep you posted). A major obstacle to changing our diet has been the inconvenience and difficulty finding non genetically modified foods. So this is BIG! 

So…who’s seen this? Who’s looking forward to the new season? Who’s watching today and tonight? And why didn’t you tell me? 

New to you too? Meet the King family tonight (July 11th) at 9/8c on GAC. Check out more info here. You know where I’ll be on Thursdays.

Farm Kings Show

 Shop for Farm Kings Things here.

ps. This is not a sponsored post. 😛

Odds and Ends – Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day, US friends! The 4th of July is probably my second most favorite holiday (right behind Christmas). I love my country! 

Our day will be filled with work. But we’ll be celebrating the 4th on the 6th. With the exception of seeing fireworks tonight. How about you? 


We’re celebrating by prepping for a BBQ this weekend. 

DIYShowOff Summer Home Tour

I had just cleaned for the summer home tour but it didn’t last. How does it happen so quickly?

At least he’s in charge of the food!

His menu includes:

summer bbq menu recipes

If you’re still looking for some great patriotic DIY ideas, check out the DIY Show Off Patriotic DIY Pinterest board. I think my favorite this minute is Beckie’s Pledge of Allegiance subway art. 

patriotic diy pinboard

Oh, there’s still time to link up to this week’s DIY party to share your creativity:

that diy link party

I’ve updated my house number flower pots so guests can easily spot our driveway…

house number flower pots

I have never had so many planters as I do this year. More planter ideas: chandelier flower planter, pallet herb garden and tire flower planter.

chandelier-planter-feature free-standing-vertical-pallet-herb-garden tire flower planter tutorial at DIYShowOff

And a Happy 3rd Birthday to our ragdoll girl, Lalka, who was born on the 4th of July in the USA. Don’t let that sweet innocent face fool you. She definitely lived every minute of her terrible two’s to the fullest by climbing on shelves, tearing through the house, finding her favorite crinkly ball only at nights right under the bed, bullying her new sister-dog Rosie by stealthily sneaking up behind her or popping out from dark rooms. 


Have a happy fourth of July, friends!

Friday Funny…

Life a DIY blogger:  I had big plans to be productive on Wed. I really did. I was working on three DIY projects at once like I usually am. I had every intention of tackling the laundry as well. I stopped to eat my lunch around 1 p.m. and check some emails which lead to Facebook and G+ and a little online shopping/browsing/blog visiting. And for some background noise, I turned on HGTV. Uh…not a smart move. I should have known better. Those Property Brothers get me every time. Shopping for fixer uppers and amazing renovations…sign me up! <—–drooling

Before I knew it, Russ walked in the door, home an hour early from work. What?! Uh oh…how did it get to be 5 p.m. so fast?!  It was only a lunch break! Oops! So much for productivity. Happen to you too? <—–busted

The funny: Well, throughout the evening, HGTV played. We watched. Have you seen the tv show Renovation Raiders? I haven’t had the opportunity to catch it yet, but all throughout the day I caught glimpses of a commercial for it where Amy Matthews would surprise couples who’d go out to dinner and return to an amazing magic room makeover. It’s as if these home owners have won a home improvement/decorating lottery! <—–dreaming

I said to Russ: “How fun! I’d love to leave and come back to a surprise room makeover.”

His reply: “I do every day.”

hahahahaha! So true. Right?

And yes…Jonathan and Drew (Property Brothers) did inspire re-arranging the living room on my “lunch hour” this same day. I wasn’t a complete couch potato (in my defense it was raining so I wouldn’t have accomplished much with working on some outdoor projects anyway). <—– rationalizing

If you plan to dive into some DIY this weekend…leave HGTV out of it. 😉

—–>Enjoy the weekend!<—–