Family Room Baseboard {DIY installation and caulking tutorial}

The old baseboards in the family room were 2 inches tall and lacked the character displayed in the rest of our home. The family room was a later addition to the house. After the bamboo floor was installed, we decided to go with a taller baseboard. I chose 6 x 1 inch pine.


baseboard tutorial

I started to the left of the French doors, measured and cut my board to fit the space. I do not miter baseboards. When you see the finished job, I promise you no one is going to notice that the joints/corners are not mitered.

baseboard tutorial

I moved along, placing my next un-cut 8 foot piece into place from the corner.

baseboard tutorial

Moving along to my third piece, I butted it up against the far wall to where it meets the second un-cut piece placed and draw a line where the two boards meet. This is where I’ll cut.

baseboard tutorial

So simple. I cut all of my pieces and ‘framed’ the room. {pardon the old hunter green furniture}

baseboard tutorial

Starting with “A”, I label each board so I know the order they are to be placed around the room. I got up to “K” I think. You can mark the wall too, but just having the boards in order and knowing where you start works.

Next I hauled the boards to the basement and gave each piece of baseboard two coats of paint {Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace in a semi-gloss finish) on three sides.

painting baseboards

My Porter Cable nail gun/compressor makes installing baseboards super easy.

Porter Cable nail gun & compressor

I just a nail every 14 inches near the bottom of the boards and a staggering nail near the top in between the bottom nails.

baseboard tutorial

{bad hair day = hood for pics and if you misplace safety goggles, sunglasses are the next best thing}

Our walls are not plumb. There are gaps where the baseboards gap and don’t sit flush against the wall. But that’s okay.

DAP Dyna Flex and FrogTape

Enter: DAP DynaFlex. DynaFlex is DAP’s most advanced indoor/outdoor premium latex sealant with technology that is both waterproof and paintable. It combines outstanding durability, adhesion and flexibility with easy tooling, paintability, and low odor, while also keeping insects (SPIDERS!) from entering through small gaps and cracks. It is mold and mildew resistant, making DynaFlex ideal for a wide variety of projects such as sealing around windows, doors, siding, trim, molding and baseboards.

I usually leave caulking to Mr. DIY but this time I did it myself. We’ve been really busy with real life things, so this is a task I kept putting off thinking it would be more difficult and take more time than it did. I was wrong! Caulking is the easiest DIY job I’ve ever done. And it took only about an hour.

Seriously the hardest part was learning how to load the caulk gun. Cut the caulk tube on an angle creating a small hole. And insert the tube into the gun.

DAP Dyna Flex

Handle up means “on”. Handle down means off.

caulk gun

Turn the tip of the tube so the flat side of the angled cut will rest in the ‘crack’ where baseboard meets wall.

Turn handle up to “on” (work quickly with a full tube – it pushes itself out!) and push the metal tab to start placing a bead of caulk in where the baseboard meets the wall, move along. Push. Release. Push. to maintain a steady bead. I worked in 4 foot sections. (Tip: With a new tube, be QUICK with turning the gun off an on – it will continue to squeeze out when you aren’t looking!) Remember to turn handle to ‘off’ position when you set down the caulk. As the tube empties, it will require more gripping muscle.

I had a small dish of water, a small waste basket and lots of paper towels on hand.

Dip finger into water and smooth out the bead of caulk (paper towels or rags are necessary). If it gets onto something it shouldn’t, it’s okay. It wipes/washes right off.

It created a beautiful straight flat bead filling in the gap between the wall and baseboard.

how to caulk

At first I even lined the top of the baseboard and the wall where it meets the baseboard with Frog tape to create a straighter line.

caulk installation collage

But found that the extra step wasn’t really necessary. It might be helpful if you had a big contrast between baseboards and walls. But if I made a mess or an ‘oops’, DynaFlex was easy to wipe away/clean when wet.


baseboard tutorial

then…{better but yikes!}

DIY baseboard tutorial


DAP Dyna Flex baseboard caulking tutorial

Family room still in progress but these small details are important. DAP Dyna Flex is sandable and paintable! It’s tempting to end at this step because it looks good enough, but painting will help seal everything and give it a uniform look. Next up filling the nail holes, light sanding and paint touch up. What do you think? An easy enough project to do on my own.

DIY baseboard tutorial

Cost:  approx. $100 for wood and caulk (less than two tubes) for an approx. 200 sq. foot room.

This post is sponsored by DAP but opinion, photos and tutorial are my own. 

DIY Project Parade & DIY Highlights

DIY project Parade linky party button

How was your week? I’d love to see what you’ve been up to. You’re invited to link up below to share your latest DIY. The other day I shared some fun kitchen sprucing up

farmhouse kitchen collage

And here are some highlights from a few DIY friends who joined the party last week:

Hollie from I’m Busy Procrastinating stopped procrastinating and shared her stunning master bedroom reveal. Here’s a sneak peek brought to you by her kitty, Gypsy {so sweet!}…

gray cat

Sarah from Cozy.Cottage.Cute. made a beautiful rustic growth chart. If it’s okay to have one for nieces and a nephew…I need one!

DIY growth chart

My do-it-yourself is usually just that…I do it myself.  Betsy, from Betsy Speert  was sweet enough to help her friend create this cozy cottage living room {lucky girl!}…

beach cottage living room

Andrea from Decorating Cents shares her beautiful kitchen reveal and what a transformation it is! I love the chocolate cabinets…yep, that’s what would make me smile everyday and that gorgeous glass tile is the icing!

kitchen before and after

What a welcome! Tausha’s entryway will charm and bring smiles the minute anyone walks through the door. Cheery and happy at Sassy Style

entryway makeover

Tight budgets inspire creative ideas, right? Definitely. Kim’s clever ski pole lamp is the perfect (and much more fun) than the usual $$$ tripod lamp. See more (Kim’s cute ski-ing instruction included) at Reposhture.

ski pole tripod lamp

And speaking of skimpy budgets and DIY, I LOVE how Mindy at Heart Maine Home recreated a nearly $50 rope knot book end for $9 with an awesome tutorial so you can make one too!

DIY rope knot book end

Let’s see what’s been keeping you busy! Please remember to leave me a comment…just because. 🙂

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All things {farmhouse} kitchen

There are two small DIY projects in the kitchen this week that I want to share with you. 🙂

Russ enjoys cooking outside (Big Green Egg is his other love) and we entertain and dine on the patio often when the weather allows.

The dresser stores his BBQ and smoking tools near the door and patio. The numbers will be helpful in reminding him where things are.

farmhouse kitchen

I painted our “microwave cart” dresser a pretty shade of dark distressed red and numbered the drawers. The wood tone shows through…

aged distressed red dresser

I also made a “Farmer’s Market” sign for the bulkhead above the kitchen sink and windows.

farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen details:

farmhouse kitchen collage

  1. Cow canvas (
  2. Area rug ( – with DIY red detail
  3. DIY distressed Farmer’s Market sign (tutorial coming soon)
  4. DIY door clock
  5. Two teacher’s desks create a temporary island/eat in area
  6. DIY lazy Susan spice rack, DIY sliding ladder and antique chicken feeder cook book library 
  7. Numbered red/glazed dresser {microwave cart and storage}

(more links to painting kitchen cabinets, marble subway tile installation and more kitchen DIY at the DIY Show Off home tour)

And since the kitchen’s clean, I couldn’t help sharing some updated pictures:

desks as a kitchen island

Still on our DIY to-do list:

  • baseboard trim
  • stove/range back splash
  • a DIY taller kitchen island with storage and seating
  • work on the pot rack
  • pantry in another area of our home
  • framing a window
  • kitchen curtains

Kitchen when we bought the house:

Kitchen now:

farmhouse kitchen

From all angles…

DIY farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

mail sorter, butler's pantry

farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

DIY farmhouse kitchen

desks as a kitchen island

farmhouse kitchen

desk island

marble subway tile backsplash

eclectic kitchen

I’m entering the contest at WhisperWood Cottage!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

DIY from The Space Between

I’d like to introduce you to Karah from

the space between

today. Karah lives in a dream location and invites us each into her home. Well, via her blog. Not literally. Because if it was a literal invite, we’d all be on the next plane and I don’t think she has room for everyone. Darn! 😉 Her blog posts make me smile and her creativity is an inspiration. Meet Karah:

Hello, hello DIY Showoff readers! I am really, totally kind of pinching myself right now.

OK, to let you know how much of a dork I am, I just typed ‘pinning’ instead of ‘pinching’. You know when you finally get the chance to meet someone you’ve been stalking admiring for a long time and you say “it’s nice to meet me” instead ”it’s nice to meet you”? Yeah, I just did that, in the privacy of my own home, but just can’t seem to keep it to myself. I’m a bit of an over-sharing, too honest for my own good, trip over my own words ALL THE TIME type o’ gal.

My name is Karah and I blog over at the space between. You know the space, that one between where you’ve been and where you’re going. It’s nice to meet me, er …. you. 😉

After being a homeowner and avid DIYer in the US for many years I found myself transplanted to a Caribbean island over 2 years ago. I know, I know … try not to hate pity me.

We absolutely LOVE it here. My biggest personal challenge was definitely shifting from homeowner back to renter. It took me a few years to find my DIY, home improvement groove in a home that is not my own.

But I turned my habit of collecting random beachness into a habit of decorating with said random beachness. Like these two extra large pieces of driftwood I hung in my kitchen and now call open shelving. It sounds very trendy really, open shelving does.

My little blog actually started with a post about a driftwood Christmas tree. I am quite infatuated with the stuff.

And, on this little island, there tends to be a constant supply of homes in some state of construction, providing an endless supply of pallets. I first made the pallet word art hung in the kitchen (seen in the picture above) and my new favorite project, the free, little storage crate I just made to house our canned goods.
I even stenciled the word CURACAO on the front. It’s kind of like a crate of goods headed to our island.

You might be thinking, ‘seriously, all of your canned goods fit in there?’. Yep, they do. I affectionately refer to our rental as a breadbox, and as that nickname insinuates, it’s itty bitty and I need to be pretty creative with storage ideas.

And … in addition to the endless pallet supply, I elicit many a strange look as I peruse through their roadside dumpsters. Not too long ago I came home with this guy.
And turned her into a handy message board to support my listing habit. You can read about all of the lists I’m dreaming of writing on my cork/chalk/dry erase/pin board here.

I even managed to make my own chalkboard paint because I knew I didn’t want it to be black. So many fun options now that I know I can make chalkboards in any color. Check out the how-tos here!

It has been so fun to have the opportunity to share just a few of my favorite projects using quirky things to try to make a home out of our breadbox of a house with you. A HUGE Thank You! to Roeshel for giving me the opportunity. And, an equally HUGE Thank you! to you, the readers, who have lasted to the end. 🙂

I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about the small space I keep in the world wide web. You will also find homemade canvas silhouettes, number art and easy decor ideas if you have an opportunity to come by the space between. I hope to see you there soon.!


Rustic DIY and Enamel Tag Tutorial

  • Beautiful reclaimed barnwood
  • Lovely painted distressed furniture
  • Numbers!

I love each of those things, don’t you? Meet: Kimberly from

serendipity blog

Kimberly is a professional home stager and decorator and a nature at decorating and do-it-yourself projects. Here are some of my favorites:

100 year old reclaimed barnwood before:

reclaimed barnwood

Now: Reclaimed Barnwood Hutch

DIY barnwood hutch


Dresser Before and After

And a tired old dresser before…

wood dresser before

gets a new distressed paint technique and a new purpose in the dining room… oh-la-la!

painted distressed dresser

See those pretty number tags too? I don’t know what it is about numbers but I love the charm it adds to decor, don’t you? Kimberly shares how to make these sweet little charms…

Here’s what you need:

  • Key tag blanks. (I got mine from Ace Hardware, they are steel with a brass finish and are about 1 and 1/2″ across)
  • Paint and primer (white..but I’m considering doing some blue  or dark green ones with white numbers)
  • StazOn Stamp Ink (and number stamps)
  • Embossing Enamel (clear)
Prime and paint the tags. Once dry, stamp the numbers using StazOn.
Line a skillet (frying pan) with foil. (or use an electric skillet). Place the tag on the foil and sprinkle with the embossing powder.
Turn the heat to medium and watch as the embossing powder turns to liquid.
enamel tag tutorial
When the embossing powder is completely smooth and transparent, gently remove the foil (with the tag on it) from the pan and place it on a rack to cool.
When the tag is partly cool, but before it is completely cool, gently peel the foil from the tag. and return the tag to the rack until it is completely cool. I also used a nail to remove the powder which had filled the hole while the tag was still warm.
So cool!
To pin from original sources and to see more creative DIY and decorating from Kimberly, visit Serendipity.

For more information on enamel tags, see the original inspiration at Can’t Stop Making Things.

Bedroom Makeover Design Board

The master bedroom is on the DIY to-do list this year. I’m starting to put together some ideas and this is the first draft. However, if you know me, you know this will change. Still, just for fun, here is what I’ve come up with. A lot of items are things we already own that I’m trying to work into the design.

farmhouse bedroom design board

The details:

  1. DIY Styrofoam/Convex Mirrors – using DecoArt MagiKote, Americana craft paints and Styrofoam wreath forms and PARTSMART SMR729193 8-1/2″ Offset Mount Convex Mirror
  2. Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan (a Mr. DIY must) – Overstock
  3. Vintage Inspired Industrial Large Number Signs (our anniversary date) – Antique Farmhouse
  4. Distressed European Wall Clock – Wisteria
  5. Sage Chinese Pots & Vases – Wisteria
  6. Burlap Crewel Damask Draperies – Ballard Designs
  7. Beach Postcard Lumbar Pillow Cover – Pottery Barn
  8. Beach Postcard Lumbar Pillow Cover – Pottery Barn
  9. Benjamin Moore –  Morning Dew
  10. Black Bowfront Chest – Wisteria
  11. Handwoven Rustic Rug – Wisteria
  12. Vintage Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover – Pottery Barn
  13. Old vintage steamer trunk

Other things in the room:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Two mismatched windows – a challenge!
  • King sized sleigh bed
  • Old dressers
  • Built-in dresser with hutch/shelving

And of course the design board is only a wishlist/dream since some of the items are not in my budget so imagine a DIY spin on some of those numbered items. We’ll use dressers we already have. Curtain panels will be stenciled drop cloths, a DIY knock off on the accent pillows. Vases/planters will be thrift store finds + spray paint. #13 – I already have those trunks but hope to do something fun with it. And #1, the Styrofoam Convex mirrors are a DIY project. I’m sharing the tutorial today at the DIY Club.

DIY convex mirrors

Do you take the time to ‘dream’ up a mood board for your room makeovers? It’s a great way to see how things coordinate and come together. Sometimes catalogs/a little internet window shopping is a great source of DIY inspiration.

DIY Club

Why I blog

Are there days when you ask yourself the same thing?

My blogging started as a way to journal our home improvement, decorating before and after projects. When we bought this old house, I discovered a ‘register’ where previous owners recorded their home improvements.



farmhouse kitchen

My blog is my ‘register’. It’s easy for us to see all that’s not completed and the long list of home improvements that still remain unfinished. I don’t know that our list will ever not have something on it. It’s pretty long. But if that day should ever arrive, I have a feeling it will be so far in the future that we’ll be starting over because my style evolves and changes so frequently. We’ll never be done. The good news is, I never get tired of playing with my life-sized doll house.


in progress


My blog is a place where we can see all that we have accomplished. When we look back through our home tour, we always feel a big sense of accomplishment and can’t believe how far we’ve come.

We saw potential in this old house, had no idea it’d take so long but love turning this neglected old home into “our home”.




powder room before and after


powder room before and after

{see more before and after DIY in our farmhouse home tour}

But, blogging developed into more than ‘just us’ and our home. I started meeting others who shared our passion for budget friendly DIY solutions. I made friends! Most of which I’ve never met face-to-face but the friendship is still just as real.

Can’t wait for the Haven conference!

I’m inspired by you. And you push my creativity and skills to a new think-outside-the-box level. It’s motivational. What would I do without you? I look forward to our projects. I look forward to YOUR projects. I know I can share with you and you appreciate the labor of love just as much as we do.

Then opportunities started coming in.

It’s exciting!

It’s work.

But it’s so rewarding. Not in a BIG financial way. There is a little financial incentive for blogging on occasion and I love that part too.  It’s extra money to work on more do-it-yourself projects (more blog content too). It’s fun trying new products and sharing the experience with you. It’s exciting that our opinion and experience is reputable and companies are realizing there is value in our blog voices. For me personally, it’s not enough to pay the bills but it is enough to sometimes purchase materials and check another DIY project off our list.

Another reward is inspiring others, teaching others that a home can be beautiful without spending a lot of money, that we can be successful in do-it-yourself home improvement. And that perfection isn’t always necessary.

I love supporting and encouraging you too. I love seeing your homes transformed, your creative ideas and hard work. I love ‘showing off’ your do-it-yourself, giving you a big congratulatory pat on the back and high five!

DIY Show Off

These are the things that make my heart swell and make me smile. That’s the key. That’s the gift that makes me blog. I know you feel the same way too.

And there are so many blogs and so little time but if you’re here today, if you’re visiting me regularly, if you’re leaving me a comment…I just want you to know that it doesn’t go un-noticed.

HIGH FIVE…um, “low five”…


{source Kalyxcornucopia – sweetest doxie photos ever!} {Check out her awesome etsy shop

Even while preparing this post, I met a new friend. See the image above? You guys know how much I love doxies. You know I’m still heartbroken and miss our girl, Niski. Well, I stumbled across a new-to-me blog and I’m definitely staying in touch with Kalyxcornucopia to get my doxie fix. Her blog and her images make me melt. I can’t get enough of those big brown eyes.


Comments and visitors are the biggest reward, aren’t they? I may not always reply to your comment (questions are the exception). But you’ll notice that I try to follow you back to your blog and comment on what you’ve been up to so that you have that same feeling of “I have company!” when you see your stats show one more visit, when you get that email saying you have a comment and you can know that someone cares.

So, welcome to our home…

our blog…

DIY Show Off blog

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for participating in the weekly DIY Project Parade and submitting your projects to be featured.

Thank you for making me feel like this everyday…

thank you


Pass It On

Have you met Linda at IASWP? She’s super talented and so sweet. She, along with some of her closest blog friends, are hosting a blog event called…
it all started with paint.
The idea is that they started a ‘pay it forward’ type thing and sent a handmade gift to some lucky girls. I was one of Linda’s lucky friends and received two amazing gifts…
If you know Linda, you know she has an natural talent for creating some of the most beautiful accent pillows using drop cloths.
But I’m looking forward to participating in Pass It On and I will make two surprises for a blog friend, one to keep and one to pass on. I’ll keep you posted about that. I may even choose more than one blog friend! 😉
Linda recently opened an Etsy Shop filled with beautiful designs…
and is hosting a fun pillow party starting tomorrow 4/24 (you’re invited!)…
Linda, thank you SO much for the beautiful ruffled pillows and choosing me to be a part of the Pass It On Project. We’re in the process of redoing our family room and they are just so so sweet and perfect!

DIY Project Parade – view and share DIY

DIY Show Off

Last week’s DIY Project Parade was filled with your creative and inspiring DIY. Thank you so much for joining in and/or visiting the others and their awesome do-it-yourself projects. Here are some highlights from last week:

Beautiful inspiring bathroom reveal by Jennifer Rizzo

bathroom reveal

Great tips and tutorial for Glass Cabinets at Between Blue & Yellow 

(Warning: You’ll want to do this too!)

DIY glass cabinets

AWESOME! From Joy 2 Journey, this ‘dresser’ is a Murphy Bed!

DIY murphy bed

Imperfectly Polished built-in bookcases

are such an inspiration and on my DIY to-do list.

DIY built in bookcases

Master bedroom before and gorgeous after at All in a Day

master bedroom makeover

DIY sliding barn door at The Old Farmhouse on Windmill Hill

(then check out a beautiful bedroom makeover too while you’re there)

DIY sliding barn door

Dream Kitchen at It’s Overflowing

(before and beautiful after)

white kitchen

I love this trash to treasure home makeover at Menemini. It gives me hope!

home makeover

WOW! Built in beds at Batchelor’s Way {beautiful subtle pirate theme}

built in bed tutorial

So much DIY and love in this little boys’ airplane room reveal by Classy Clutter.

boys airplane bedroom makeover

Fun jumbo Scrabble letters ~ Handmade by Stacy Vaughn

DIY jumbo scrabble letters

You guys. You’re all so awesome and talented and the DIY is amazing! I’m going to stop here but share some more highlights this week. I’m so inspired!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to this week!

DIY Show Off
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Die Cut Business Cards Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winner of the UPrinting die-cut business card giveaway is:

I am trying to market my products with some local vendors, so I would hand them out at those initial meetings. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!


CONGRATULATIONS, Doreen! I’ll contact you via email.

If you’re a blogger, it’s a good idea to have business cards on hand. Are you attending any blog conferences this year? I’m going to this one:

Haven Conference 2012

Do you try to explain to family and friends and acquaintances or people you meet that you have a blog? I find that having a supply of business cards in my purse is really helpful with introductions and explanations.

In the past, I’ve ordered my business cards from I simply upload my logo and create/design online. I loved the quality of my last order…

DIY Show Off blog business cards

with a new blog design and attending the Haven conference on my schedule, I’m ready for another order.

DIY Show Off header

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business card printing

Prize Details :

  • 250  Die Cut Business Card Printing for one(1) winner
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How to enter:

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Good luck!

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Easy Ottoman Makeover

Wow! Martha from

Leone Design

makes her ottoman makeover so easy, I want to tear mine apart right now and give it a makeover! Take a look at this for inspiration:

Thrift store ottoman – before shot:

1. First, remove upholstery nails and save for use on the finished piece.
2. She covered the top and sides with the same fabric (so that it would show through the burlap).
3. Next she covered the sides with strips of coffee sacks.

4. She painted the legs to bring the light cream.
5. Martha used tacky glue and duct tape (to hold in place) to tack down the sides/seams.

After an hour or so of drying, She simply removed the duct tape.

Isn’t this so fun? I love the mix of striped fabric with grain sack burlap! Great job, Martha!

What do you think? Love it, right?!

To pin from the original source and see more amazing DIY from Martha (so many furniture makeovers with lots of helpful tips) at

DIY Play Kitchen before and after

I’ve introduced you to Tanya from

Dans le Towhouse blog

in the past. She has some awesome DIY skills and talent. She recently made a play kitchen for her little cousin. This is one of the sweetest hand made gifts ever!


microwave cart


See full tutorial at DIY Play Kitchen Reveal.

Awesome after photos:

kids pot holders
DIY play kitchen 
DIY play kitchen from microwave cart
DIY kids kitchen
One more before and after:
old microwave cart, cheap furniture
diy cute play kitchen
Super sweet! I want to play! Look how real, even down to the dish soap…
DIY play sink

I am so smitten with this kitchen and all of that fun food and accessories!

diy play kitchen
play kitchen, DIY
do-it-yourself play kitchen
I want the accessories for my real grown up kitchen. Adorable!
play kitchen
diy play kitchen
diy play kitchen
play kitchen
Cost breakdown (not including applicable taxes):
  • Microwave stand: $6.99 (included cute, wooden handles that I painted)
  • Faucet: $15.00 (with a bit of negotiating, bought from
  • “Sink”: $3.99 (it’s actually a stainless mixing bowl from the thrift store)
  • “Element”: $1.25 (a cork trivet from dollarama)
  • Wood for shelf brackets + dowel: $5.00
  • Primer & paint: leftovers
  • Legs: Free! (Mom had them lying around)

Total kitchen cost, having paid the tax man (but minus accessories):  $34.65 

LInks to the DIY accessories:

Tanya! You’re the best cousin ever! This is just so sweet, so amazing. I love it!  Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely need to add this to my DIY list for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. I love that you kept things neutral and included a set of ‘boyish’ accessories too…

diy play kitchen

I love ALL of Tanya’s DIY. She is super talented. Please visit her at

Dans le Towhouse blog

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Cork/Chalkboard Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what to do with a collection of wine corks? I love this awesome project from Laura at

Top This Top That

who combines corks + wood trim + chalkboard to create a beautifully framed cork board/chalkboard. (Warning: This project may encourage more wine drinking.) Here’s how she made hers:

Materials needed
  • Wine corks- lots of them (Laura used 350!)
  • Piece of MDF-  pre-cut to 36inch x 24inch
  • trim for the outside frame
  • picture frame for the chalkboard
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint for the outer frame
  • liquid nails- to secure your frames
  • hot glue gun- to secure your wine corks
  • picture frame wire/screws, or Dischangers or 3M velcro for hanging
1) Cut  trim pieces for the frame.
2) Assemble boards on piece of MDF and secure with liquid nails.
3) Clamp and let dry.
4) Paint outside frame and MDF and picture frame.
5) Paint an inner area the same size of the inside of the picture frame with chalkboard paint according to instructions. Let dry.
6) Attach picture frame (framing the chalkboard painted area) with wood glue.
7) Pre-arrange and secure wine corks using hot glue.
8) Attach picture frame wire/screws, Dischangers or 3M velcro to hang.
9) HANG!
Her finished project looks like something I’d Pin from a Pottery Barn catalog. Awesome job, Laura!
See more DIY, decorating and Laura’s beautiful home tour at

Kitchen Makeover at “B in Real Life”

You may have seen this unbelievable kitchen makeover but it’s fairly new to me and in the event you haven’t had a chance to drool over it, I’m happy to share it today. Brooke from

B in Real Life blog

had a decent kitchen to begin with. Just nothing special and not her style…

kitchen before

but today, after a lot of do-it-yourself hard work and beautiful choices, it’s a much ‘bigger-looking’ and brighter space with more character…

white kitchen makeover

Awesome, right?

kitchen makeover

I don’t see one choice of beautiful materials or paint colors that I don’t love. See that gorgeous red table too?

kitchen makeover

Kitchen Renovation Q and A posts can be found here and here.

kitchen makeover

See more from Brooke {and TWO 2-year-old girls} at