Personalized Clip Board Gift

Most parties are behind us but I wanted to share this easy DIY hostess gift. Make up a custom and personalized clipboard using these supplies:

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

• clipboard
• craft paint and paint brush
• large monogram stickers

I created a simple design using FrogTape. I did a simple diagonal. Get creative!

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

I burnished the edges of FrogTape where tape will meet paint using a credit card (or my thumbnail) to activate the Paintblock® Technology for crisp clean lines. easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

Next I applied two coats of paint to the clipboard on the bottom side of the tape.

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

While the second coat of paint was still wet, I carefully removed the FrogTape.

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff 

Then I let the paint dry.

Once paint is dry, add fun monogram stickers to personalize.easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff 

Attach a gift card/greeting card for a birthday or a calendar or agenda for a new year’s eve party hostess gift. Make one for yourself to keep important papers organized or search online for free printables to fit the occasion or theme. easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

*I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

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DIY Halloween Vignette

Decorating for Halloween? I’m not much of a Halloween decorator but I do have friends with October birthdays and these make a great gifts! 

DIY Halloween decor @diyshowoff

EASY Halloween Wall Art 

DIY Halloween decor @diyshowoffYou’ll need these items from the craft store:

  • stretched burlap
  • felt placemat
  • felt decor
  • glue dots (or recommended: hot glue)

Using lots and lots of glue dots or hot glue, layer and secure the felt placemat onto the stretched burlap canvas (glue dots = temporary and using stretched burlap for another project in the future, hot glue = more permanent). Then secure the felt decoration on top of the felt placemat. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

DIY Halloween decor @diyshowoff

Halloween BOO Blocks tutorial

DIY Halloween decor @diyshowoff

Check out my DIY wooden BOO blocks tutorial on the FrogTape® blog squad site HERE!

Do you decorate for Halloween? Just a little or do you go all out?

I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

DIY Spring Centerpiece

Spring is in the air! Add a touch of spring to your home indoors too with this quick spring-inspired project. 

spring twig centerpiece tutorial @diyshowoff 

I’ve been working on some products for Rust-Oleum (spring = welcome back spray painting season!!!) and wanted to share this with you too. I couldn’t have you thinking I’d abandoned the blog. I’m still here, still working. No worries. 

If you’re crafty and enjoy DIY, you likely have a can of Rust-Oleum already in your supply stash. Grab a branch or twig from the yard and get all spray paint happy with it. 

spring twig centerpiece tutorial @diyshowoff

I used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover x2 (color/finish = seaside/gloss).

Once it’s dry, clip on a faux bird and settle a nest in the branches (hot glue if you’d like a little more security) and voila! A spring centerpiece in the time it takes for spray paint to dry. 

spring twig centerpiece tutorial @diyshowoff

Wishing you a weekend filled with spring happiness! 

spring twig centerpiece tutorial @diyshowoff