Mancave – basement Flooring (Part 2)

Last week I shared the beginnings of a basement makeover with major clean up, a wall removed, fresh new paint (Mancave in Progress – Part 1) and today…you guys! I’m so excited to show you the floor! Hurray! One step closer to completion!

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

My contacts from A&S Carpet are Jeff and Frank and Frank stopped by to check out the area and do some measurements and since it’s a basement space, gave us some product recommendations. 

basement // mancave makeover

After looking at TONS of samples, we fell in love with a hardwood called Maverick from Shaw Floors. We love the color, the rustic design, how it looked next to the slate tile on the stairs, the durability and the distressing. It would have been love at first sight for you too. Not too dark, not too light. Lots of character! 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Pretty detail!!! basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

And the professional hardwood floor team A&S sent over had it installed in just a few short hours! There’s something about watching professionals … they make it look so easy.  basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Tim has installed over a million square feet of flooring!  basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Maverick is a 7″ ply-core engineered Hickory with a pretty texture unlike any other product in the Shaw Hardwood Collection. It showcases a timeworn rustic distressed look with circular saw marks randomly peppered throughout the design. It gives the appearance of reclaimed old flooring in a wider width. 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

See that random light piece in the middle? basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

I loved that light piece and anticipated random light pieces throughout the design. However, when that didn’t seem to be the case, I requested it be removed. Thankfully the glue hadn’t completely dried and the guys got it swapped out.  basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

We went with the color “leather”.

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t the distressing awesome?

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

Since this will be a space for entertaining and play, it’s a great durable option!  What do you think? 

Do you have a finished basement? Is it a mancave type space? What type of flooring did you choose?


Mancave in Progress (Part 1)

We have a mancave makeover in progress! Hurray!!! 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Well, to be precise…we’ve never had a mancave in our home so we’re doing a basement makeover and creating a mancave for Russ. When it comes to our home, my husband has pretty much given me free reign to DIY, design and decorate as I please. We call it my life sized doll house. As you know, it’s kind of my thing, what I love to do and it’s still a work in progress with lots to be done but last summer, we started cleaning out the basement and it was time to start planning a space just for him. 500+ square feet all dedicated to him, his hobbies and his likes. He’s a home brewer so the mancave will include a bar for entertaining and because he enjoys football season, a living room area with enormous television…I’d call that a mancave, right?

I want him to make the decisions on this space but I appreciate that he includes me in his decision making and asks my opinion. See my Pinterest Board of Mancave Inspiration here


Our basement is two parts. 1 part old 1927 below the original house with ceilings so low he has to duck his head and 1 part newer addition – we’re guessing sometime in the early 1990s. The overflowing storage of junk had reached our puke point. We had a yard sale last summer. He tore down a wall that separated the space. Here are some before photos when the wall was removed and the junk was heading out the door…

basement // mancave makeover basement // mancave makeover basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

We’ve been here going on 12 years and never really did anything with the space other than he ripped up some nasty carpet when we moved in and we did have a wood burner for a while before insulating our home and new windows. But mostly, it just sat collecting junk, dirt and dust. It often also served as a workshop for DIY projects upstairs so lots of sawdust too! 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

The duct work that sits head-hitting low for his 6’3″ height will be encased in cabinetry. More details on why coming up later!

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Once we got it empty, he patched, primed and painted walls.

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

He really liked the sage green walls we used to have in our kitchen and I really like gray so we decided on a gray-green. He used Benjamin Moore Aura paint color matched  – Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Then we started the search for flooring. We had our local Shaw Floors dealer stop by to determine which floor covering suited our space best. Frank from our local Shaw dealer, A&S Carpet recommended engineered hardwood for our basement. 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Stay tuned for Part 2 for what we chose and installation! 


Project Diary Entry #4 – Full Bathroom Demo Day

Bathroom DIY Demo

The rooms at the new studio are coming along – soooooo slowly – but getting there. It’s never as fast as I plan or as smooth! Right? Hiccups and unforeseen projects and unplanned expenses. But let’s take a look at the upstairs full bath and how things are coming along! It’s the room with the biggest expense and progress to date. 

awesome vintage bathroom makeover @diyshowoff #helloredreno #shawstyleboard

Here are some before pictures. YIKES! What a mess, what a lot of work. Yea, I under-estimated the work needed in here. Okay, let’s get started. 

What would ever lead someone to box in a pedestal sink? That’s one way to hide exposed plumbing. ??? I do love that mirror though. Gotta re-use that somewhere. It’s got the vintage wear and tear that I love!

DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

Oops. The roof had a leak and that’s been fixed. And it’s a great reason to tear down those ceiling tiles. And why yes, they’ve boxed in the claw foot tub too! What the…? Why?!   DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

There’s even a back door out of the bathroom. One into a bedroom and this one out to the staircase. And carpet. In the bathroom. ::gag::  DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

I love all the little built-ins. Aren’t they charming? That little glass door, the hardware! ::swoon:: So cute! That grate too! I have no idea…is it gas? There’s an old capped gas pipe right there to the left of it. But it’s right in the chimney where maybe the original stove from the main floor below stood. There’s a decent sized closet behind the door there too. So nice! DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

Can’t wait to reveal the cast iron claw foot tub! DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff  I love sconce lighting in the bathroom but will repurpose these cuties somewhere else some day.  DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff  These old faucets! You either get hot or you get cold. There is no “warm” unless you fill the sink. lol  DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

Demo day! Oh man! Here we go! Hold my hand!  bathroom demo bathroom makeover bathroom makeover

Out with the old, that’s for sure! Out with that nasty carpet that’s been glued down to the original hardwood floors. What a mess! Because I want Shaw tile floors in the new bathroom, our installer at A&S Carpet has recommended we remove the old squeaky hardwood and screw down plywood to prepare the base for ceramic tiles. You can see the bathroom vent that was installed too.  bathroom makeover And there was quite a bit of work to be updated. Ugh. Not what I wanted to hear! It’s so hard when money goes into things we can’t see. But more importantly, it’s lifelong peace of mind.  Isn’t it looking so much better all ripped out and ready for reno? bathroom makeover in progress  I’m hoping to be able to re-use this gorgeous tub! I think it may have already been re-glazed once so we’ll see. Budgets have a way of making decisions for us sometimes, especially when un-foreseen expenses arise.  bathroom makeover

We’ve got some new drywall and sub flooring…

bathroom renovation  And look how light and airy it’s looking! So happy!  bathroom makeover bathroom reno bathroom makeover in progress Did I mention that I just can’t cover up all of that old original ship lap? I just can’t! So this wall and all of her rustic charm and pretty colors is staying. It’ll get a good scrub down and be sealed. More on that coming up! bathroom makeover  The floor is all prepped for NEW flooring! I’ll share my choice and some other ideas I have in a design board later this week. I’m also going to clean and seal the exposed brick. I just can’t bring myself to cover up all of the rustic beauty!  bathroom renovation

The building has so much historical charm. It’s about one block from our town’s Main Street. The bus stop is literally steps away. There are breweries, the YMCA, shops, restaurants, salons, florists, candy/coffee shop, holiday parades and festivals within walking distance. So fun! If renovation from blah to ahhhhh is your thing, stay tuned!

So subscribe and be reminded of updates as the renovations progress! I’ll share before and after photos, projects underway and updates, plans and design boards, sources and links as they relate as well as fun events going on in and around the downtown area. I’ll be using a specific hashtag on social media to keep things all neat and tidy and organized. 


I welcome your thoughts and ideas! And as always, thanks for your encouragement and support and for sharing in my joy and vision! Watch for #helloredreno !

Fall Home Tour with Shaw Floors

Fall Home Tour with Shaw Floors . . .  Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Shaw Floors // Floorté // Classico Plank • Antico {shown above}

Welcome, friends!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall! Let the decorating begin. Pumpkins and mums, rich warm colors and cozy sweaters. Love this time of year! Don’t you? 

Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

I recently whipped up a festive dreamcatcher wreath for the door in the entryway (see the fall dreamcatcher wreath // door decor tutorial for more details).

I love decorating this entryway area where we installed Shaw’s durable and water resistant product called Floorte´. Style and color are Classico Plank // Antico and I love the rustic feel for this old farmhouse, don’t you? A beautiful mix of beige and grays. Very rustic. 

Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

The perfect farmhouse vibe with a durable beautiful finish to it. Perfect for greeting friends, tracking in wet leaves. No worries! And best of all, it compliments our home’s style. So warm and welcoming!

Shaw Floors // Floorté // Classico • Antico

I also added a few fall touches to our living room to spice things up creating a cozy reading spot for curling up with a good book and mulled cider for those chilly autumn days. 


“October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came,— Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff The Ashes, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff The sunshine spread a carpet,
And every thing was grand;
Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff Miss Weather led the dancing;
Professor Wind, the band….
Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff  The sight was like a rainbow
New-fallen from the sky….” ~George Cooper Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Finally, remember when I recently gave our dining room a color lover’s makeover and worried that the beautiful palette of blush, chartreuse, navy and grey would be short-lived because holiday decorating would be a challenge? Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

I’m finding that the push to be creative with the specific color scheme is paying off and I love the results of a pink, cream, green and navy fall tablescape and decorative accents.   Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Non -traditional. Pretty.  Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Romantic, even!  Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff  

What are your thoughts? How do you incorporate fall into your home’s decor? Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Shop the room & get more details on the dining room makeover reveal

Fall Home Tour dining room Shaw Floors diyshowoff

I wasn’t even going to decorate for fall. Life just gets so busy sometimes, you know? And once I got started, I was reminded that decorating is a great way to unplug and despite the creative energy, it’s very relaxing! Are you decorating for fall?

Thank for joining me for my fall home tour with Shaw Floors!

Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff DIY fall dreamcatcher wreath tutorial @diyshowoff

Up next! Looking for more inspiration? Continue the Fall Home Tour series with Shaw Floors tomorrow with Blissful Bee for the next fall home tour reveal. 

DIY fall ideas from DIYShowOff

Shaw Connect

As you know, I’ve had the privilege to partner with Shaw Floors a few times over the years beginning with the Shaw Floors/HGTV Home Design Challenge about five years ago to the current Shaw Style Board and what an amazing company! I recently enjoyed an opportunity to attend Shaw Floors’ 50th Anniversary celebration at their Connect 2017 convention in Orlando, FL. 

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

There was a bit of pampering for the Shaw Style Board team as well as the Shaw Flooring dealerships in attendance from around the country. 

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

 {Beth from Home Stories A to Z, me – DIYShowOff and Rhoda from Southern Hospitality}

It’s always fun catching up with long time blog friends! Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

And then the biggest best flooring convention you can imagine!

What do you think of when you hear the name Shaw Floors? Flooring, carpet? Connect 2017 really opened my eyes to Shaw’s innovative product line on display in the expo 

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

from a generous line of stain and soil resistant carpets

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

to waterproof carpet 

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

to tile and stone (who knew?! But I seriously fell in love and plan to learn more about their stunning tile line)…

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

to luxury vinyl (waterproof) flooring (Floorté) and durable impact resistant hardwood

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

Shaw 2017 Color of the Year: LUSH

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

There were educational sessions for flooring dealers all across the country with great topics from innovation and design to operations for supporting those dealerships and their businesses. I’m not even a flooring professional and I left there so inspired and motivated. 

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

Shaw makes it a family friendly environment and there was so much fun with dinner celebrations and the best food and an evening at Universal Islands of Adventure. A perfect balance of fun, education and ‘connection’. 

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff IMG_7669 IMG_7670 Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

Do you recognize a few of my friends?

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff  Chris (Shaw), Vanessa (At the Picket Fence), Meghann (Shaw), Todd (Shaw), Beth (Home Stories A to Z), me (DIYShowOff) and Rhoda (Southern Hospitality). Not shown: Heather (At the Picket Fence), Brittney (Addison’s Wonderland).

Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff Shaw Floors Connect 2017 #shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

Most times we only really consider the products but I have to say that the company, the people behind the company are really a huge part of the package, the behind the scenes that you don’t see is really something we SHOULD all see. But since you can’t, I just want to say that the integrity and kindness of the people I’ve dealt with at Shaw isn’t something we as consumers ever really consider but it’s definitely worth mentioning so that you know not only are you getting a high quality product but it’s coming from a pretty cool company with a big heart. 

Floorté Vinyl Plank Flooring from Shaw

More progress on the enclosed porch turned room makeover! When I visited Shaw Floors headquarters last summer, I had the opportunity to see all of their amazing high quality flooring products from awesome waterproof carpet to beautiful hardwoods to unbelievable waterproof planks. So much thought and innovation goes into the design behind the scenes!

The many features of a product called Floorté caught my eye. 

#shawstyleboard @diyshowoff

Floorté, enhanced luxury vinyl plank floor by Shaw is a luxury line locking durable, waterproof flooring option and I am in LOVE! 

Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard

curtains (affiliate link)

First, remember the ugly before picture from when we removed exterior siding and turned an exterior-interior window into a doorway…

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

to the after drywall/trim/paint and light fixture…it’s beginning to look like a different room altogether, right? That’s the plan! 

room makeover in progress @diyshowoff @shawstyleboard room makeover in progress @diyshowoff @shawstyleboard

to some floor prep work…

room makeover in progress @diyshowoff @shawstyleboard

to the installation of the Floorté. I chose the design “Antico” from the Classico collection. It’s a beautiful distressed-inspired look with gray/brown wood tones. I think it resembles weathered wood.


Did you catch the durability demonstration video on Instagram? 😉 

Our installer, Mike, subcontractor from A&S, knocked out this installation in half a day!

Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard

Next step is for us to install shoe molding and to complete decorating but I couldn’t resist putting up the curtains. I just need to make a few decisions on this room’s purpose then tweak the fine details so more on the final reveal coming soon, but in the meantime – isn’t she lovely?!

Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard

Stay tuned for the final before and after room reveal with this gorgeous Floorté flooring! 

There’s a Hole in the Wall!

Okay, because I’m a crazy lady, I decided to tackle a room makeover in December. In my defense, it’s just a little room so it shouldn’t disrupt our entire holiday season or anything, right? Right! Well, I’ve always been told “it’s the thought that counts” and I’m going with that thought. 

We have this odd enclosed porch area off the open pantry…see that door on the left? open pantry at

The one with the curtains? That’s the original front door to this old house. And where does it lead? To a warm and inviting entryway to our house? 

No. A homeowner from the past enclosed the porch and rerouted the door to the side. We enter our home through the back French doors on the patio.  We do not have a real front door or curb appeal and that’s a dream for another day but we did recently put in new windows AND insulated the outer walls. And this room reached my puke-point. It looked like a room from an episode of Hoarders. A true junk room. I’m over it. It’s something you don’t see on a blog every day. The ugly truth. Well, enough is enough. 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

Oh, and that room has this window at the bottom of our stairs in our living room always bothered me. An exterior window INTERIOR? Don’t you just love nearly 100 year old houses? Weird. Oh, “let’s look out this window at the sunny day” … (::cue horror movie music::) … it’s a room piled to the ceiling with JUNK. NO! Just no. Merry Christmas to me because it’s going away! 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

Did you even notice it had exterior vinyl siding on two walls? Looks like an option for insulation from a past home owner. 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff  It’s coming off! home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

Down to the original siding from 1927… but those other walls? Ugh. they’re staying for now. 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff I decided to make that window into an open doorway. 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

And the siding has been removed and drywall installed. It’s starting to come together. No matter what, anything is better than it was and I’m looking forward to a bright fresh new room. 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

The original front door (below). home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

Those other two crazy walls with planks and hunter green trim overload are too involved to change out now (moving windows and doors to install drywall is more involved than we can deal with at the present time, so fingers crossed that paint tone down that in-yo-face trim circus! 

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

And the floor? That hideous green painted concrete has to go. New product: Floorté, enhanced luxury vinyl plank floor by Shaw and I can’t wait! More on that coming up. Floorté is a luxury line locking durable engineered waterproof PVC flooring option. More on that coming up! For now, there are some decisions to make…

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

And someday, when a new beautiful front door is in the budget, this room will grow up to be a real live front entryway, a foyer! But for now, I’m claiming this space to create more square footage, to make it useful space. I’m still on the fence about it’s purpose though. I’m leaning towards den/home office.  

Stay tuned for more progress! 

DIY Project Parade, Painting a Floor and Shaw Area Rug Winner!

Well, I did it! I completely transformed out guest room in one week! Guest bedroom reveal tomorrow as I finish up a couple of last minute details. 
I‘m sharing the details of the painted floor, new wall color and new baseboard and door trim over at the DIY Club today where I used my favorite Purdy paintbrush, Dutch Boy paints, Krylon, Deco Art and Cutting Edge Stencil to transform the room.

Room when we moved in: Walls were painted white and floor was covered with an area rug.
room emptied and baseboard trim gone

Now there is a painted floor and painted area rug…

Those white dingy walls to these tropical blue ones and new baseboard trim…

I also updated heating and a/c vents with a coat of spray paint.

Remember the mood board:
BIG improvement! I love that it actually looks like a real rug and the room has some color!
Come back tomorrow for the guest room reveal where most decorative items are thrift store finds. I’ll also share how $100 of Better Homes and Gardens products warmed up the room to welcome guests this fall and you’ll have a chance to win $100 in Better Homes and Gardens products too! 
BHG Live Better

Everything in the room makeover with the exception of the bed which we already owned, light fixture which was already installed, bedding and BHG items – is a thrifty store, estate sale or junk/antique store find! 

See the reveal tomorrow!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to!

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Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and help with the Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge.  I couldn’t ask for better blog friends, you guys!  You’re the best!  We did not win, however, I did have an amazing experience, met some awesome fellow DIY and design bloggers and had a blast working with Cassity, creating a room designed around a floor. A room that we’re still so proud of and would love to have in our own home. The winner of the Shaw Area Rug Giveaway at the DIY Show Off is…

Emily said… 191

I follow Remodelaholic!

CONGRATULATIONS!  Emily gets to choose any of Shaw’s HGTV Home beautiful area rugs in any size for her home! Let’s hope she shares which one and where it goes! Thanks to Shaw Floors for such a fun event and awesome prize!

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How To Get This Beach/Eclectic Cottage Look

Good morning!  There have been some questions regarding the details of the room Cassity and I designed. Then we’ll move on to the regularly scheduled DIY posts.
These are the final professional shots of the beach themed room:

With the exception of the handscraped Rockbridge Dusk hardwood floor and the beautiful Ikat panel area rug, the room, the furniture and accessories are photo props at Tribuzio Hilliard in High Point, NC.  So, nothing from this room was purchased via shopping from a store when we decorated.  Everything was selected from a warehouse.  It was the candy shop for DIYers!  Packed full of decorating goodies.
Here is a breakdown of the room details with links to similar furniture and accents as well as some DIY tips.
Hardwood & Area Rug

Handscraped Maple Hardwood (Style: Rockbridge/Color:  Dusk)and Ikat panel (Multi) by Shaw Floors HGTV Home collection. The rug is listed as contemporary and even has a traditional feel to the design.  We loved the pattern for our cottage room.  As Lisa LaPorta agreed, an area rug is a great starting point for inspiration in your home.

Ikat Panel (Multi)
Selected sample (large)
Wall Color

COPEN BLUE by Sherwin Williams for HGTV Home.

SW0068 Copen Blue

Color Collections
Rustic Refined, The Streamlined Years
Color Family
RGB Value
R-192 | G-204 | B-198
Hexadecimal Value

We loved the detail of this chandelier when we found it and felt it added a touch of whimsy to the other red coral accents in the room. This chandelier was originally white.  Painting it antique red was a fun way to add color to the room.

SW7587 Antique Red

  • DIY:  Our chandelier was originally white. Paint a thrift store find/old brass chandelier.  Color shown is ANTIQUE RED by Sherwin Williams for HGTV Home.
  • Shop:  (better off with the DIY option with something like this because affordable red chandeliers are hard to find) Home Depot has a glass version.

We were limited by what was in the warehouse but chose a neutral color and clean lines.  We both agree that furniture is a big purchase and should be neutral enough for when redesigning or changing accents in the future. Keeping big pieces neutral ensures many years of use and your money’s worth!

  • DIY:  Add a neutral colored slip cover to your existing sofa or re-upholster in a neutral fabric. DIY drop cloth slip covers are a little challenging but affordable!
  • Shop:  Crate and Barrel, custom sofa covers
v style=”text-align: center;”>Wall Gallery

Place art on the floor to create the layout you’d like to show off on the wall.  Find tips on how to hang art for a photo gallery HERE. Look for art with a theme.  Add a plate, wooden letters or mirrors for interest.

  • DIY:  Frame prints from books, calendars or printed from a site such as Vintage Printables. Do something unexpected. Mix in a canvas with framed prints. We used double sided tape to display a starfish on the square plate. Non-matchy letters were all painted a pretty oil rubbed bronze and sanded for a distressed look.  Round mirrors simulate port hole windows keeping within the nautical theme. {Tips for Hanging a Wall Gallery}.  Placing a mirror (from Michael’s) or convex mirror into a painted pie pan or plate could give you a similar look to the port hole mirrors.
  • Shop:
    • Small Sepia Nautical Art:  Amazon
2 Nautical Sailing Art Prints Bow Hull Ship Posters Sail Decor Sepia

DIY version using convex mirrors and pie tins:

    • Letters: Craft Cuts, Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, etc.
nted wood letters come in many heights and thicknesses.

Accent Table
  • DIY:  Stack crates and top with glass for a vintage look. Often a yard sale or flea market find or build your own crates using reclaimed wood or pallets. Stamp or stencil wording and sand/distress for a vintage finish.

I have this accent table in my barn patio area:
Crate with an old vintage window top…

or use an old barrel as a side table like we did in our sitting room:

  • DIY:  Accessorize varying sizes of lanterns with small plants for terrariums or add candles with sea shells, star fish or palm leaves.  Wrap candles with jute to add texture.  (Paint lanterns if desired.)
  • Shop:  Target, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc.
Knox LanternMini Lantern Tealight Holder
Horse Figurines

  • DIY:  Use large wrought iron salvaged pieces or a small piece of iron fencing to make a statement and a large clock for balance. Accessorize with old books tied with twine and pottery. Shop thrift stores or yard sales. Find a shape of ceramic pottery and spray paint a pretty turquoise if needed.
  • Shop:
Timepiece - Large Distressed Wall Clock with Pendulum
    • Vintage Books – Etsy
Morph Vase
    • Red coral – 15.97 at Amazon
Worldwide Imports Painted Coral Red 5-7"
    • Cloche. Everything looks special under glass. Try Pottery Barn or search for glass sconces and globes (turn upside down)/etc. at thrift stores.
Southwest Turquoise Décor - 20" Azure Glazed Ceramic Jar Desk / Table Lamp - JCO-X4014
  • DIY:  Use a small old drawer as a tray for books.  Add vintage hardware to the sides for handles. Fill a bowl with glass orbs or DIY your own orbs using twine or seashells to add texture. Spray paint accent bowl if you can’t find the right color in thrift stores. Spray paint small urns and fill with grass.  Small thrifted ceramic fish or other themed accent can be painted to coordinate. Give an accent the spotlight by displaying it under a glass cloche.
10x Magnification Tabletop Telescope
Side Chairs
  • DIY:  Search Craig’s List or estate sales for wicker chairs. Great texture!  Spray paint brown to freshen up or a fun color if you love the unexpected.  Add neutral cushions.
  • Shop:  Pottery Barn
Seagrass Wingback Armchair
Typography Ottoman
  • DIY:  Built it yourself (info on this coming soon) or give an old ottoman a new look using fabric similar to this:
Throw Pillows
  • DIY:  Sew or No-Sew using typography printed fabric or grain sacks.
  • Shop:  Pottery Barn and Etsy
PB Found Vintage Grainsack, Blue
Speaking of typography, love these trays from Pottery Barn:
Decoupage Typography Trays
Ceramic Garden Stool
  • So many wooden step stools can be found at thrift stores and yard sales.  Paint and distress if needed!
  • Shop:  TJ Maxx and HomeGoods seem to have the best prices for ceramic garden stools (under $50)
Console Table
Sailboat Art 

We hung two large vertical prints on the left side of the window to balance the art on the right.

Sailboat Sea Nautical Sepia Framed Print Picture
Coffee Table Book
  • Shop: Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Amazon
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (The Colored Plates 1734-1765)
Albertus Seba: Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (25)
Large Round Mirror
(shown far left)
  • Shop: Great price on sale at JCPenney!

Hang drapery as high as possible to add height to a room. Expand rods past the window and “frame” window with drapery to allow the maximum amount of light into the room.

  • DIY:  Sew your own simple curtains using drop cloths or white linen fabric.  Rod pocket or using curtain rings with clips to hang.  Using white/off white twin sheets is also an inexpensive option.
  • Shop:  Overstock
Coffee Table


Holbrook Coffee Table
Subway Art and Easel
Reserved listing for dstiles84
Hopefully this helps with the details.  What’s your favorite part of the room?
class=”Apple-style-span” style=”font-size: large;”>


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Shaw Area Rug (Any Style or Size) Giveaway AND How To Get This Casual Coastal Cottage Look

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED BUT PLEASE KEEP VOTING FOR CASSITY & ROESHEL AT If you’re a follower of The DIY Show Off or Remodelaholic or even #Shaw Floors on Facebook, you now likely know that Cassity and I are proud of our Casual Coastal Cottage design:

To start off “How to Get This Coastal Cottage Look”, Shaw Floors is giving away a beautiful area rug from the HGTV Home collection right here at the DIY Show Off!  WINNER’S CHOICE!  You choose the style and size!  How’s that for a start on how to get this look or just to choose your own favorite style to inspire your own makeover?  Here are a few of the beautiful patterns you can choose from but there are 42 total so you’ll have no trouble in finding an area rug that fits your home’s style:
Selected sample (large)
Selected sample (large)
Selected sample (large)
Selected sample (large)

See here for all of the details of this beach/eclectic themed room and on how to get this look.  🙂

Prize: One rug from the Shaw HGTV Home collection.  
Your choice of style and size (even 9×12!).

Giveaway Rules:
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY to avoid a disqualified entry!
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    More chances to win:

    2. Visit the Shaw Floors HGTV Home Collection.  Comment which rug you’d choose and where it’ll go. OR comment on the Shaw Facebook page that you love the room designed by Cassity & Roeshel. Comment here that you do. {1} additional entry (See below for help on voting!) 

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    5. Visit Remodelaholic, become a follower and comment here that you love Cassity as much as I do. {1} additional entry
    We’ve given additional entries as shown 2-5 for those with and without a Facebook account. Email me at if you have any questions!

    Voting:  On Shaw’s facebook page, click 30 Days of HGTV Home on the left tab.  Enter email. Enter information (only the first time you vote).  Click submit.  Next, click “GET STARTED”.  The rooms are all in a row in cloudy little thumbnails.  Cassity & Roeshel is the third over (but double check them all).  Click the thumbnails until you find us then click “VOTE FOR THIS ROOM”!  It’s tricky the first time, but heading back every day will have you doing it in a snap asap.  Do make sure to vote to enter every day and then come back here to comment that you voted for a chance to win here too!!!

    This is so important to us!  We are so thankful for you vote and support!  We hope that a DIY Show Off and Remodelaholic fans win one of the beautiful floors or area rugs!  Good luck there and good luck here too!

    Disclaimer:  Shaw paid for my transportation, lodging and meals to attend the Shaw Floor HGTV Home preview and design challenge and is sponsoring this giveaway by providing the prize area rug but opinion, commentary and posts are in my own words without compensation, requirements or direction from Shaw Floors.

    Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge – It's Time to Vote and Enter to Win!

    As you know (warning:  I’ll be mentioning this here and there all month long – I’m that excited to share this with you!), Cassity from Remodelaholic and I teamed up to create a coastal  cottage room designed around the beautiful Shaw Floors’ handscraped maple (Style: Rockbridge/Color:  Dusk) and Ikat Panel (multi) area rug. It was a dream come true experience to design a room around this flooring. 

    I still smile every time I see this room. 
    I’d love for our family room to look like this and I had so much fun designing it. 
    Every detail, flooring, rug, paint color and accessories are comfortable and I feel right at home.
    When decorating a room, do what you love…

    The Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge Contest and Sweepstakes is up and running NOW through September 30th!  You can vote for your favorite room everyday! 
    Simply “like” Shaw on Facebook and vote for your favorite room (any of the 5 rooms designed by 5 teams – some amazingly talented and super friendly DIY and design bloggers) and while we’d love your vote for Cassity & Roeshel, all of the rooms are gorgeous. 

    To enter the sweepstakes:

    ·         Like Shaw Floors on Facebook (
    ·         Enter your email address in the 30 Days of HGTV HOME tab
    ·         Vote for your favorite room – every day in September. EVERY DAY you’ll be entered! 30 prizes total!

    By entering the sweepstakes, you can also print off a voucher to receive a free HGTV HOME tote bag and a free HGTV HOME area rug with purchase. Isn’t that sweet?!  Winners will not be announced on a daily basis due to the verification process to ensure winner is a real person, etc. Winners will not be announced on the Facebook Page during September but soon afterwards!

    As camera shy as I am (deer in the headlights syndrome!), I wanted to share our experience with the Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge.  Please don’t laugh at me too hard!  Cassity is a natural.  Me, not so much.&nbs

    Here are the videos that show our interview with Lisa LaPorta (HGTV’s Designed to Sell), describing our room: 

    Cassity and I getting to know each other (she’s “awesome”!):

    and a video that gives information on the event. Lisa Laporta is that cute in real life!

    We would love for one of our readers to win new flooring or an area rug of their choice! And we’d love your vote!  Winning room/blog team gets all-expense paid trip to the HGTV Urban Oasis Home!  Hurray!  I’d love to win and share the experience with you, dear friends! Your support means so much to me.  You all are the best!  Please pop over to enter to win and vote at 
    Look for another giveaway coming up Thursday right here at the DIY Show Off!  You don’t want to miss it ~ a chance to win any Shaw HGTV Home rug ANY SIZE!

    Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge

    Looooooong post today but I’m just bursting with excitement to share the amazing experience with you, my dear blog friends! If you’re like me, hearing about an awesome opportunity related to blogging when it’s my blog buddy just fills me with joy to no end!  When I was invited to the all expense paid trip to participate in the Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge, I could barely contain my exclamation and hands in the air “YES!”. That noise that you thought was thunder last month? That was me jumping up and down!  I’ve never had the opportunity to decorate a room from the floor up.  My main experiences are extremely tight/non existent budgets in my own home.   
    Meet the Design Challenge bloggers:

    Roeshel from The DIY Showoff
    Cassity from Remodelaholic
    Pam from Retro Renovation
    Jill from Material Girls
     Katy from Charles & Hudson
    Julia from Casa Sugar
    Rhoda from Southern Hospitality

    Lindsay from Living with Lindsay

    Carmen from The Decorating Diva

    Ethan from One Project Closer

    I loved meeting these talented bloggers! Some long time virtual friends, some new! 
    All super friendly and so talented!
    Lisa LaPorta, Cassity from Remodelaholic, Roeshel from the DIY Show Off, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, Lindsay from Living with Lindsay.
    Cassity and I have already shared a sneak peek of the reveal with you…
    Now here’s the story of my intoxicating participation:
    Last Tuesday I arrived at the Biltmore Inn.  I could hardly keep my jaw from hitting the floor of the bus as we drove up through the front gate and along the beautifully landscaped drive.  I imagined it must have been just the way Mrs. Vanderbilt felt the first time she arrived as she hadn’t seen it before her marriage to George Vanderbilt. Breathtaking and overwhelming beauty of the lush landscaping and stunning Smokey Mountains in the background. 
    Inn on Biltmore Estate: Hotel
    My room at the inn was gorgeous…and there was a press package full of goodies awaiting my arrival.

    After a long day of travel, nervousness and excitement, this bed was so inviting!

    Check out my view of the estate and Smokey Mountains…

    Later that evening, we attended a welcoming reception to meet the Shaw Floor team, the HGTV Home group and the bloggers as well as meet our design challenge partner face to face.  I was thrilled to learn that my teammate was long time e-friend, Cassity from Remodelaholic!  I’ve been a fan of her blog for quite some time and love her style.  She is just as sweet in real life as her blog persona reflects. Love her! 
    (Not very many pictures this night…maybe when Shaw releases theirs.  I had my camera but we were all just getting to know each other and I wasn’t comfortable snapping pictures.  Did I mention that I’m shy?)
    The Design Challenge:  Design a room around a beautiful floor in the Shaw Floor’s new HGTV Home line. 
    The time came to be assigned a room (“bay”) and to pick our flooring ‘out of a hat’. Our room had a big picture window and board and batten. Great start!  Just our style.  Design fate was on our side when Cassity reached into the bag and chose “hardwood and area rug” for our flooring!  Again – exactly what we would have chosen! We immediately decided to design a living room in our space. One that we ourselves would love to have in our home.
    Hardwood (Rockbridge/Dusk) and Ikat Panel Area Rug

    Our plan:  A casual coastal cottage…sort of like this:
    Just kidding!
    The Biltmore is a late 1890s mansion in Asheville, NC.  We enjoyed a very interesting and informative guided candle lit tour.  No expense was spared in this place. As you can tell from the picture, it is enormous!  Every detail inside is over-the-top.  I can’t even fathom having that much money ever, let alone over 100 years ago.  Seriously?  Who had an indoor lighted swimming pool, bowling alley, something like 43 bathrooms with indoor plumbing WITH hot and cold water, elevators, pool tables, granite, marble, picture frame molding and tapestries at every turn, fountains, 4 huge expansive floors of richly decorated rooms including an enormous library with spiral staircase? It’s all self-sustaining with a village full of shops, a dairy and a winery.  I felt like royalty. We were treated like royalty too!  
    We then dined in a beautiful garden courtyard on the Biltmore Estate. I swear it was decorated by faeries with twinkle lights and gorgeous centerpieces. (As you can tell, my mind wasn’t exactly on camera settings! Oops!)
    Look at the adorable place settings…I just love attention to detail, don’t you?We had fun talking, laughing and getting to know each other and eating delicious foods and desserts.
    We headed back to our rooms to get a good night’s sleep for more surprises the next morning.  While we were sleeping, our flooring was being installed by elves. Not really elves obviously…but it all felt so magical!
    Wed. morning, we boarded a bus for a three hour drive to our next destination.  While on the bus, each team was given a box full of magazines, fabric samples, little fun odds and ends, pictures of furniture and paint swatches along with our hardwood floor sample (handscraped maple) and a picture of the area rug we chose.  Cassity and I learned that we share a love for the same style and that girl is so creative, she made our design board 3D!  Putting together our design board was fun.  
    A chance for the inner kid to get creative with our passion for decorating and design.  Cassity and I are both inspired by vintage, texture, neutral backgrounds with fun accents bringing in color, rustic woods and traditional pieces. We decided on a beautiful light blue as the wall color.  We wanted accessories to pop in a cozy cottage atmosphere.
    We arrived at Tribuzio Hilliard. TH is a commercial photo studio with movie set type bays (or rooms) with a warehouse full of furniture and every accessory imaginable from floor to ceiling.  My first impression was complete ‘awe’.  I felt like a little girl in a gigantic doll house.  Talk about a dream come true!
    And just like any good dream, things only got better when we were greeted by talented Lisa LaPorta of HGTV’s Designed to Sell!  Oh my!  Star struck for sure!
    There were our own embroidered director’s chairs too!  Isn’t that so thoughtful and awesome?  Every detail of this event was just so personal and special.  A girl could get used to this type of pampering!
    Lisa was available for design tips, giving her opinions and advice and moral support and she was just darling overall. She is full of creative energy and a joy to be around.  She played a huge part in making us feel comfortable, less nervous and as if we were stars too! We had so much fun getting acquainted with her.  Of course we couldn’t help but ask for an autograph along the way. 
    Lisa LaPorta, Cassity (& Lydia) and Roeshel
    Here is our room the first time we saw it. The flooring had been installed the night before. 
    “Shopping” was done in the warehouse full of photography props.  So it wasn’t real shopping, at least not in a store. I can’t tell you where things were purchased.  But hopefully the room inspires those seeking the same look on how to re-create a casual coastal atmosphere.
    We began our shopping in the furniture and architectural accent (fireplaces, lighting and more) section.  I even put on a safety belt and rode a hydraladder (or cherry picker) to view items stored near the ceiling!

    Going up!

    Every time we walked into this department, we spotted something new as if someone kept adding furniture when we weren’t looking or our furniture fairy godmother waved her magic wand and there was the piece we’d been looking for!  It might have been that as things were removed by teams, more things were visible but I never had so much fun “shopping”!
    Other rooms had floor to ceiling sh
    elving thrift-store-style packed full of goodies: lamps, vases, baskets, throw pillows, books, candles and holders, silk greenery, planters, fillers, clocks, statues, throws, bedding, mirrors, art work, dinnerware, glasses, curtains, fabrics, even food and drinks!
    We eagerly filled a couple of carts with ideas and great accents.  We then chose our accessories and even though the room wasn’t ready for staging, we couldn’t resist playing around and putting things together.
    Cassity and me – taking a break from playing with positioning furniture and decorating before room is painted.
    We even got to jump up into the back of a florist truck stuffed full of every type of beautiful fresh flower imaginable to choose whatever our heart desired for the room!
    We then headed back to our hotel, the gorgeous Proximity Hotel and dined at the adjacent fabulous Print Works Bistro.
    Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, NC
    Social Lobby
    My hotel room was stunning. High ceilings, beautifully decorated and another amazing view.  
    Our room at the studio, chandelier and some accessories were being painted while we slept. Wish we had those DIY elves in real life!
    Bright and early on the last day, we headed back to Tribuzio Hilliard to complete our rooms.  The paint was even more beautiful on the walls than on the swatch!  Love it!  We quickly got to accessorizing while our talented helpers hung the gallery wall art, installed the chandelier and helped with any little request along the way.

    Thank you to our helpers!
    This entire time, we had an amazing design assistant, Linda, who helped us along the way, searching for our decorative accents, working hard to make our vision become reality and pointing out professional photo things on our set that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. 
    Cassity from Remodelaholic
    Linda S.
    Roeshel, The DIY Show Off
    Cassity has the sweetest baby girls who gave our room a big thumbs up too!

    Once our room was completed, Cassity and I were interviewed on video by none other than Lisa LaPorta to discuss our design and our room! We were blushing with pride and from praise.  I was a bit tongue tied.  Cassity’s a natural in front of the camera.  There was little time for prep and I always think of what I should have said or could’ve added after the fact AND if I had known about the video, I might have changed out of my casual attire for something prettier but I’m so excited to see that video!
    Here are some TONS of our after shots we took.  We can’t wait to see the professional catalog-worthy looking photography of our design, hard work and pride and joy. 
    Here’s the wall you don’t see.  Just like a movie set!

    We went through all 5 rooms designed by 10 bloggers, 5 teams, each of us interviewed by Lisa LaPorta and I have to tell you…we’re up against some stiff competition! I don’t have a picture of it – I was being interviewed but the other bloggers listed above will be sharing their experiences and photos!  Be sure to visit them for more details!  Which brings me to the reason for the Design Challenge.  All five rooms will be displayed on Shaw Floors’ Facebook page from September 1-30th where you will have a chance to vote every day for the entire month for your favorite room.  We really need your support!  There’s something in it for you too!  More on that to come soon but don’t worry – I’ll remind you to get over there to vote and enter when the time comes. 
    So, that’s my fairy tale/dream come true story of the couple of days a DIY blogger got to play being a real designer. It’s something I never in a million years would have thought I’d get to do.  Sure, I dream big just like everyone else and getting to do this, meeting my e-friends face to face and others who share my DIY passion as well as some pretty interesting and amazing people was just the highlight of the year. 
    A HUGE THANK YOU to Shaw Floors, HGTV Home and Empower (Hi Rachael, Hi Ashley, Hi Taylor!).  And most of all, thank YOU my dear blog friends, because I know I would not have been invited it if weren’t for you and your amazing friendships!  And I pray that each of you are presented with wonderful, dream come true opportunities one of these days too!  🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my excitement! Want to see more details?  I promise you, you’ll see more of our room by my awesome partner, Cassity at REMODELAHOLIC and I’ll have something more to share with you coming soon!

    A Design Challenge Sneak Peek!

    I just returned home from an amazing couple of days in Asheville, Greensboro and High Point, NC. It was a fun filled dream come true design challenge event sponsored by Shaw Floors HGTV Home line! Woo hoo!!! I had the opportunity to meet some awesome DIY/design bloggers face to face. Everyone was just as nice in real life as they are in the blogging community…really, some seriously talented and interesting bloggers. Meeting others who share my passion for DIY and decorating was so stimulating.
    I didn’t know until I arrived who would be my teammate and the details were a little vague but the surprises were well worth the curiosity. I was lucky enough to be partnered with one of my favorite blog buddies, Cassity from Remodelaholic! She is so sweet, so pretty and amazingly creative and talented. We worked so well together and we were assigned a beautiful room as well as this gorgeous handscraped maple hardwood:
    and our choice of area rug:
    Ikat Panel
    Selected sample (large)
    (Check out the entire line of Shaw HGTV Home area rugs – I’ll have something exciting to share with you soon!)
    As if designing a room from the floor up wasn’t intoxicating enough, you’ll never guess who else we got to hang out with…
    Lisa LaPorta, Cassity (& Lydia) and Me
    Yes! That’s Lisa LaPorta from HGTV’s Designed to Sell. She is so sweet, so cute and yep, I was completely star struck!
    Here’s the sneak peek!
    Wall color:  Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home
    Chandelier color:  Antique Red, Sherwin Williams HGTV Home
    More details on our room, the list of 8 other creative bloggers as well as the event with some surprises coming over the next two months!  I just returned late last night but I’m still over the moon, out of this world  – on Cloud 9!
    We love how our room blossomed, had a blast working together and were ready to start packing it up in our suitcases to take home! And if you’re stopping by to read, what do you think of the room?! Flood us your thoughts – we need our cheerleadering blog friends! Cassity and I would love to know your thoughts (please…we’re both so excited) and tell us what you like best!