A fashion photo shoot and a diva

The other day, I was helping out Bri’s friend, Amber, who is opening an Etsy shop soon by taking some photos for her shop, Electric Bright…

vintage dress

1980s dress

Love this one of Bri…

electric bright

and a certain someone couldn’t stand not being the center of attention on the ‘catwalk’…

ragdoll cat

during wardrobe changes, she had to show off her foofy coat…

ragdoll cat

and photo-bomb a few shots, get crazy, pop out from under the sheet, even knock over the backdrop! From 399 pictures, some where not fashion related. Model, prop and dust mop {look closely to that tail}…

ragdoll cat

“show off”

ragdoll cat


I’ll share a link to Electric Bright Etsy shop and tell you more about it when it’s open. Congratulations to Amber! And Bri has some plans in the works as well and can’t wait to tell you all about that.  

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 

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