Easiest {no sew} Small Dog Snood {infinity scarf} Tutorial!

Have a small dog? This is the easiest {no sew} small dog snood {or infinity scarf} tutorial! 

DIY (no sew) small dog snood infinity scarf in less than 1 minute! @diyshowoff

Our Italian Greyhound, Rosie, has very little body fat and very short fur. Needless to say, she’s not a happy to be walking in a winter wonderland type girl (she’s so much like me). Even if it’s summer time, she’s burrowed under her blankets on the couch in the a/c. So you can imagine winter time = sweaters, pajamas, coats.

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

While I was doing some online shopping, I came across something called a “snood”.

Snood: (/snuːd/, rhymes with ‘food‘, not ‘wood‘) is historically a type of European female headgear, or in modern times a tubular neck scarf. In the most common form, the headgear resembles a close-fitting hood worn over the back of the head.

I’ve seen dog snoods for sale but my DIY-eye saw the opportunity for a super easy tutorial where I could choose the patterns and colors for a lot less than $12+ each and not have to wait for (or pay for) delivery.

Ready to make one? 

Small Dog Snood Tutorial

1. Shop your closet or thrift shop for a stretchy long-sleeved knit shirt or thermal shirt (this type works best as it won’t unravel or need hemmed).

2. Make sure the cuff area stretches enough to go over your dog’s head comfortably. It should be loose fitting but not so loose it’s hanging. Loose but snug. Got that? Italian Greyhounds have VERY small heads so this is perfect for Rosie. 

3. Then simply cut the sleeve off near the armpit area/where the shirt meets the shoulder. Cut your snood shorter if desired. 3/4 length sleeves work too! 

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

Ta-da! The easiest DIY no-sew dog snood ever! 

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

If using a sweater, you may have to hem the larger cut side of the sleeve to prevent un-raveling. 

I paid 1.50 for size large shirts from the thrift shop. That’s $3.00 for 4 snoods! Or FREE if you end up cutting up shirts from your own closet. Well, maybe minus the money you’ll need to replace your wardrobe if you go crazy. 

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

I snoodle her by putting her head through the larger part of the snood first (the side I cut), letting it naturally bunch around her neck/collar area. If it’s too bulky, remove and cut the sleeve shorter. The smaller cuff area rests closest to her ears and top of her head, the larger part of the sleeve sits at her shoulders. 

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

Rosie mostly wears them as infinity scarves over her collar but when it’s cold, I pull it up over her ears for her outdoor potty breaks. Awe, baby! Or is that granny? Too cute either way! 

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

And for those concerned about safety, Rosie only wears her snood under adult supervision.

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

Please supervise your snood-wearing pooch.

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

Note: Rosie is a 10 lb. senior dog with a tiny skull. If your dog is larger, try sewing a larger version using a stretchy fabric and by looking at the shape of a shirtsleeve and the size of your dog. You don’t have to be a professional seamstress, just a few simple stitches. Results may vary. 🙂 

Update: And just like that, that quick, one DIYShowOff reader has already raided her closet and a few minutes later, her sweet chihauhaus are cozy and warm! This is Phoebe & Sable. They love to snuggle. Aren’t they cute?! Thanks for sharing, Mary-Louise! xo 

DIY small dog snood/infinity scarf tutorial (no sew) @diyshowoff

Share your photos and show off your snoodled pups by emailing them to thediyshowoff at gmail dot com. 

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DIY Lightning Bug Dog Costume

DIY Halloween Costume Challenge #michaelsmakers

The Michaels’ Makers October challenge is ‘Halloween costume’. How fun! I received a gift card to create a cute lightning bug costume for my love bug, Rosie, our Italian greyhound.

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

This will only fit small super skinny dogs. Rosie weighs in at 10 lbs. Alter the design to fit your dog’s size – sleeves of an old black t-shirt? Or sewing two stretchy/knit bands that fit your dog snug but comfortably. 

Materials I used:

Michaels.com: Your 24-hour Arts & Crafts Store

What I did:

Cut the ends off of each sock. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

Fold adhesive felt in half and cut out a set of wings. (I drew out a few shapes to practice/choose a shape that I liked best). Remove backing, place onto black felt and cut around the ‘wings’. This gives the wings a little more sturdiness. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

Cover light with black tape. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

One of the socks will go around the neck. Poke the end of a pipe cleaner into the sock, fold pipe cleaner in half. Twist the base and curl the ends. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

Towards the other end of the length of the sock, cut a small hole using a pair of scissors. That hole will allow a felt patch with velcro to show through for securing the wings. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

Attach a piece of velcro to the under side of the wings.

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

I added a piece of velcro to the back of the light and cut a small hole in one end of the second sock. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

Cut rectangles from remaining felt. Attach a 3″ strip of velcro to each square of felt (velcro opposite of that used on the wings and light). 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

Dress the dog! One sock around her neck (this fits my dog comfortably). The other sock fits around her waist area, below her rib cage. 

Once the socks were on my dog, I tucked the felt square into each sock with the velcro side facing the small holes. Attach wings and light, velcro side down to velcro showing through the small hole.

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff

She’s more interested in being a cuddle bug than being a lightning bug Halloween costume model. 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakerslightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Isn’t she the cutest lightning bug ever? 

lightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakerslightning bug halloween dog costume tutorial at diyshowoff #michaelsmakersDIY Halloween lightning bug dog costume #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

Do you dress your pets for Halloween? Do they tolerate it? Act a bit embarrassed (like Rosie)? Roll around or proudly show off? 

*Note: Please take your own dog’s temperament, personality into consideration and make your pet’s safety your priority.  

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  • Check out Michaels’ Halloween Market lookbook or Halloween Pinterest board for some project favorites, including costumes, personalized pumpkins, porch décor and more.
  • Haven’t decided what you want to be yet? Take a look at some of Michaels DIY Halloween costume projects on Michaels.com for inspiration.

As a member of the Michaels’ Makers team, I receive a gift card to complete and share fun craft challenges.

Michaels.com: Your 24-hour Arts & Crafts Store

Animal Humane Society Before and After Grand Reveal and Adoption Event

Helloooo, DIY friends! I’ve just returned from an awesome packed few days where I partnered with Purina Cat Chow in assisting with a fun makeover of the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN. Exciting and so rewarding!

#purinacatchow #myrescuestory @purinacatchow @diyshowoff

The Purina Cat Chow “Building Better Lives” program is committed to helping improve the lives of cats across the country by supporting 50 cat-focused shelters nationwide – one in every state! – and donating a generous $275,000 in renovation and adoption support, product and monetary donations as well as a possible $50,000 donation to The Petfinder Foundation, for a total donation of up to $325,000. Wow! Purina Cat Chow identified three of the participating 50 shelters for on-site makeovers of their cat facilities valued at $50,000 each or $150,000 total. The makeovers include custom changes and upgrades to meet the specific needs for each facility. Bri and I were so excited to lend a hand! 

The work in progress and awesome team effort:

painting hexagon cat cubbiesbuilding cat furniturepainting honeycomb cat cubbies assembling cat towersinstalling cat towersassembling cat stairsconfiguring hexagon cat cubbieshexagon cat cubbiesworking on cat walk

Purina Cat Chow, a DIY blogger, a skilled contractor and awesome volunteers…we did it! 

Ready for some before and after shots of the cat colony room designs? Let’s go!


cat colony room 3 before


glass cat colony room after

 Stairs leading up to a shelf that sits level with the window gives cats a better view. Glass walls give potential pet parents a ‘showcase’ view. cat stair shelf

3D hexagon/honeycomb cubbies are fun and interactive for the cats and a clean modern fit for the adoption center’s new look. cat hexagon furniturecat stairs


cat colony room 2 before


cat colony room 2 after

Three cat towers reach to the windows for lounging in the sun and bird watching. cat colony room 2 makeover


cat colony room 1 before 


cat colony room 1 after

Stairs to a cat walk give the cats a better view and showcase the frisky felines in the adoption center. bri - cat colony room 1 makeover

from outside the window

cat walk

I love the cat wall murals, don’t you?

cat wall murals

Easy reach cat toy storage for visitors…

cat toy storage

The cats are loving the new environment…

cat hexagon cubby shelvescat on cat walk

So many sweet cats looking for forever homes. 

adoptable cats

And the entire adoption process has been streamlined so that it will feel less like an interview process and more like a conversation. Those looking to adopt will be in love with the center’s changes too.

animal shelter lobby

The Grand Reveal Party and Adoption Drive started with a ribbon cutting ceremony and provided tours, a vintage photo booth, DJ, giveaways, cupcakes and beverages, balloon animals, face painting, food trucks and TONS of super cute adoptable cats and kittens. So.much.fun!

animal humane society grand reveal partygrand reveal party

Purina Cat Chow believes every cat deserves a forever home. The “Building Better Lives” program helps local cats find new homes at all 50 of the brand’s shelter partners.

How can you help? Purina Cat Chow will donate up to $50,000 to The Petfinder Foundation if from now until Sept. 2,  at least 1,500 stories are shared with the brand’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #myrescuestory. This donation will be used to support 50 Petfinder.com shelters to help support future cat adoption fees. Find out more about the Building Better Lives program at Purina Cat Chow.

Purina Building Better Lives

Thanks SO much to Purina Cat Chow for sponsoring/inviting me to participate in this amazing opportunity to help sweet cats find forever homes and for all of the friendly volunteers and staff from the Animal Humane Society for their assistance and guidance, my daughter and assistant, Bri, for all of her help and support, along with one super skilled contractor, Tim Pond and his assistant, for his brainstorming and building genius. 

Animal Humane Society Makeover #myrescuestory #purinacatchow @purinacatchow @diyshowoff