Framed 3 Dimensional DIY Pumpkin Wall Art

Helloooo, DIY lovers! I’m still hanging on to summer but there’s no mistaking that fall is in the air! My first official challenge for Michaels’ Makers is a DIY Pumpkin Challenge. Fun!

DIY craft pumpkin challenge @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

It’s nearly that time of year! Shorter days, chilly evenings. I love faux pumpkins or ‘funkins’ for fall DIY crafts and decor! This year Michaels has “half craft pumpkins”! The tutorial tag I saw in the store showed 3 vertically on ribbon with the letters “B – O – O”. How cute is that? But I decided some framed 3D wall art was in order! I always think floral arrangements in pumpkins are so pretty…works of art. So why not add a frame and make it 3D wall art?

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Materials I used: (some affiliate links included)

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Tools: wire cutters, hot glue gun, knife or box cutter

Project Time: Less than 1 hour. 

What I did:

1. With the box cutter, I cut the top off of my half craft pumpkin similar to the way I would cut the top of a whole pumpkin. 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

2. Cut down the foam brick to fit inside of the craft pumpkin and secure with hot glue . This step may not be necessary but I think it makes the flower arranging easier and keeps the arrangement in place. Flowers can be swapped out for a different look.

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

3. Secure the half craft pumpkin to the the message board, centered inside of the frame with hot glue. I really think it’d work to attach it to a picture frame with backing (with glass or without) using hot glue too! If you give that option a try, let me know. I’d love to see it! Well, if you try this project at all, do share your creativity! I want to see! 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

4. Using wire cutters, remove stems from floral bunches and arrange flowers inside of the half craft pumpkin, poking stems into the foam brick to secure. 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

5. Embellish pumpkin if you wish. I just added the push pins that came with my message board. Stuff in some Spanish moss, if you’re inclined to do so. It adds some texture.

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers


6. Hang to display! 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers


Isn’t it pretty?

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

The other accessories are from Michaels too! I really love the combination of blues, plums, creams and green for a fresh fall vignette but I think traditional colors with touches of metallic gold would be gorgeous too! 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

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DIY craft pumpkin challenge @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

·         To kick off fall in your own home, visit and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – there is every color, shape and size you could ever want!

·         There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift.

·         If you’re looking for something a little bit different, Michaels recently started selling these fun half pumpkins, perfect for fall décor wall mounts and fun signs.  

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*I received a Michaels’ gift card to complete this challenge. All opinions are my own. 

DIY Halloween Projects

Boo! It’s nearing the end of October and I wanted to share of some of the past DIYShowOff Halloween projects for some inspiration. 

Halloween DIY projects @diyshowoff

Trick or Treat Bags

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

The Raven Halloween Mantel

Nevermore Halloween Mantel

Nevermore Tree Tutorial

DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree

 Halloween Vignette

Halloween vignette


Spooky DIY Ghost Display

spooky ghost tutorial DIY cheesecloth chicken wire ghost DIY ghost tutorial

Candy Skull Owl

DIY Neon Sharpie Candy Skull Owl Tutorial

Scenic Jackolantern

full moon scenic jackolantern at diyshowoff

Firefly Dog Costume

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakers lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Witch Hat Candy Dish/Decor

DIY witch hat Halloween centerpiece tutorial DIY Witch Hat Halloween decor tutorial @diyshwoff DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff

Candy Corn Decor

DIY Halloween/Fall craft: decorative wooden candy corn pieces

Silhouette Pumpkins

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

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That DIY Party - autumn

Scenic Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern

Inspired by a picture of a pumpkin diorama from Country Living that I stumbled across on the Michaels’ Halloween Pinterest Board, I couldn’t resist making up a scenic jack-o-lantern of my own. *This post contains affiliate links. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

Materials I used (all purchased at Michaels Craft Stores with the exception of stick trees and rocks): 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

  • faux pumpkin
  • carving tools
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • sky blue glitter craft paint
  • 4 small foam paint brushes
  • plastic toy wolf
  • moss
  • styrofoam disk
  • hot glue/gun
  • fall garland
  • tree-like sticks from the yard
  • small rock
  • small wood disk (for full moon)
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • glow in the dark paint
  • tiny faux pumpkin
  • small battery operated light
  • 3M adhesive velcro

Buy Online, Ship to Your Local Store for FREE

What I did:

Using chalk, I drew a circular shape onto the front of my faux pumpkin, then cut out the shape using small carving tools. Then I cleaned the dust and pieces out of the pumpkin.

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

Using a foam paint brush, I painted the inside of my pumpkin black. I brushed on the dark glitter coat over top and let paint dry. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

While the paint was drying inside, I attached a decorative fall garland with mini leaves and acorns to the outside using hot glue. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

I painted the wooden disk white, followed by a coat of glow in the dark with a few ‘pounces’ of the dark glitter paint using my foam paint brush (not shown). Let dry. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

I inserted the styrofoam disk into the bottom of the pumpkin. I left the plastic wrap on the styrofoam disk. Optional: I used some mini-pinecones to fill in the gaps along the sides.

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

Then I topped it off with moss.  

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

I carefully poked sticks (I found some in the yard that had sort of a ‘tree’ look) through the moss/styrofoam to create “trees”. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

I then secured full moon to the back using hot glue. You could do this before adding the trees. I waited so I could decide the placement behind the trees.

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

I added a piece of adhesive velcro to the back of the small battery operated light (don’t cover the on/off switch). It’s adhered to the “roof” of the pumpkin. The velcro attachment allows me to remove the light to turn if off and on. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

I finished it off by adding rocks and a wolf. 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

Display! Isn’t it fun? I’m going to raffle this one off at a local event but may just have to make one for myself too…maybe with a different scene: mini hale bales and a scarecrow or a ‘nevermore’ theme with ravens or a graveyard scene with tombstones. What about you? 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin

#TrickYourPumpkin Sweepstakes

The Michaels social team is working on a #TrickYourPumpkin sweepstakes. Crafters just submit their pumpkin creations via Instagram any time between Oct. 4th through 31th, 2014 for a chance to win a $250 Michaels gift card and Plaid products each Friday throughout the month of October! What would you do with a $250 Michaels’ shopping spree?

Shop at Michaels

Michaels would love to see your pumpkin creation! Post your pumpkin project on Instagram (using #TrickYourPumpkin #sweepstakes and tagging @MichaelsStores). Simple! Good luck! 

scenic faux pumpkin jackolantern tutorial @diyshowoff #trickyourpumpkin


*I received a Michael’s gift card to complete this project. 

DIY Pumpkin Stencils

DIY Pumpkin Stencil Tutorial 

DIY pumpkin stencils at



  • Pumpkins
  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • Wax paper
  • Spray Paint

DIY pumpkin stencils materials

1. Adhere pieces of FrogTape to wax paper.

2. Using a pattern (I made mine from a piece of paper), freehand or by tracing shapes; create stickers. 

3. Cut out stencils. I folded a few of mine to create more.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff DIY FrogTape stencils DIY pumpkin stencils with FrogTape at diyshowoff

4. Remove wax paper backing and apply your DIY FrogTape stencils to the clean, dry surface of a pumpkin.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

5. Use your thumbnail to burnish the edges of the tape and to smooth out creases.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

6. Tape off stem if desired. Spray paint pumpkin.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

7. Paint dried really fast for me since I just did a light coat with some of the pumpkin showing through in most places. After just a few minutes, remove stickers/stencils. 

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff


FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

FrogTape Blog Squad

Disclaimer: I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins

Monogrammed mini pumpkins

Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff


  • faux mini pumpkins
  • acrylic craft paint
  • glittery alphabet stickers
  • mini paper doilies


Paint mini faux pumpkins and let dry.

Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff

Add a glittery monogram.

monogrammed mini pumpkin placesetting


Display on mini-doilies. 

Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff

All set for a beautiful fall themed dinner party. 

fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff

See my fall centerpiece for creating an entire autumn themed tablescape. 

fall centerpiece tutorial at

DIY Vinyl Pumpkin Decals

With the girls all grown up and on their own, I have little desire to carve a pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern. And my pumpkin carving skills are a bit juvenile so I’m loving this alternative to carving…my pumpkins look so pretty! 

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals


  • large glossy adhesive vinyl from Happy Crafters
  • transfer paper  
  • pumpkins


  • Silhouette Cameo

What I did:

1. I purchased a deer silhouette and frame from the online store and sized them in my Silhouette Studio designer software to fit my pumpkins.

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

2. Then sent my decals to “cut”. 

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

3. Peel away (weed) the negative part of the design.

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

4. Cut transfer paper to size. Peel away wax paper backing and smooth transfer paper into place.

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

5. Rub design with a credit card.

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

6. Peel away paper backing from the vinyl decal, transferring it to the sticky transfer paper. 

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

7. Position on pumpkin and lightly rub decal with a credit card. 

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

8. Peel away transfer paper. This might get a little tricky because of the pumpkin’s uneven surface. You may have to use your fingernail to help with the transfer.

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals


9 .There are also wrinkles in my vinyl decal…but it doesn’t take away from the design. I just smoothed it down the best I could using my fingernail and credit card. 

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

All done and so cute! SO many options. I noticed that the Silhouette America online store even had sets of eyes, noses and mouths for jack-o-lantern faces. A monogram or spooky ghost or black cat would be great too!

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals

See the tutorial for the candy corn here.

DIY vinyl pumpkin decals


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*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own. See more projects at Happy Crafters blog.