DIY Vinyl Iron on Decal

My monthly project for Happy Crafters is all about iron on vinyl, my favorite being the gold vinyl where I can quickly add a little bling to a plain t-shirt, tote back, pillow covers, onesies, etc. 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters



Use Silhouette Design Studio software to create a design of text with a quote. 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Resize text the text box and font to fit the front of your t-shirt. 

*Important! Right click and “flip horizontally” so that the text is a mirror image/backwards.

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Load sheet of vinyl iron on into the machine shiny/color side facing down. 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Click “send to cut” and be sure to adjust settings for cutting smooth heat transfer. I found that I needed to up the blade 2 more than recommended to get through the vinyl (awesome quality stuff!) so you may want to do a small text cut. 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Click “cut”. Once cutting is complete, remove vinyl from machine. 

Trim away excess vinyl. I like to have about an inch border around my text.

Weed away the negative part of the design (leaving text on the tacky clear transfer sheet). 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Place iron on sticky side down onto t-shirt.

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Iron according to paper instructions included with the vinyl iron on material with a cotton cloth over the transparent plastic. 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

Carefully peel away clear transfer sheet. If vinyl iron on design hasn’t transferred, replace transparent sheet and re-iron/try again. 

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

That’s it! This metallic gold foil has a mirror quality, reflections in the decal. So cool!

gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters gold metallic iron on vinyl decal tutorial @diyshowoff #happycrafters

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own. I love the products and the prices are affordable. Check out all the supplies at Happy Crafters for great prices, products and inspiration for your next project. 


Casual Winter Fashion

What’s on your holiday wish list this year? 

Just because I mainly blog about do-it-yourself home improvement/decorating and my ‘work’ uniform mostly consists of yoga pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, paint clothes doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy ‘cleaning up’ too. Most days:

DIY clothing

I’m definitely a girl-y girl with a love of clothes, fashion, make up, jewelry and shoes. Some days:


In fact, since my purchases throughout the year mostly consist of home decor, home improvement projects materials, craft supplies and of course my essential oils and gifts for others, holidays are reserved for adding a few pretty non DIY related gifts to my wish list.

And since I no longer have the need for a business or business casual wardrobe, my style has evolved into something more casual and fun. Instead of heels with a business suit, now I’m loving my heels with jeans (distressed are my favorite) and a warm sweater, fun jewelry and pretty accessories. THOSE are my winter must haves. 

So when Macy’s sent over this Casual Winter Outfit inspiration and I could totally see me wearing this, I knew I’d love to share it and to be able to pin it to my wish list Pinterest board. This year when I opened my closet to dig around for cold weather appropriate attire (brrrr…it’s snowing, you guys!), I felt as if my summer clothes outnumbered the cooler weather ensembles. Shuffling seasonal wardrobes around is definitely on the to-do list. 

funky-casual fashion

Inspired by Macy’s winter fashion guide

  1. Fringed Cardigan
  2. Green Necklace
  3. Floppy Hat
  4. Dior Lip Glow
  5. Distressed Jeans
  6. Clinique Mascara
  7. Suede Booties

LOVE the look! What about you? Gathering ideas for your holiday wish list? Thinking you need a few more cooler weather options in your wardrobe? I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list. 

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Macy’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

Decorate Your Rain Boots!

April showers bring May flowers! Dress up your rain boots by creating custom vinyl decals. 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at



Rain boots before:

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

What I did:

I created a design with umbrellas, rain clouds, raindrops and text in my Silhouette Design Studio software. Be sure to measure design area on boot and size vinyl design to fit. 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Insert vinyl into the machine, vinyl side up. Adjust blade settings and send design to cut. 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

When cutting has finished, unload vinyl from machine. Weed away the excess vinyl that’s not a part of the design. 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Apply transfer paper to vinyl. Rub with a credit card. 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Remove wax paper back, transferring vinyl to sticky transfer paper. 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Place vinyl design onto rain boot. Rub with a credit card to transfer the vinyl to the boot.

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Slowly peel away transfer paper.

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Remember in step 1 where I mentioned measuring and sizing. Oops. I was a bit off. So I peeled up the vinyl, like stickers, and re-placed them for a better fit (not over a seam). 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Now I have cute custom rain boots! I also tested the vinyl adhesive using water and the vinyl is still “stuck”! 

DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at DIY rainboots vinyl decal design tutorial at

Lots of fun options to play with! Raining cats and dogs, dance in the rain, your name or a cute and trendy design. What would you create for your rain boots?

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own.  Check out all the supplies at Happy Crafters for inspiration for your next project. 


A fashion photo shoot and a diva

The other day, I was helping out Bri’s friend, Amber, who is opening an Etsy shop soon by taking some photos for her shop, Electric Bright…

vintage dress

1980s dress

Love this one of Bri…

electric bright

and a certain someone couldn’t stand not being the center of attention on the ‘catwalk’…

ragdoll cat

during wardrobe changes, she had to show off her foofy coat…

ragdoll cat

and photo-bomb a few shots, get crazy, pop out from under the sheet, even knock over the backdrop! From 399 pictures, some where not fashion related. Model, prop and dust mop {look closely to that tail}…

ragdoll cat

“show off”

ragdoll cat


I’ll share a link to Electric Bright Etsy shop and tell you more about it when it’s open. Congratulations to Amber! And Bri has some plans in the works as well and can’t wait to tell you all about that.  

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 

Dressing Room Reveal


I had been wanting to give the upstairs guest bedroom some dressing room touches for a while now. We have another guest room on the main floor with it’s own guest bathroom AND we rarely have overnight guests (4 nights in nearly 5 years). I still want it to function as a guest room – it has the most comfy bed and when the girls come over and raid my closet (we share clothes and shoes)…it’s a fun place to hang out and talk style and fashion. Ready to decorate your home but short on cash? Apartment Guide can help you find inexpensive decorating ideas for how to update an area of your home without spending a lot of money.

My dressing room sits catty-corner across the hall from the master bedroom, but it’s not a big inconvenience and I love having a ‘girly’ space!  Let’s head in…


I hope you don’t mind around 40 pictures…there’s so much to see! 🙂 

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DIY Project Parade

I‘ve been working on some home improvement  DIY and decorating projects but nothing to share in that department quite yet. I’m determined to stop procrastinating, get brave and jump right in this week. However last week, I saw these $448 shoes in the Anthropologie catalog
LOVE!  Well, minus the peep toe. I like gray but I’d prefer black. Did you know I love clothes, shoes and fashion almost as much as I love DIY? Most of my clothes are thrifted…I just love shopping those racks way more than at the mall. Budget. Budget. Budget. 

Then I remembered I have these shoes…

Using a flower tutorial from Jones Design Company (love her flower tutorials – I even made some felt flower hair clips too)…anyway, I got to work making flouncy flowers….
Fabric was left over from a sheer curtain that I turned into a pillow cover that I cut up (resourceful)!

and now I have these. Not exactly like the Anthropologie shoes but from old to new and pretty for FREE! And I like them better than the Anthro ones. 

Just in time for a real live date night because believe it or not, life is more than DIY (our last date was in April). We have to remind ourselves of that here. We try to make time to do something fun together (although we do find date night at the hardware store fun too but it’s nice to just forget about DIY and refresh once in a while). Last night, we went out for a delicious dinner at Rock Bottom followed by entertainment at the Improv and Sing Sing. Hiliarous!

And instead of looking like this…

I got a little sassy and wore a leopard scarf and movie star sunglasses instead of safety goggles…

and because my daughter says she thinks scarves look better with hair up or back, I wore a ponytail.
The rest of my outfit was toned down.  Just black and cream, nothing fancy but all comfy, classic.  Can’t get too wild with a leopard scarf. Plus walking around town is chilly in November so pants and sweater it is.
Button Tip – if you have a button that’s ready to fall off or the thread is starting to u
nravel, apply a coat of clear nail polish to keep it from unraveling more and popping off. (Thanks, mom!)
My OLD NEW Flouncy Ruffly Shoes:
(sneak peek of my dressing room – one of those projects I mentioned)

Here I am with my handsome date…(isn’t he cute?):

So, that’s my DIY project and my weekend.  Let’s see what you’ve been up to!
(Anyone notice that my post is scheduled for Sunday, 11/13 at 5 a.m. but it’s showing up Sat. night? Strange!)
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A Day Off from DIY…

I‘m taking a day off from DIY. I hope you don’t mind but I’m one of those bloggers who loves to host a fun giveaway.  So pardon the break away from DIY for one post.  We’re passionate about DIY.  There’s little glamor donning paint in your hair, old work clothes and safety gear but sometimes a girl just wants to feel pretty too and when Shabby Apple contacted me about doing a review or giveaway, I couldn’t resist. I bought one for me and saved the giveaway for you.  If you get around in the blogging community, you’re probably familiar with Shabby Apple and their amazing vintage women’s dresses.
Shabby Apple is generously giving away one of their beautiful dresses to one lucky DIY Show Off reader! I chose this one for the giveaway.  If the dress boasts ‘a true gem of a multi-tasker’, it’s perfect for a DIY diva!  Maybe a little ‘multi-tasking’ dust will magically absorb through your skin and if not, at least you look amazing! 
A true gem of a multi-tasker, the Amethyst dress, with it’s playful puff sleeves and no-nonsense shirt collar, is perfect for the office or a weekend getaway.  This plum-colored beauty sports faux-wrap styling—the skirt closes all the way—giving you the look of your favorite wrap dress without the anxiety of worrying whether or not you’re unintentionally showing too much leg.
So even though we look like this most days…
It’s fun to dress like this every once in a while:
In order to “know” what I’d be giving away to one dear DIY Show Off friend, I had to do a little detective work. I had to test drive Shabby Apple for myself. 😉  I had to know that it’d be of fine quality. So for my birthday, I bought myself the “Yorkshire“. I love this dress.  I love the quality, fit and how good it feels to wear it.  I loved the vintage vibe. Hey, if you’re turning another year older and feeling vintage, why not embrace it and dress the part, right?
Much more appropriate attire for a dinner date at Bravo for Italian cuisine (thanks to the DIY Club girls)…
(Shabby Apple’s new Rome inspired “Roamin” line debuts March 16th!)
Enjoy the day and good luck! 
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