easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

Personalized Clip Board Gift

Most parties are behind us but I wanted to share this easy DIY hostess gift. Make up a custom and personalized clipboard using these supplies:

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

• clipboard
• craft paint and paint brush
• large monogram stickers

I created a simple design using FrogTape. I did a simple diagonal. Get creative!

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

I burnished the edges of FrogTape where tape will meet paint using a credit card (or my thumbnail) to activate the Paintblock® Technology for crisp clean lines. easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

Next I applied two coats of paint to the clipboard on the bottom side of the tape.

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

While the second coat of paint was still wet, I carefully removed the FrogTape.

easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff 

Then I let the paint dry.

Once paint is dry, add fun monogram stickers to personalize.easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff 

Attach a gift card/greeting card for a birthday or a calendar or agenda for a new year’s eve party hostess gift. Make one for yourself to keep important papers organized or search online for free printables to fit the occasion or theme. easy DIY clipboard gift idea @diyshowoff

*I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

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