Our DIY Sliding Ladder and the DIY Project Parade

We were free to catch up on some little DIY projects this weekend.  One was putting our vintage ladder on a sliding track to reach the spice loft. 

When we created these spice wheels, we had no idea it would be so convenient or that we’d love and use it so much. 
Here was our chaotic spice cubboard before:
Now, it’s simple to grab from here because they’re all visible and Mr. DIY likes that he can scoop them out with a spoon rather than sprinkle.  He even wants to add another lazy susan spice wheel. At 6’2″, he can reach and spin the lazy susan but I need the ladder.  I love the convenience and the look.
Materials for ladder track (available at True Value):
3/4 inch galvanized pipe
2 flanges
*If you have a space for this, we’d recommend adding more support to the walls.  We happen to have picture rail type trim in this cubby/wall space to help with support.
We added the threaded nipple and coupling to add length to the 4′ pipe because it was a bit too short (insert juvenile giggle).  Holding the flanges and pipe in place, mark where drilled holes for screws need to be placed.  Drill screw holes for flanges.  Also, place the ladder where the pipe will run through it.  Mark where the holes need to be placed for the ladder.
Using a hole saw drill bit, drill holes slightly bigger than 3/4 inch pipe into the top long boards of the ladder. 
Depending on thickness, you may need to drill from both sides.  If this is the case, drill one side with the hole saw drill bit.  Then change to a regular drill bit and drill through the center hole the entire way. 
Change back to the hole saw bit, flip the ladder.  Line up the center hole and continue drilling until the wood in the center of the hole saw bit goes all of the way through. Repeat for the other side of the ladder.
Slide ladder onto pipe.  Add flanges to ends of pipe.  Push flanges/pipe into place.  Line up holes in flanges with holes in previously drilled into the wall.  Check level.  Insert screws to secure flanges to wall. 

All done.  We plan to add felt furniture movers to the bottom of the ladder once our floors are done to protect the new floor and make sliding easi
What do you think? I hope this is a little helpful.  That was hard to explain!  But if you’re planning to do something similar and have any questions, please ask.  🙂
You got to see things in these pictures that we’ll be changing soon including the honey oak cabinets and that awful linoleum floor.  I can’t wait to see the reveal myself.  We’re so sick of our 1980’s kitchen! I’ll update as we complete things.  Hopefully next year at this time I can hardly remember living with the outdated look. 
Let’s see what you’ve been up to!
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