DIY {dresser drawer} Dog Bed

As a part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, I was excited that the May Challenge revealed using Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year…emerald! I knew it’d be the perfect fun color for the new dog bed I planned to make for Rosie. Pantone’s Emerald is one of those colors that would look amazing paired with navy, yellow, tangerine, coral, raspberry, fuchsia or pink. I decided to go girly for our new female furry family member.

DIY Dog Bed

She loves to lounge around outside, especially since we utilize our patio a lot during nice weather. Sunbathing is one of her favorite past times although there are occasions when she seeks shade and Italian Greyhounds are prone to sunburn because of the short fur. The hot pink parasol provides a bit of shade and a ton of cute-ness paired with Emerald and coordinating fabrics.


Materials I used:

What I did: 

1. An old free/found dresser supplied the drawer. I gave it a good scrubbing. You may also want to sand your dresser drawer face board if needed or remove drawer handles for painting and replace when finished.

dresser drawer dog bed

2. I simply drilled pilot holes in the wider dresser front and back bottom boards then screwed in the feet.

legs for a DIY dresser drawer dog bed

CocoRosie is only 10 lbs. and this worked for us. There is also hardware (table leg plates) for furniture legs sold in the same aisle at Lowe’s for a sturdier option  (located near the decorative wood moulding).

3. The inside got a coat of Valspar’s Berry Brown.

valspar berry brown

4. Once dry, I taped off the inside using FrogTape, making sure the edges were sealed to activate the PaintBlock technology.


5. Next up, painting the outside two coats of the beautiful Pantone’s 2013 Emerald exclusively at Lowe’s.

Valspar Pantone Emerald

I love the consistency of Valspar’s Signature line.

painting dog bed

I removed the FrogTape immediately after the second coat…

FrogTape results

then let it dry overnight while I worked on a DIY box cushion…

DIY dog bed

6. Secure the parasol handle to the inside of the drawer using a hose clamp or pipe strap (however the box cushion I made has a snug fit and holds the parasol handle in place). I found that having the parasol positioned in the front of the drawer helps to be able to push it almost-flush against walls on the back side.

7. Pop in a pillow or cushion.

dresser drawer dog bed

Seven or less steps. Easy as pie. A yummy  (Pantone) Emerald and Raspberry indoor/outdoor dog bed.

BeforeDon’t feel too bad, she does have access to patio furniture too. You’ve seen her on that patio daybed!



Up for providing shade…

dresser drawer dog bed how-to

Down for getting sun/overcast days…

DIY dresser drawer pet bed

No parasol for indoors…

DIY pet bed

I’m even thinking of personalizing it for her…

CocoRosie dog bed

Result is a pampered pooch. Maybe now I’ll have the patio daybed to myself! How do you spoil your pets?

Pantone Emerald pet bed

Of note: 

*I do not leave the dog bed outside in the rain.

Notice the chandelier flower planter hanging in the tree? See the DIY Chandelier Planter Tutorial for more details. 

DIY Chandelier Planter

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*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project for using Pantone’s Emerald in Valspar’s Signature paint challenge, however the tutorial images, instructions and opinions are my own. Your dog’s behavior may vary. DIY results may vary.

Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

The promotion with GREAT savings ($7.50 for vinyl and transfer paper) using code “SHOWOFF” at checkout runs through 4/26.

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is Ruth: “I have been wanting to add a compass rose to an end table in my living room, so I think that would be my first project.” Congratulations, Ruth! I hope to see the table! I will contact Ruth by email.

One of the things I love about owning my Silhouette is the ability to create cute customized vinyl labels…

labeled storage dresser in hallway


And since welcoming CocoRosie to our family recently….


{awe! those eyes!!}, anyway…I wanted to transfer pet food to an airtight container rather than dishing out from a pet food bag. Nothing pretty about those, ya know? I love glass jars but the cat food and dog food look very similar, so cute labels are a great solution.

It’s super easy to design my labels using the Silhouette Studio and purchasing/ downloading ‘silhouette’ shapes (and extra fonts) from the Silhouette store. Most run around .99 and stay in my ‘library’ for repeated use.


Cutting the vinyl is a cinch too…just load the vinyl, set the blade and click “send to Silhouette” to cut.


Peel away the un-used/negative part of the vinyl design (also called weeding).


You’ll have a vinyl “sticker” but peeling away the letters and placing by hand for me means creating a slanted label that isn’t ‘level’ and guessing on spacing. This is where transfer paper comes in handy. It “transfers” the vinyl design while keeping the design exactly spaced/level as it shows on the paper.


How Transfer Paper Works: Simply cut a piece of transfer paper to size.

  1. Peel away the waxy backside (the transfer paper is the sticky/tacky paper).
  2. Place the transfer paper over the vinyl design you just weeded.
  3. Rub (I use a gift card/credit card).
  4. Then peel the backing away (waxy thicker paper). The design is now stuck (backward) to the transfer paper.
  5. Place the design/transfer paper onto the glass. Rub with a credit card.
  6. Peel away transfer paper. Vinyl design stays adhered to the glass.


Here’s what I whipped up in less than 30 minutes {containers are from Garden Ridge and scoops from a local commercial restaurant supply store}:

Labeled Pet Food Containers


See MORE of my Silhouette projects here. 

If you’ve been waiting for the monthly promotion to get a Silhouette, now is the time!

Silhouette April Special (just use promo code “SHOWOFF” to get the discount)

Silhouette affiliate link


Promotional Pricing Details: sale runs from 4/18-26th at Silhouette America.

  • 1 Silhouette Portrait™ + 1 roll of black vinyl, 1 roll of white vinyl, and 1 roll of transfer paper: $139.99
  • 1 Silhouette CAMEO® + 1 roll of black vinyl, 1 roll of white vinyl, and 1 roll of transfer paper: $269.99
  • All premium vinyl bought outside of a machine bundle is 25 percent off with promotion code: SHOWOFF.

Note that the vinyl discounted in the promotion is all 9” x 10’.  Also, and this is very important, vinyl is actually discounted BIG TIME. It used to cost $14.99 and is now reduced to $9.99 with an additional 25% promotional discount. I’m going to be stocking up!


How to Enter to win a Silhouette Portrait:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway runs from April 18th to the 20th. Open to US residents. Silhouette provided me with the vinyl for my project, the Silhouette Portrait for 1 lucky DIY Show Off reader and a small percentage of sales generated with the “showoff” promotional code. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Visit the blog friends below for MORE chances to win:

DIY Challenge: bookcase to free-standing small pet gate/display sign/game score keeper

I was recently invited to participate in a fun DIY challenge created by HomeTalk and Wayfair. A little DIY + creativity turned a bookcase into a free-standing gate with chalkboard for multi-functional use:


  • free-standing gate for small pets
  • free-standing sign for parties and yard sales
  • free-standing game score keeper for outdoor family games this summer

The challenge: Get creative! I chose to turn the Furinno pine 3 tier bookcase from Wayfair into something new according to a specific theme (geometric pattern, incorporate rope, or black & white). I chose the black & white theme.

furinno pine bookcase

I started by giving the pine bookcase pieces and a thrift-store wooden calendar holder a coat of white spray paint (Rustoleum Satin Finish).


I used FrogTape to protect the frame of the wooden calendar holder and gave it a coat of chalkboard paint along with the “bookend” pieces that came with the bookcase. Allow to dry and remove FrogTape.


Rather than attach the 3 fence-like shelves to form a book case, I attached them to the bookcase end pieces using 6 hinges (I also used shorter screws where needed). I set it all out, measuring and marking with a pencil for equal placement of the hinges on both sides.


Then added the base bars according to the package instructions.


I attached the chalkboard with screws (from the back side) to the center of the gate and seasoned the chalkboard (season: rub side of chalk over entire chalkboard surface vertically then horizontally and erase with a felt eraser or dry soft cloth/paper towel).


I still need to fill, sand and paint some of the manufacturer’s pre-drilled pilot holes, but loving it’s function for keeping the new dog away from the kitchen and out from under hubby’s feet when he’s cooking.  I specify small pet because this likely won’t keep a large dog from jumping over or moving it since it’s not locked into place.  However, our standard ‘baby gate’ is only 23″ high.  The center panel of my DIY free standing gate measures 32″ tall.


I understand that pets can’t read! lol But it helps the person who moves the gate to pass through know why it’s there. 


Even the back side is pretty…


It will double as a free standing sign for parties, picnics, family reunions, yard sales (or even a menu board when entertaining)…


Where did the chalkboard bookend pieces come into play? Washi tape and a Sharpie were used to add numbers to the top two rows of the gate (chalkboard markers don’t smear)…


The bookend pieces slide along the numbers to ‘keep score’ for outdoor games.


Thanks to HomeTalk & Wayfair for inviting me to participate! The bookcase made this a pretty easy DIY project which will get a lot of use!


Linking up to Funky Junk Interiors.

*I was provided with the bookcase and a $25 Visa gift card for this project.

*This post was also brought to you by FrogTape. FrogTape provided by Shurtech. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.

 FrogTape Blog Squad

A fashion photo shoot and a diva

The other day, I was helping out Bri’s friend, Amber, who is opening an Etsy shop soon by taking some photos for her shop, Electric Bright…

vintage dress

1980s dress

Love this one of Bri…

electric bright

and a certain someone couldn’t stand not being the center of attention on the ‘catwalk’…

ragdoll cat

during wardrobe changes, she had to show off her foofy coat…

ragdoll cat

and photo-bomb a few shots, get crazy, pop out from under the sheet, even knock over the backdrop! From 399 pictures, some where not fashion related. Model, prop and dust mop {look closely to that tail}…

ragdoll cat

“show off”

ragdoll cat


I’ll share a link to Electric Bright Etsy shop and tell you more about it when it’s open. Congratulations to Amber! And Bri has some plans in the works as well and can’t wait to tell you all about that.  

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 

Cuckoo 4 Design – DIY Cat Tunnel

I recently had the pleasure to e-met Julia from

cuckoo4design blog

Julia is cuckoo for her cats too and her 4 furry rescued children are adorable.

She introduces her DIY cat tunnel best: “I always felt bad about keeping my cats inside but I also know that there are so many dangers awaiting them outside. We happen to live in an area where there are numerous busy streets and also an outdoor shooting range. Unfortunately a lot of people hate cats and do unspeakable things to them. So as they reached the senior citizen stage, I couldn’t take it any longer because I felt so bad about them never lying in the sun, breathing the fresh air, watching birds, squirrels and butterflies… so I started to think. After searching the net I saw that there are several professionally made outdoor cat cages and some home made ones. And I started to wonder if I would be able to do the same in our small neighborhood without it sticking out like a sore thumb.”

Julia created an amazing {and fun} outdoor haven for her kitties and it’s safe!

See the window to the right in Julia’s beautiful living room?

pretty living room

That leads to here…(see the window on the right)

DIY outdoor cat tunnel

Super cool!

DIY outdoor cat tunnel

DIY outdoor cat tunnel

DIY outdoor cat tunnel

DIY outdoor cat tunnel

DIY outdoor cat cage

I LOVE this crazy cat tunnel and it looks as if Julia’s furbabies do too! See the details and meet Julia and the cats at Cuckoo4Design. {and check out her other amazing DIY projects too!}

You might also enjoy this cat DIY:

cat window seat and catnip stuffed toys…

easy DIY cat window perch

DIY Cat Window Perch and DIY Project Parade

Looks like a great day to sit near a window and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. 
Meet Lalka:  Enjoying her new window seat with a view of the barn and her new catnip stuffed dangly toys…
A quick trip to the hardware store for brackets and screws and we were able to get started. Lots to choose from. We chose the shortest gray ones for this project. Bri made a window seat too. Hers is from scratch, mine uses an old breakfast tray. Tutorials for both are shown below.
Old Tray
Shelf Brackets
Optional:  Line tray with scrapbook paper and secure with Decoupage. I used vintage wall paper.  New pillow cover. I used an old pillow and leftover fabric scrap. I also used scrap fabric, stuffing, ribbon and cat nip to make some toys attached with an eye screw.
Here’s what I did (using the optional steps mentioned above):
1.  I sanded and scuffed up an old tray.  I cut wallpaper to fit inside and secured to the bottom using Decoupage.  Let dry.

2. Using left over fabric, I sewed an envelope pillow cover for an old pillow to use as a cushion.

Cut fabric. Allow an extra 1/2 inch on the top and bottom. Triple the side of the width of the pillow.
You’ll have a large rectangle.  My pillow is approx. 12 x 18 inches. My fabric was cut to an approx. 13 x 54 inches.
 The short sides of the fabric: One edge of my fabric is the selvage end. I sewed a hem on the other end.
 One end is hemmed. One end is the selvage (or hem both ends if no selvage).
 Hem side:
 Fold fabric. Edges should be on top (back side up/out) and be near the middle. Anywhere in the middle works. 
 I want my selvage end to be inside, the hemmed side out. Make sure selvage is the top folded piece.
 Pin and sew both long edges. Reinforce over hem/selvage part of seams.
 Flip right side out and insert pillow.
3.  I drilled a hole and used an eye screw for attaching catnip stuffed toys on ribbon (see toys below).

4.  Measure and mark where the brackets will go. Pre-drill holes.

Our windows are not framed in this room and the tray is a perfect fit underneath the sash.
5.  Attach bottom screws of shelf brackets.
6.  Hold tray in place (my tray fit perfectly under the window) and mark where holes for short screws need to be inserted into the tray. Pre-drill holes.

7.  Attach tray to shelf bracket with short screws.

8.  Loop ribbon toys through eye screw.

 9. Add pillow!

How it looks from underneath…

Lalka loves her new space…

She’s a big girl for 1 year old. Perfect for watching for birds and squirrels or snuggle in a ball in the sun.

Catnip Stuffed Toys
Here’s what we did:
1.  Make toy patterns and trace onto scrap fabric. I made a fish, bird and mouse.

2.  Double fabric with right sides together and cut out shapes.

3.  Cut a piece of ribbon.  Mine are between 2-3 ft. Grab ends to find center.  Hold center and start rolling ribbon.
4.  Pin ribbon roll between two sides (right sides facing each other) of fabric. Ends should be sticking out past fabric.

5.  Sew around shape, leave an opening for stuffing.  I reinforced (back and forth) over the ribbon to make it more durable for pulling/playing. Sew close to the edge but be sure to grab both pieces of fabric. Snip curves.


6.  Turn right side out.  Alternate stuffing and catnip

7.  Hold open edge together, making sure edges are tucked in. Sew closed and continue sewing a border around the entire shape.

8.  All done.  I fed the top of the ribbon loop through the eye screw and secured animals to hang from cat tray/window seat.


Bri made one for her cats too, we actually cut a board to fit the window sill…

Layout batting and fabric under board and cut to size, allowing fabric and batting to wrap on under side.


Wrap in batting, starting with stapling in the center of each side and working way to corners.

Cut away excess.


Repeat to cover in fabric.

 Bri covered a piece of cardboard with wrapping paper and stapled it to cover raw edges.

Follow steps 3-8 above under TRAY to CAT WINDOW PERCH.

Bri’s cats love it!

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