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Project Diary Entry #3 Color Passive Paint

There’s more progress on the studio and the #helloredreno series. I need to get you caught up. I am a big lover of the power of paint. It’s such a game changer and a budget friendly one at that! There are so many possibilities. Dark and moody, fun and colorful, light and airy, neutral and soothing. Do you gravitate towards specific colors?

library/meeting room before…

library before

So this room. Oy. The color. Yikes. A bit on the aggressive side if you ask me. lol 

blue room

Blue is one of my favorite colors but this shade is just so very…smurf-y. It’s just not my style. blue wall

Perhaps that’s why this color called “Passive”, a pretty and neutral shade of gray from {HGTV} Sherwin Williams jumped out at me. I have painted walls in bright shades in the past and I’m a fan of accent walls, but for the most part, I prefer a neutral wall shade. 

Sherwin Williams Passive Paint Color

Because I like to decorate and redecorate so often. I’ve learned that I prefer a neutral back drop so that as my style changes or evolves, I can easily swap out decor and color schemes to fit my fickle choices.HGTV Home Sherwin Williams Passive

It’s gonna take two coats to cover all of the blue but I’m already feeling soothed! 

paint in progress wall paint

I even put up a few accessories previous owners left behind and what was in my car to help get an idea. Final thoughts? It’s definitely the right color for me. What a difference, right? 

paint after

So pretty! Ugh, this last photo shows just how much work there is to do! I spy a lot of caulking in my near future. And book donating! Stay tuned for a design board and more progress. Follow #helloredreno


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