DIY peacock blue painted/glazed table tutorial

Peacock Blue Painted/Glazed Table Tutorial

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I am especially honored to be doing a guest post for the DIY Show Off.  Roeshel was the first blogger to ever feature this crazy momma and we’ve been blogging friends ever since.
Today I’d like to share a simple glazing tutorial with you. You can see how I turned a $60 craigslist table into this peacock blue masterpiece.
I found a table on Craigslist (and Mr. coocoo went and purchased the table with his hard earned money, on his day off.)  I was inspired by several pretty round tables (see those here).
My favorite inspiration table was blue so, out came my peacock blue paint, glaze, and lacquer and my cheap table became the focal point of my family eating area.
How to glaze painted furniture coocoo momma style:
{Before I get started, I would like to say you can do it too! It’s not that difficult, I promise.}
    • I bought a gallon of peacock blue paint from Wal-Mart (cost about $13).
    • I lightly sanded the top of my table with my hand held sander.
    • (and then) I just started painting (see it’s really not that difficult). Paint the entire table and let all the paint dry.
  • Now it’s time to glaze. I bought glaze from Lowe’s or Home Depot (I can’t remember which one). If you aren’t sure what to do, go to the paint department find an employee and tell them you need some glaze. Viola! You will walk out (for about $25 bucks) with something like this.
  • Mix the glaze with whatever paint color you want to add to your already painted furniture. Does this seem scary? It’s not. I chose black paint but you could use whatever color you like.
  • I mixed equal parts glaze and black paint. If this is your first time to glaze don’t freak out, you may want to start out with more glaze and less paint. You can always add more paint to your glaze/paint mixture.
  • Make sure your table is clean (wipe all the dust off from when you sanded).
  • Start glazing! It’s just like regular painting now (clearly, you don’t need a new paint brush). I like to use long horizontal paint strokes. Don’t panic if you get too much paint in one spot! Keep your brush moving. You are going to love it!
  • After your first coat of glaze dries decide if you want to add more glaze (I did because I wanted my table to be a little bit darker. It’s all about preference).
  • Finally, I added this protective finish (bought at Wal-Mart) to the table (This step is a lot of work but it is worth it! Follow the instructions on the can).
The coocoo kitchen table! We love it!
I never had a round table growing up. Did you?

I really enjoy how close we are now when we are eating.  Since there is no chance I am going to be able to eat a meal without helping (at least) three other people, the round table makes it much easier for me to serve, cut food, wash hands and faces, and give Scary Mommy looks when the coocoo kids aren’t eating their food.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share today Roeshel!If you’d like to see more of my projects or meet the whole coocoo family head on over to mommy is coocoo.
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