15 Halloween Ideas

Where are my Halloween lovin’ friends? Time for some Halloween fun! 

I’ve rounded up some DIYShowOff Halloween ideas from over the years for inspiration for your upcoming weekend projects. 

15 DIYShowOff Halloween Ideas

halloween DIY ideas @diyshowoff

Skeleton Fairy Couture – perfect for adding Halloween touches to your decor. Attach to a wreath, pin onto your jacket, position in a plant, unlimited ideas and so much fun – a little reminiscent of playing with paper dolls only more creative and 3D. 

DIY Halloween Fairy Fashion Show - Skeleton Couture @diyshowoff

Halloween (witch) dreamcatcher // tea party – this whimsical witch-catcher is just too cute! 

Halloween witch dreamcatcher tea party @diyshowoff #madewithmichaels Halloween witch dreamcatcher tea party @diyshowoff #madewithmichaels Halloween witch dreamcatcher tea party @diyshowoff #madewithmichaels

The Raven inspired Halloween party ideas – throwing a monster bash? A black and white Poe theme is perfectly POEtic! 

The Raven Nevermore Halloween Party Ideas @diyshowoff #MakeItWithMichaels

Halloween {essential oil infused} Marshmallow Treats – easy to make party favors! 

So cute! Halloween (essential oil infused optional) marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #makeitwithmichaels

witch hat tutorial for a Halloween centerpiece, candy dish, vignette or planter ‘witch’ purpose works best for you? A construction cone + plant dish = so many options!

Halloween DIY @diyshowoff #lowescreator

monster repellent Halloween party favor recipe – you just might want to use this all year long! Still holding out on trying essential oils? Learn more here —> essential oils 101 class

Halloween essential oils Make & Take ideas, graphics and printables @diyshowoff

Halloween wooden BOO blocks and super easy wall art tutorial – isn’t that laser cut wall art amazing? It’s like the easiest craft project ever! 

DIY Halloween decor @diyshowoff  

DIY chicken wire/cheesecloth spooky skeleton ghost – this guy hangs out in our (storage) barn all year long until it’s time to come out of hiding! A scary sight when you walk in to rummage through the treasures. And a fun addition to the grape arbor/gazebo with the curtains blowing around. Spooky! 

DIY Halloween Ghost

DIY ‘Nevermore’ tree Halloween decor – grab some branches from the yard and ravens from the Dollar Store and your glue gun! Easy fun craft time!

DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree

The Raven inspired Halloween mantel

Nevermore Halloween Mantel

personalized trick or treat tote bags

DIY trick or treat tote bags  

DuckTape trick or treat bucket tutorial

DuckTape trick or treat bucket tutorial #halloween @diyshowoff #spookduckular  

DIY pumpkin/jack-o-lantern diorama

pumpkin diorama @diyshowoff

candy skull owl

DIY Neon Sharpie Candy Skull Owl Tutorial  

wooden candy corn decorations

DIY Halloween/Fall craft: decorative wooden candy corn pieces  

I love this old Halloween display from quite a few years ago…

halloween decorating @diyshowoff

Share YOUR Halloween in this week’s That DIY Party. 

Gather for Gratitude with Shaw Floors at St. Jude

Gather for Gratitude: 

“Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. 
It’s what you do for others.” ~Danny Thomas, St. Jude founder

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

I love those words. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

I’ve shared the quality and integrity behind the Shaw Floors brand but now, their generous heart! I recently had the opportunity to travel to Memphis, TN to celebrate the Shaw StyleBoard relationships and to experience St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an organization very near and dear to Shaw. Shaw Floors is a very generous contributor and the visit was eye opening to say the least. Life changing!

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

ABCs according to the little ones at St. Jude

The tour hosted by a sweet former patient (thanks, Eliza) was so interesting and positive filled with stories and facts. I’ve never been surrounded by something so important before. Here are some pretty amazing key points about St. Jude:

  • Families NEVER receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food, because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
  • Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% since it opened more than 50 years ago. St. Jude is working to drive the overall survival rate for childhood cancer to 90%, and we won’t stop until no child dies from cancer. 
  • St. Jude freely shares the discoveries they make, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children.

What an honor to walk those halls, to be a guest. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Pictured left to right (rubbing Danny’s nose for good luck!): Brittany//Addison’s Wonderland, Roeshel (Me!)//DIYShowOff, Rhoda//Southern Hospitality blog, Beth//Home Stories A to Z, Cassity//Remodelaholic, Heather//At the Picket Fence. Missing: Vanessa//At the Picket Fence, Amy//Blissful Bee.

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

St. Jude – patron saint of lost causes and desperate cases.

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

children’s artwork lines the halls

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Highlight of the trip: Seeing the halls lined with bright colored murals and children’s artwork helped to create an environment of smiles and hope, learning of the amazing work being done daily filled my heart with so much…hope! But getting creative and crafty with these sweet little faces was the best part of my trip! Giggles and smiles and paint and just a glimpse of happiness in what isn’t an easy experience. Such troopers! It really puts life into perspective.  

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

{confetti celebrations on last day of chemo}

Target House was gorgeous – so many people coming together to supply everything needed for families to keep their focus on their #1 priority: treatment and care for their little loved ones. Built in 1999, Target House is a free home away from home for families and patients receiving long term care at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

room designed by Shaun White

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Patients who stay at St. Jude Target House receive a handmade quilt, made by Target employees! 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Amy Grant music room

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Art Studio at Target House

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

Brad Paisley gathering space at Target House

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

{painting by Brad Paisley}

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

I expected to be overwhelmed with sadness and there is no denying my personal underlying broken heart for what those babies and children (anyone really) dealing with serious terminal health issues but the environment was warm and welcoming with cheerful colors, red wagons in place of wheelchairs and inspired hope and smiles. 

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

The rest of the trip gave us a little sneak peek and small taste of Memphis – The Peabody hotel (the duck walk!), Iris Restaurant, Itta Bena and BB Kings. Wow! What fun! Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

These girls and I were honored to enjoy such an experience, to learn more about this life changing organization! Thank you, St. Jude for all you do. Thank you Shaw Floors for the opportunity to make a difference by sharing with our readers.  

Gather for Gratitude St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #shawstyleboard #ad @diyshowoff

So while I wasn’t “walking in Memphis”, hanging out there to experience a small taste and to understand the heart and soul behind the St. Jude name really touched me.

So, you guys? The Thanks and Giving campaign is coming up! And I didn’t shave my head to raise money but Danny Thomas also spoke these words…

“I’d rather one million people give $1 than one person give one million dollars.”  

Those babies, those children, those teens, those smiles and those giggles should be at home surrounded by family and friends this holiday season. They’re so brave and so precious, going through so much! Please join me by clicking the link below to give what you can (no amount is too small) to support St. Jude’s efforts!


That saying “together we can make a difference” really does hold true. Let’s show those tracking that link above be overjoyed to see one million+ visits and gifts from our thoughtful caring DIY/home community!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, friends! 

DIY Valentine Ideas

Looking for a fun weekend Valentine inspired creative project?  Something made with love by your own two hands? Here are a few past DIYShowOff ideas: 

DIY felted soap tutorial

DIY felted soap tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers How to Make Felted Soap @diyshowoff.com #michaelsmakers

DIY essential oil lotion hearts

DIY essential oil lotion bars recipe @diyshowoff

LOVE wall art canvases

cute chippy rustic DIY LOVE letter wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

You Warm My Heart Teacher/Hostess Gift Idea (chocolate peppermint awesome-sauce)

CUTE! Chocolate Peppermint Awesome Sauce - "You Melt My Heart" Valentine gift idea using Young Living Peppermint Vitality essential oil @diyshowoff

free you melt my heart printable gift tags

Free Valentine Printables

owl you need is love and chocolate


Valentine mason jars

Valentine mason jars @diyshowoff

DIY vinyl decal table runner for glass top table

Valentine dining room decor Valentine table decor

homemade hug essential roll on blend

Need a hug? Make it essential oil-infused with this DIY homemade hug roll on recipe @diyshowoff. #feelbetter

heart ribbon wreath


keepsake handprint gift

Awe! A cute DIY keepsake handprint Mother's Day gift (LED 'love' wood plaque) tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

DIY striped love you more sign

striped Valentine LOVE sign @diyshowoff.com

and some more Valentine decorating …

Valentine kitchen Valentine decorating DIYShowOff Valentine Mantel Valentine wreath Valentine Mantel

Do you decorate for Valentine’s day? 

Do you send out love notes or small gifts?

Celebrate all things love and glitter and Valentine’s day crafty?

At Home: Christmas Tree Farm Inspired Decor

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

Goal: Freshen up the Christmas decor in our dining room. And boy oh boy, At Home did not disappoint! Christmas tunes were cranked, hot cocoa within reach, cinnamon/ orange/pine essential oil being diffused, shopping bags unpacked. Let the holiday decorating begin!

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas   Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

Welcome to our Christmas tree farm inspired dining room. Just a few touches from At Home to some of our existing Christmas decor made all the difference in making our dining room a Christmas destination. I am in love! 

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

Baby’s favorite: the boy was all heart-eyes over us putting this big red metal truck into the shopping cart. 

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

My favorite: Cut Your Own Christmas Tree sign – this sealed the deal on my tree farm theme. I love it’s charm. ::pitter patter:: 

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

You guys! Do you have an At Home store near you? Well, we have a brand new At Home store in Pittsburgh! Yes!!!!!! So exciting! I couldn’t wait to check it out and I received some gift cards towards my purchase in exchange for a review so we made a recent visit to check it out. 

At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff

It took some time to narrow down which direction with decorating I wanted to go! Because…so many fun themes, a huge selection and the prettiest holiday displays for inspiration. 

At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff

We may have spent more than 2 hours in that store. Thankfully, baby boy was as entertained and captured as I was.

At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff

But, I finally made some decisions and settled on a Christmas tree farm theme. I couldn’t wait to get home to deck the halls! 

At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff   At Home Store Pittsburgh @diyshowoff

Join me for a  bit of faux al fresco twilight dining Christmas tree farm picnic style. You bring the eggnog, I’ll bring the cookies!

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

Like it? Pin it! Thanks!

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

Use the store locator to find an At Home close to you! 

Touch of Christmas shown above from At Home: 

At Home, the home décor superstore opened a new more than 91,000 square-foot store, bringing approximately 25 new full- and part-time jobs to the area. Shoppers will find more than 50,000 items for every room and every style at everyday low prices. 

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Crushed for time but want to add a Thanksgiving touch to your existing decor? Snag these free Thanksgiving printables, toss them in an existing frame and display. 

Grateful Eat Drink Thank Full printable Give Thanks printable

How about taking the time out to create a cute decorative DIY wishbone or mini-wishbones for place settings.

DIY Anthro Inspired Wishbone Decorative Accent

Oh man! How about this oldie! The next time you see some thrift store art in fall colors, grab a Sharpie and give it a Thanksgiving vibe…

Thanksgiving decor Give Thanks vignette give thanks wall art thanksgiving cornucopia

Are you a fellow essential oil lover? Remember to share your sentiments and oils with family and friends by adding a special essential oil favor/gift to Thanksgiving dinner place settings. I recommend Young Living

5 must have Thanksgiving essential oils

Give thanks tablescape… 5 Thanksgiving essential oil blends @diyshowoff 5 Thanksgiving essential oil blends @diyshowoff 5 Thanksgiving essential oil blends @diyshowoff 5 Thanksgiving essential oil blends @diyshowoff 5 Thanksgiving essential oil blends @diyshowoff

And if you’re free this week, there’s still time to make up this easy DIY Thanksgiving sign for your Thanksgiving inspired vignette.

easy Thanksgiving sign tutorial @diyshowoff

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with abundant blessings, dear DIY friends! So grateful for your friendship! xo 



How to Decorate with Air Plants – The Lunar Fae Way

How to Decorate with Air Plants – The Lunar Fae Way:

I’m so happy to introduce you to my talented & beautiful daughter, Evangeline from The Lunar Fae, sharing some tips on how to decorate with air plants. decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Have you heard of incredible wonder of nature that is the air plant yet?

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Meet Tillandsia. This little lady is easily becoming my favorite plant to decorate with, due to how very low maintenance she is! She doesn’t care for soil (score! neither do I, my cats dig it up), she only needs watering once a week and if you forget for a day or two, she probably won’t die either (double score! How can I be expected to hydrate the life of others on a regular basis when I’m just grasping how to hydrate mine!?)

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

My current obsession is mixing plants with my other obsession, crystals! There’s just something soooo pleasing about a plant emerging from crystal coated caverns or a chunky mineral.

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Have any geodes laying around? My lovely, add an air plant! You won’t be sorry and it’ll probably make you appreciate the geode more regularly too!

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Have any votive gemstone candle holders? Add an air plant! Most candles are full of toxins anyways.

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Have an empty jar, planter, or dying terrarium? Add some faux moss or river rocks, an air plant, and fill that shiz with shiny crystals!

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Seriously. There is no way to go wrong with this. In just a few easy steps you can have a beautiful, unique piece of art that also serves a larger purpose!

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Obsessed yet?

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

If you’re looking for some crystals or air plants, I’ve got both in my shop for the time being.

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Thanks for reading and considering adopting some Tillandsia into your boho home!

Stunning! I received one of her gorgeous creations for Mother’s Day and I’m in love! (and it’s still alive – a big deal with me & plants!) I invite you to visit Evangeline at her blog, The Lunar Fae and The Lunar Fae shop to get more ideas and inspiration. Use code “DIYSHOWOFF” for 11% off order over $5! 

decorating with airplants #thelunarfae @diyshowoff

Gift Wrap Finishing Touches

There are two types of people when it comes to gift wrapping…those who loathe it, those who LOVE it. I’ve always been a lover of gift wrapping so I’m excited to join 9 friends in a Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas blog hop! 

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

And I’m the type who makes gift wrapping an event – a holiday party for one! I prefer to do it all at once. I love the tradition of setting out the supplies just so with a view of the Christmas tree…rolls of beautiful gift wrap, displays of cute holiday tags, whimsical ornaments, glitter pens, tape, ribbon and scissors. Pump up the volume on the Michael Bublé Christmas album, dress up in your most comfy pjs and grab a mug of hot cocoa…I’m going to share some gift wrapping finishing touches with you.

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff  

last year’s gift wrap to coordinated with an orange and green Christmas theme

Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challenge

Each year, I select about 4-5 coordinating rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I love mixing patterns. And I do prefer that the wrap matches my holiday decor too. So this year, it’s traditional red and green with a touch of black. 

birds and berries Christmas tree #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff Dream Tree Challenge birds and berries Christmas tree #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff Dream Tree Challenge

Above was staging of empty boxes for my Dream Tree Challenge but what I’m sharing today is what I’ve gathered for real gift-giving this year. I snagged a fun mix of patterns ranging from plaid, stripes, reindeer and text in red, white, green and black from Michaels. 

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Embellishments: decorative/washi tape (you know that collection you have but never quite use? GET IT!), black/white printed photos, monogrammed letters, cute gift tags, bows, ribbon, twine and some snips of pine, small ornaments, little DIY crafts/gifts.

And since a tutorial isn’t really necessary, let’s just cut to the chase and show some pretty gift wrap ideas in photos, okay? OKAY! Here we go…

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tip: Use decorative tape instead of ribbon to secure/stack a collection of gifts. I used chalk tape above. I love the satiny wide ribbon-like look. And those presents are going to stay stacked! Grab a chalk marker and personalize! Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tip: Add small handmade gifts or ornaments instead of a bow. Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tips: If you prefer wrapping gifts as you go, designate a roll (or coordinating rolls) for each family member. 1. That way you can embellish with tags/bows/etc. after the gifts are under the tree (tag the first gift you wrap for each member so you know who’s paper belongs to who). It makes storing much easier until “Santa” arrives! 2. It also makes it easier to tally the # of gifts for each person (in case you have a little one who keeps track!) 3. It’ll create a nice mix of colors and patterns when on display under your Christmas tree. 

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tip: Snag a photo straight from social media, print in black/white on card stock to create an easy and personalized gift tag!

Are you an all at once or as you go wrapper? Love it or loathe it?

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

See more creative holiday gift wrapping ideas from these awesome blog friends:

Sunday, November 16th 
Monday, November 17th 

Love Your Home Challenge

In 2007, we purchased a fixer upper farmhouse with the goal of creating our dream home and 8 years later, we’ve come a long way but it’s still far from being finished. Most times it’s finances that keep projects on the back burner. Sometimes things get a little out of hand and taking the time to care for our home becomes last priority. It happens. ::gasp:: I know. Lately, I’ve gone from seeing the potential and enjoying the journey to feeling like there’s never enough money, things are too cluttered and just feeling overwhelmed by it all. 

Love Your Home

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I was invited to complete a simple Love Your Home Challenge and recently had the opportunity to read through an inspiring new book by long time blog acquaintance, Melissa Michaels from the Inspired Room, called “Love the Home You Have”: Inspiration to embrace imperfections, a reminder to focus on the blessings and to embrace “home”, no matter what stage it’s in, no matter what life stage we’re in. It reminded me to look at the things I do enjoy about this home. Baking in the kitchen when it’s clean…

DIYShowOff kitchen

baby giggles on the bed in the sweet guest room/nursery…

Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff

the lighting and thrifted charm of our family room…

spring twig centerpiece tutorial @diyshowoff

an organized open pantry…

open pantry at diyshowoff.com

But it’s so easy to get caught up in what’s not finished, what’s not perfect, to lose sight of creating a dream home right where we are. And I couldn’t help but put the book aside to tackle an area that I’ve been putting off. Something simple. The dreaded drop zone that used to be our dining room table…


Yikes! #loveyourhomechallenge

“Love the Home you Have” is a simple reminder that one small step a day of taking care of the little things contributes to a happy home. Whether it’s simply wiping down the cabinets, decluttering, cleaning, rearranging furniture or clearing the dining room table. Something, anything – brings about a sense of accomplishment and contentment. 

Love The Home You Have from The Inspired Room on Vimeo.

My mission: organizing the mess, putting things away, a little light cleaning, shopping the house for a fresh touch. The room still needs painted. I still look at the built-ins and cringe. I have a completely different vision in mind but for now I can focus on the things I do love when I walk through this room. I can enjoy the beautiful barn wood trestle table. I have a clear line of vision to the sliding door that gives me a thrill and I can plan the first step to turning the entire room into a room I’ll drool over…someday. But in the meantime – it’s clean. It’s de-cluttered. It’s no longer overwhelming. It makes me happy. 

#loveyourhomechallenge @diyshowoff dining room #loveyourhomechallenge @diyshowoff dining room #loveyourhomechallenge @diyshowoff dining room

Need a little refresher course to remember to Love the Home you Have? Treat yourself by adding this easy, inspiring read to your collection of design books. Affiliate link:

What is it about your home that’s holding you back? Start with a small step, one small goal. Embrace your surroundings. Make it yours. Love what you have. What if you got up right now and took 15 minutes. Where would you start? 

  1. List three reasons you’re grateful for the home you have. 
  2. Start a special tradition or create a fun memory in your home. 
  3. Think of one area of your home you enjoy and why. 

Love Your Home Challenge

Share your own Love Your Home challenges on the new community site Home Love Stories. 

Love Your Home Challenge

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Thanksgiving Inspiration from That DIY Party

I love keeping up with your pretty and creative ideas linked up each week. Today I’m featuring some beautiful Thanksgiving inspiration from That DIY Party {in no particular order}. So many great ideas. So much talent. Visit the links for all of the details. Make some new friends!

That DIY Party Thanksgiving Highlights @diyshowoff

Simple Rustic Table Setting at Love Grows Wild

Holiday-Table-Setting @lovegrowswild

Thanksgiving table two ways at Frazzled Joy

Thanksgiving table @frazzledjoy blog

Glitter Indian Corn Place Cards at Oh My – Creative

Glitter-Indian-Corn-Place-Cards @ohmycreative  

Thankful tin can luminaries tutorial at Dwelling in Happiness

Thankful luminaries @dwellinginhappiness  

Thanksgiving Tablescape at Delineate Your Dwelling

and a Thanksgiving day clay banner

Thanksgiving-Table @delineateyourdwelling

Natural Leaf Charger at An Extraordinary Day

visit her beautiful Woodland Thanksgiving Tablescape too.

Tutorial-to-Create-a-Natural-Leaf-Charger @AnExtraordinaryDay

 Gilded Acorn Napkin Rings at Hello Little Home

DIY-gilded-acorn-napkin-rings @hellolittlehome


Wood Candle Holders at Love Create Celebrate

wood candleholders @lovecreatecelebrate

How to Expand a Dining Table at Tiny Sidekick

and glitter gold leaf garland tutorial

how-to-expand-a-dining-table @tinysidekick


Falling Leaves Art at Desert Willow Lane

falling leaves art work @desertwillowlane


Give Thanks Turkey Slat Sign at Home Made Interest

Give-Thanks-Turkey-Slat-Sign @homemadeinterest

Thankful Table at Lovely Livings

thankful table @lovelylivings blog


Natural Fall Tablescape at Restoration House Interiors

Natural Thanksgiving Tablescape @restorationhouseinteriors


Thanksgiving Place Card Napkin Wraps at Our Pinteresting Family

thanksgiving place card napkin wraps @ourpinterestingfamily

20 Thanksgiving Traditions at LouLou Girls

Thanksgiving Family traditions @loulougirls

Thanksgiving at Southern Seazons

Thanksgiving @southernseazons


DIY Harvest Sign at Decorating Cents

DIY harvest sign @decoratingcents


2 Thanksgiving Mantels at Patina Paradise

Thanksgiving mantel @patinaparadise


Gratitude Jar at Our Peaceful Planet

gratidude jar @ourpeacefulplanet

Thankful Sign at Clockwork Interiors

Thankful Sign @clockworkinteriors

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New Orleans Getaway

I just had the pleasure of spending a few days in New Orleans, you guys, and had the best time! Gina from the Shabby Creek Cottage and I celebrated our birthdays with a girls’ getaway weekend. And rather than staying in a hotel, we used Trip Advisor’s vacation rental property site, FlipKey, to find a beautiful home that would fit our needs.  

New Orleans rental studio apartment at diyshowoff.com

Our experience felt way more personal and special because of staying in a residential area, almost like we were one of the locals. Well, locals with cameras, no sense of direction in an unknown city, wide-eyed and excited to see the sights!

New Orleans mardi gras beads

There were so many options on Flipkey, with the ability to select the property features in any area (pretty much anywhere in the world). We found the cutest rental (here) in a beautiful historic mansion (but still close to everything) to spend our time. And wow!, were we ever happy with our decision (this location is said to be perfect for Jazz Fest!). New Orleans home

We chose a small studio apartment (beautifully decorated by the homeowner – with a few fun DIY accents too)! Take a look at how pretty and comfortable our little home away from home was – sweet decorative accents and smart ideas for small space living… New Orleans small space living LOVE pillow original photo by TG Herrington

Minimalistic small space living was a pleasant change and so motivating to make de-cluttering a part of spring cleaning this year.

eclectic entry area New Orleans studio apartment living room small space living console table mirror

The description: The flat is open, airy and just plain sexy. It features high ceilings, large windows, painted hardwood floors, central air, a queen sized bed, flat screen TV, petite couch, an Eames rocking chair and a few other things. The kitchen has all stainless steal appliances, microwave, washer/dryer and an expresso machine. It really feels like a suite in a boutique hotel, its about 500 sq ft. In addition, all linens and toiletries are provided.

New Orleans studio apartment kitchen Small? Yes. But still way roomier than a hotel room. kitchen shelves

The Mansion has some incredible history: it was built by the Storyville Madame Josie Arlington. Although it was her private residence, it was known that she entertained some of favorite client’s here. Josie’s once famed parlor is now a private flat on the west side of the estate with its own private entrance. The bathroom was small but made the best use of space.

small apartment bathroom

Modern, clean, full of charm and beautiful architectural detail. The homeowners were very genuine and friendly and even treated us with a sweet mid-morning snack. 

biscuits and jam

Knowing our obsessions with homes, the homeowners invited us to tour the main house and another rental they’re working on…that decorating and home improvement eye candy was a definite highlight for these DIY girls! Stunning! I guarantee you’ll see their home on the glossy pages of a home magazine one day in the future. And again, getting to know the property owners was way more fun and interesting than strictly polite business of hired hotel staff.

We kept the theme of our getaway schedule-free, stress-free and low key but still managed to eat amazing food, win $9 at the penny slots, walk the French Quarter,

French Market Place carriage tour Rue de Chartres

 sample beignets

hot chocolate and beignets

at Cafe du Monde,

cafe du monde

shop Magazine Street,

Magazine Street

take a cemetery tour (or two)

St. Louis Cemetery 3

and to drool over the history, beautiful trees and architecture in the Garden District, actually in the entire city to be honest. 

New Orleans Garden District New Orleans street car New Orleans historic home

If you haven’t been to NOLA, it’s definitely a spot you’ll want to add to your bucket list (if you need a travel buddy – let me know! I’m ready to go back!) and if you have visited, what was your favorite thing about the Big Easy? I’ll share a bit of what I loved most next week. 

Disclaimer: I was offered a free trial, in part, through FlipKey. As always, opinion is 100% my own.

DIY Highlights

As always (and I mean ALWAYS AND FOREVER), I’m blown away and inspired by everyone’s creativity and hard work. Thank you for sharing your links in the weekly THAT DIY PARTY. I love visiting the party links, pinning and seeing what others have been doing. It motivates me to work on projects, inspires me to think outside of the box. Here are some DIY highlights from last week that I think you’re going to want to see if you missed them:

DIY Party Highlights


It’s no secret that I love Angela’s style, furniture makeovers and beautiful home. She shared her living room tour at Number Fifty Three this week and it’s such an amazing mix of old and new. It calls me to  relax, unwind and to just be peaceful. 

number fifty three blog living room tour  

I’d spend every minute at home if this was mine: Linda’s beautiful and inspiring screened porch at It All Started with Paint.

It All Started with Paint screened porch makeover

Molly’s eclectic style reeled me in. Love her DIY salvaged industrial and colorful entryway at the Poor Sophisticate! Fun!

bohemianindustrialentryway at the poor sophisticate


Susan took and old pallet and created this super fun pallet chalkboard message center at Rustic Rediscovered. Pallet, chalkboard, chicken wire – love it!

pallet message center at rustic rediscovered  


You know I love painted floors (here and here). I know it’s not an option for everyone but if it’s something you’d really love to try too, how about trying it in a closet? That’s what Katie did. I love her painted closet floor at Creatively Living Blog

Closet-Floor-Design at Creatively Living Blog

I’ve never seen this done before and thought it was pretty clever and a great idea for all of those left over fabric scraps. Susan shares how to make fabric tape at Sugar Beans. (Susan – I tried to leave you a comment to let you know…I tried three different commenting options but kept being told to try again later.)

diy fabric tape at sugar beans


Allison shares an old washstand turned bar makeover at Fab Rehab Creations. How clever! Function and beauty!

washstand bar at Fab Rehab Creations


I am in loooove with Tammy’s DIY gutter planter outdoor window shade project at One More Time Events. I need this, don’t I? 

gutter planter window shade at One More Time Events


Thanks for sharing your inspiring DIY projects and creativity, ladies!

That DIY Party Highlights 24

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Todd & Lindsey

Dear DIY readers…I’d like you to meet Lindsey: talented crafter, baker and DIY’er at the blog Todd & Lindsey.

Last month, I hosted a Christmas Tree Contest. When I went to make the announcement in the last DIY Holiday Highlights party, I must have gotten sidetracked and dropped the ball. I’m so sorry! Way to go, right? {hanging my head in shame}

Thankfully, the winner is super sweet and patient. I’m excited to share that the Christmas tree with the most likes is…

Todd&Lindsey and their budget Christmas tree:

budget chrismtas tree

beautifully decorated with some DIY ornaments including:

With her mix of beautiful handmade ornaments, it’s no wonder she’s a winner. Congratulations, Lindsey!

christmas ornaments ToddLindsey

Her inspiring Christmas tree led me to another post, which prompted more looking around…little does she know, I didn’t just visit one post, I invited myself to take a look around and fell in love. So much goodness to see. Here is just a peek of the DIY (and more) goodness you’ll find at Todd & Lindsey…

Conversational Heart Garland Wreath – super cute for Valentine’s Day!

conversation heart wreath



DIY light bulb pears…adorable!

diy light bulb pears

a lovely home tour

Todd & Lindsey home tour beautiful muslin rosette wreath tutorial

DIY muslin rosette wreath

and look at this LOW CARB pizza…yum!

low carb pizza

I spy so much inspiration. See more DIY, tons of delicious recipes and more at…


Miss Mustard Seed – “Inspired You”, inspired me {review and giveaway}

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winners will be contacted via email. 

Inspired You winners

Congratulations to Jessica and Gena!

winner 1 - Inspired You

Inspired You - winner 2

If you’re a blog reader, love pretty decorative accents or painting furniture, it’s likely that you “know” Marian from Miss Mustard Seed. I’ve “known” Marian for years and her amazing story and inspiring talent are a reflection of the kind heart behind the Miss Mustard Seed blog.

Miss Mustard Seed blog

From the moment I returned from the Haven 2012 conference, my entire summer was spent renovating a small apartment and oh, joy! It was a blast. Nearly everyday warm (my favorite time of the year) and spent doing something I love to do…DIY and decorating. And as the renovation came near to completion (there are still a few things left to do including taking “after” photos), we enjoyed a much needed vacation. No DIY, no work. All relaxation and spending time with family. And you’d think one would return all well rested and ready to jump back into routine. But when I returned to a home that had been neglected all summer with the fast approaching holidays, shorter days, colder temps, gray skies and an empty nest, I suddenly felt overwhelmed and stressed and had no idea where to even start in my cluttered unfinished surroundings.

Miss Mustard Seed Inspired You

This past week, my copy of “Inspired You” {Inspired You: Letting God Breathe New Life Into Your Heart and Home} arrived and because I’ve been moving from one little thing to the next {although with little motivation and accomplishing next to nothing}, it sat on the dust covered coffee table for a few days. Then giving into my lazy mood one day {well, honestly, most days}, I took a moment for myself and brewed a cup of tea, propped up my feet and opened my book. I.could.not.put.it.down.

Inspired You review

So truth be told, a moment turned into a couple of hours (it’s 200+ pages) but it’s not all tutorial style. It’s Marian’s stories, her ideas and thoughts sprinkled with a few tutorials to refer back to and beautiful photos of her adorable home and inspiring vintage, thrifted, hand-made decorating style. I found myself looking up and around my home, pondering what works best for our family, what we do like, what we don’t, what’s not working, sometimes clarity, a spark of motivation. Marian’s thoughts are similar to my own but seeing them through her eyes, the gentle reminder of what is important, well, it gave me a fresh new perspective and several times, I set the book aside and walked around my home from room to room. I was inspired to grab my notebook, write down a few comments or a to-do list for a certain area, goals. And I was inspired to look at one task rather than the entire huge overwhelming picture which helps me realize that if our house is comfortable enough to mess up, we’re happy.

making things new

Basically, when I agreed to review our friend’s new book (because not only am I a Miss Mustard Seed fan, I love promoting my blog friends and share their excitement in fun opportunities and success of hard work)…I had no idea that her book would do just what the cover says. It helped me let God breathe new life into my heart and into my home. My house is not perfect. It never is perfect. It never will be and at this moment when my house is far far away from perfect, I finally found peace and motivation to start somewhere, anywhere to work towards my goal.

Miss Mustard Seed - Inspired You

So, if you’re looking for a ‘decor’ book for your holiday wish list, collect home decor books like me or need a talented friend to hold your hand and encourage you to make what you already have something you love…this book is for you. It’s not one you’re going to pick up, only flip through pretty pictures or refer to for a furniture painting tutorial. It’s one that you won’t be able to put down and it will inspire you to start an enjoyable satisfying journey to making your house a haven for your family.

Miss Mustard Seed Inspired You

And the happy ending to this story: I walked away truly inspired. And motivated. And thankful. With a fresh perspective, I got my butt up off the couch and dove headfirst into “letting God breath new life into my heart and my home”.

“Inspired You” GIVEAWAY

And I have the opportunity to share “Inspired You” with two {2} lucky DIY Show Off readers in a lovely giveaway this week! How to enter:

  1. Leave 1 comment about what you would most like to change about your home.
  2. Share this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, etc. and leave a comment about each share. {Thank you!}

Giveaway starts today and ends Saturday November 17th at midnight EST. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after. Open to US and Canadian residents only. Marian and Roeshel



Marian, Miss Mustard Seed with me at Haven 2012…at the end of a LONG crazy day. Seeing blog friends’ dreams come true is so exciting! You can visit Marian at her inspiring blog, Miss Mustard Seed.

Meet DIY blog friend, Stacy from Not Just a Housewife…

Good morning, DIY friends! This past summer at the Haven conference, I had the opportunity to meet one of my inspiring DIY blog friends face to face. She’s sweet, she’s funny {unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t get to spend much time with her} but she’s feeling better and while I’m away on vacation, I invited Stacy to introduce herself…

My name is Stacy and I blog over at Not JUST A Housewife. I live in a small 1938 cottage style home and I blog all about fixing it up and decorating. I have 4 little boys so with 6 of us in such a tiny area, I have to be creative in how I do things to maximize the space.

One of my favorite projects I have done this year was building floating shelves for my office. But these are not ordinary shelves….. Not only are they made out of old fence pickets (I love to repurpose!) But they have a secret 🙂

They have hidden drawers! They are only a few inches deep but it is perfect for papers. My office has always suffered from piles of papers everywhere. So this was perfect 🙂

Here are the basic steps it took to build them. I have a more detailed tutorial on my blog.

I started by cutting the fence pickets down to size and using a miter saw I cut the ends at 45 degree angles.

Then I nailed them together after applying some wood glue.

Once the shelf was put together (It really is a box-y tube at this point) I atttached a board to the wall and then slipped the shelf on the board. I screwed the shelf into the board to hold it.

And then I built a basic drawer that fits into the opening of the shelf. For more detailed instructions and pictures visit the tutorial on my blog.

Some of my other recent projects:

My son’s bed has drawers so he couldn’t have a traditional side table or it would block the drawers from opening. So I built him a floating side table.

Like I said, I LOVE to repurpose items into something new. I used old door knobs (original to our home) as towel hooks. I also cut out a new frame for our medicine cabinet for our vintage inspired bathroom.

I don’t just work indoors. I love to garden as well. I recently finished my very own secret garden!

Thanks for sharing your hard work and awesome DIY, Stacy!