Baby Shower Gift Basket Tips and Inspiration


There’s nothing more precious than a new baby and putting together a collection of sweet baby gifts can be so meaningful for parents-to-be! I love shopping and gathering up gifts to create a beautiful arrangement and I’m all about a pretty presentation. I thought I’d share a few I’ve made this past year to help inspire you if you’re stuck or looking for some examples to go by. Some affiliate links included. 

diyshowoff baby shower gift basket tips and inspiration

Baby Shower Gift Basket Tips

Tips for personalizing a gift for a new little person makes if feel so special, right? Here are a few tips to help:

  • Registry – most parents-to-be will share their baby shower registry. Try to choose a few items from their hand selected wish list when possible.
  • Gender – it’s rare that we don’t know this ahead of time and completely unnecessary but if you do know, it does narrow down options. 
  • Name – even more rare, but if it is known, I love to add something monogrammed – specifically, I love adding a wall art letter or creating a personalized iron on decal. 
  • Theme – a lot of the time, the baby shower invitation will give a hint to the nursery theme or design style … elephants, owls, woodland, boho, Noah’s ark, etc.  
  • Parents’ hobbies, collections, lifestyle. Do they love the outdoors (fishing? hunting?), love their dog(s)?, have a favorite sport’s team? 
  • Your signature piece – for example, I’m all about wellness so I try to include chemical free, natural, organic options when I can. 
  • Diapers & board book – baby showers now will often host a special raffle for bringing one of these items. I always use a pack of Honest newborn diapers in the bottom of the basket to lift the gifts. Either way, diapers are SUPER helpful and adding a favorite children’s story or baby board book to create a library of bedtime stories is one of my favorite things to add. 
  • Gift wrap a few of the items with coordinating wrapping paper. I often use what I have on hand. It doesn’t have to be specific baby shower themed. 

Baby Shower Gift Basket Inspiration

Here are 5 baby shower gift baskets I’ve put together to help inspire your next baby shower gift. 



Emma’s mommy’s favorite color is purple and she designed an owl themed nursery. My dear friend waited a long time for this precious miracle and I am so happy for them! 

purple owl baby girl gift basket

Gifts I selected: 

purple baby gift ideas


– a pink themed collection fit for a princess!

pink princess baby girl gift basket

Gifts I chose: {some substitutions pictured)

pink baby gift basket tips inspiration



– shopping for twins is so much fun! I didn’t go with completely “identical” but it was fun to put a woodland theme gift collection together for two! 

woodland theme baby shower gift basket deer boy baby shower gift basket

Gifts hand picked by me: 

woodland baby shower gift basket tips inspiration diyshowoff


– this little guy’s mom and dad are parents to two German Shepherds. What fun it was to include the ‘fur babies’ too!

german shepherd baby gift basket

Gifts I included:

dog baby gift basket tips inspiration


– a blue teddy bear/sweet dreams collection for this precious boy. 

baby boy young living seedlings blue bear gift basketyoung living seedlings

Gifts I selected: 

baby boy gift basket inspiration tips

What are some of your favorite go-to baby gift ideas? 

12 Days of Christmas Essential Oil Infused Bath Soak Ornament Gifts

Every time of the year is a good time to share essential oils and Christmas is the perfect time to whip up your own DIY homemade gifts. 

12 Days of Christmas

essential oil infused bath soak ornament gifts

DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

Supplies: (some affiliate links included)

  • epsom salt
  • your choice of essential oils (I only recommend Young Living brand)
  • 12 mini fillable glass ornaments (only use glass ornaments when using citrus essential oils)
  • small decorative Christmas tree
  • battery operated lights
  • ribbon and twine
  • Sharpie
  • mason jar
  • funnel (paper cones work well because you can snip the point to fit into the small ornament opening)


DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

1. Add 2 level (or just under level) tablespoons of epsom salt to a mason jar.

2. Add 1-3 drops of essential oil. 

3. Screw on lid and shake, shake, shake it up!

4. Remove top from glass ornament. Using the funnel, transfer contents of mason jar to glass ornament. You’ll have to tap. I recommend holding the ornament/funnel over the mason jar. 

5. Attach ornament lid and embellish with ribbon.

6. Label ornaments using a Sharpie.

7. Tie ornament onto tree with a piece of twine.

*Repeat steps 1-6 for each essential oil. You may want to wash/rinse/dry mason jar between each use when creating a different batch. 

DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

Gift giving ideas:

1 – Give the entire 12 days of essential oil infused Christmas tree to a busy friend who could use some quiet ‘me’ time. Yes…it’s perfectly acceptable to keep it for yourself! Display the tree on the bathroom counter! The battery operated lights provide just the perfect glow for a relaxing bath soak. Set the mood with soothing holiday music. 

2 – Or display the tree at your next holiday essential oil 101 class or holiday party. Bam! Instant guest favors, gifts or prizes.

DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

3 – They make cute gift-toppers/accessories too!

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

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See more fun holiday essential oil gift ideas from these sweet blog friends: 

DIY essential oil Gift ideas @diyshowoff

Check out these other great DIY gift ideas using essential oils!

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Essential Oil Gift Basket Ideas Blog Hop

Gift giving can be a challenge sometimes, right? I love coming up with creative ways to give gifts. So I’ve gathered a few of my essential oil loving blog friends to create and share essential oil gift basket ideas. Follow the blog hop below for lots of essential oil gift ideas!

Essential Oils Gift Basket Ideas Blog Hop

I recently created and donated two gift baskets for a local humane society fundraiser. Both work for many different occasions:  “cheer up”, “feel better”, “thinking of you”, “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Mother’s Day”, etc. {some affiliate links below}

When Life Gives You Lemons….

essential oils gift basket @diyshowoff

printable gift tag:

(right click, save to your desktop, upload into a document, resize to fit your needs and print)

essential oils gift basket @diyshowoff

Materials and gifts I put together:

essential oils gift basket @diyshowoff

Stop & Smell the Lavender

essential oils gift basket @diyshowoff

printable gift tag:

(right click, save to your desktop, upload into a document, resize to fit your needs and print)

essential oils gift basket @diyshowoff

Materials and gifts: 

Add a DIY lavender linen spray.

lavender pillow and linen spray @diyshowoff #oilyfamilies

lavender linen spray recipe

essential oils gift basket @diyshowoff

*Most of my supplies were purchased at Michael’s Craft Store. Here’s a few more ideas:

citrus essential oils gift basket

Young Living Citrus Essential Oils gift idea @diyshowoff

holiday cheer gift basket


baby it's cold outside holiday gift set idea @diyshowoff

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Young Living Essential Oils @diyshowoff

Learn more!

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Essential Oils Gift Basket Ideas Blog Hop