Thrifty Treasure Transformation – colorful candlesticks

I shared this over at the DIY Club a few weeks ago but wanted to share here too. When I saw this Martha Stewart image…I loved the coordinating colorful candles and candlesticks.

colorful candlesticks

So, I started collecting wooden candlesticks from thrift stores and yard sales…

 wooden candlesticks

I wanted a fun colorful accent to go with our family room plans: family room design

What I used:

  • Wooden candle sticks
  • Candles (color matching my Patio Paints)
  • Deco Art Patio Paint (dark eucalyptus green, waterfall, fuchsia, buttercup)
  • Deco Art Patio Paint reusable Home & Garden stick on stencils
  • dark glaze (TransTint Dye by Rockler)

How I did it:

1. I gave my wooden candlesticks a few coats of Patio Paint each. Because I didn’t sand the wood, I used a dry brush technique. I preferred an antiqued look. I let the candlesticks dry between coats.

2. I brushed on and wiped off my glaze (TransTint dye) to give it an old finish.

3. The Deco Art stencil was sticky (and reusable) making stenciling super easy:



painted candlesticks

{fabric is waverly santa maria desert flower – I’ll be using it for my drapes}

Love them – fun colorful accent to add to our family room…if I can ever get back to working on the makeover!

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New year, old to new accents ~ Larissa Hill

One of the things I love to do is take something old and give it a fresh new look. Take a look around your room…see something you can paint and freshen up with a little DIY ingenuity? Here’s an idea from Heather at 

Start by finding inspiration like Heather did from Blessings Unlimited‘s online catalog. She saw these:

(almost $90 for a set of three!)

She had these:

and after a little DIY and creativity, she has these:

I’m not seeing much difference between the $90 set and Heather’s DIY set – just a beautiful transformation and lovely candlesticks! See what she used and how she did it at Larissa Hill Candlestick Makeover.

DIY Holiday Highlights and True Value Pipe Fitting Candle Holders

Who knew that True Value Hardware sold decorative decor?  Well, mine actually does sell holiday decorations (and TRAINS!), but this is just about the most simple DIY project ever. Just something I picked up while shopping for another DIY project.  It’s got a little industrial character. Just a little creative repurposing that even the most DIY-challenged person (like one who’s brain is already into next week’s vacation)…

Thick emergency candles
Pipe fittings

(you could even spray paint the pipe fittings but I love mine the way they are)

Instant Industrial Candle Sticks…
Restoration Hardware price would be ridiculous.  True Value Hardware price is less than $10 for a set of 3.
Not just for Christmas…I love unique objects turned decorating and when was the last time men in your family noticed or commented on your decor? I think this one will get an admirer or two. What do you think?

It’s December – I know you’ve been decorating and working on festive DIY, right?  Let’s see!

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I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.
Learn some fun things you didn’t know about me. I’ve answered 10 random questions over at Making a House a Home where I’m hanging out with my awesome DIY friends, Lana & Joey today!

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DIY Project Parade and DIY Holiday Centerpieces

I was going back through previous Holiday Highlights parties and wanted to bring my centerpiece from 2009 back to life for those of you who might be new because I still love this simple DIY centerpiece…

I wanted a rustic/natural looking winter centerpiece for my new barn wood trestle table.

Materials are mostly things I already had:
  • Pine Wreath or pine clippings (I use a faux wreath and add real pine cuttings)
  • Candle
  • Glass vase or mason jar
  • Faux snow (the only thing I purchased but you could use epsom salts too)
  • Optional:  ornaments

I put together a centerpiece that turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

To give the centerpiece a little more Christmas spirit. I added some ornaments and a mix of pine and juniper clippings to fill the room with a Christmas-pine scent. 🙂 Lots of pictures. I just love it.


I‘m thinking of doing this again this year. I love the simplicity and natural elements. 

But I love 2. last year’s antique chicken feeder centerpiece too utilizing pine cuttings, candles, pinecones and an antique chicken feeder…(but it does serve a new purpose as a cook book library shelf).
3. There’s also this creation from earlier this year when my Christmas centerpiece included reindeer on a bed of a mix of fresh/faux pines, candles and fresh roses in brown glass…

4. Create something new!
What do you think?
Favorite DIY Centerpiece?

Let’s see what you’ve been up to!

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Joining the party here:

Songbird & Cottage Magpie


Copper Penny Jar Candles

Today = rainy. Perfect. Here are my pennies I was saving for a rainy day!
I constructed some decorative candles for our patio.
Our back patio will have copper/dark brown light fixtures (still a work in progress) and accessories. The grape arbor is also mostly an aged bronze color. I wanted to coordinate some romantic lighting and accessories. I love candles in canning and jelly jars and these are perfect. I love them!Look! A money tree! 🙂
Tucked in amongst the herbs:
Use as a vase too!
Pretty and inexpensive. Total cost for 12 candles = $20. I bought new jelly jars, but if you found recycled ones…it’d be even cheaper.


Materials &  Tools:
12 Small Canning or Jelly Jars (approx. $7 for 12 pack)
12 pack of votive candles in jars ($7.99
Raffia Ribbon (or any decorative ribbon) (mine was $2.49)
Wire ($2.99)
Wire Cutters
Tape Measure

1.) Cut wire into about 21 inch pieces (x 12 for 12 candles)
2.) Wrap wire around lip of jar and one end twist to secure.
3.) Loop wire to the other side, slide under wire on lip and twist to secure.
Now you have a handle!
4.) Cut raffia ribbon about 30 inches.
5.) Tie around the jar. I doubled up for a fuller look and placed it lower on the jar. Snip ends to even up.
6.) Place votive inside and slide pennies between the glass votive and glass jar.
Ta-da: Pretty hanging copper penny lantern.
I also saved the box from the jars for easy storage. And you can skip the wire if you don’t need to hang them.

Oh…also, do you remember this 5th grade chemical reaction science project for cleaning pennies? It still works!

Add vinegar to a plastic or glass bowl with 2 tsp. of salt. Add dirty pennies. Stir. Rinse. Shiny new pennies!