DIY Daily Organization System (and UPrinting Business Card Winner)!

Long time blog friend, Molly from 
My Happy House
is always full of clever DIY projects.  Molly (me too) loves this PB Daily System:
Molly’s DIY ingenuity took this inspiration and for half the cost and for a system that better suited her measurements, created this:
See the full list of materials, cost and “how to” at 
Great job, Molly!  I love that it fits your needs more than the PB version and that you did-it-yourselves!  Awesome!

The winner of the UPrinting Business Card Giveaway is…

Ashley said… 3

I have always, always loved the business cards that are a bit un-traditional…so I heart their rounded/circle/oval varieties. I could definitely put them to some use:)

Thanks, as always, for all the great leads on products and projects!! Ashley

Focal Point

I‘ve enjoyed the posts over at Focal Point for quite a while now and I’m excited to share a few great DIY projects by Lynda with you! Here’s a little about her:
“I never really thought of myself as a DIYer – but hey – the shoe fits!! I love fashion & interior design. I also love & enjoy problem solving, making something from nothing, thrifting, furniture refinishing, decorating for the seasons (especially in seasonless South Florida!) and sharing with people how to create a look for less! After working in retail for 25 years and posting our home on HGTV Rate my Space, I started blogging (in Oct. 2009) as a means of sharing how to’s, home projects, and trend spotting.”
Lynda recently created a beautiful gallery wall using things she already had.  I love when things like this come together.  Take a look at her stunning dining room:
If you’re wanting to do a gallery wall, you must read her No Template Tips. I want my dining room to look like hers. Lovely!
End of summer is a great time for re-organization in the pantry with lots of fall and holiday cooking coming up.  Just a little DIY and creativity…
See Lynda’s list of materials and how-to at Style Solution:  DIY Budget Pantry Update. I can’t wait to have a pantry again. ::envious:: Our old enclosed porch is serving as our pantry area at this time.   
And as a DIY’er, I LOVE the gift Lynda gave her mom this past Mother’s Day so much, I think my mom’s getting this next year (thanks, Lynda!)…
Mom’s Memory Wall After
Spending time with her mom going through pictures was a bonus to the great gift.  Lynda also created two other gift areas.  You’ll have to head over to Focal Point Mom’s Day Gift to get the details. 
Lynda, thank you so much for sharing a few of your DIY ideas!  I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to next! 

"Just Lovely" DIY

Meet:  Chantel of

Just Lovely
Chantel just revealed her romantic bedroom reveal and the details are so dreamy! Amazing DIY, Chantel!

Love this color – beautiful after:
Tray to Jewelry Hanger Beauty and “how to”…
Prettiest lamp and a ruffle lampshade tutorial.
You’ll want to visit Chantel and see more of her lovely creativity and beautiful photography at 


Closet to Mudroom

I love when closets become new fun spaces – little rooms like my cloak room makeover and Gwenny Penny’s sewing/craft space featured earlier in the week.  Take a look at Amy from The Mistress of Oxford‘s closet turned entryway mudroom!


They have a row of three closets on one wall. They needed a functioning space in the entryway so they retiled for the space, took the doors off and made a half wall. They relocated the light switch for a pass through and the closet turned mudroom/entryway was born. 

See all of the progress at the Mistress of Oxford Part I and Part II.

Antique leaded window = $40
(We installed 3 individual hooks)

Entryway bench = $75 KohlsWicker baskets = $20 ($10/basket) Pier OnePillow = $12 HomeGoodsRug = $15 HomeGoodsLetter “S” (pictured above) = $6 HomeGoods

Cast iron hook = $15 Elements (Local décor store)

Keyholder = $8 HomeGoods (This is on the wall next to the entryway)

Don’t you love it?! When there’s 3 closets in a hallway, what a great idea to make one into a functional entryway space to put on shoes, hang keys and store a purse or backpack!  Great idea and beautiful job, Amy!  Thank you so much for sharing!  It really
makes a beautiful change – lightening and opening up the area.  Love the bench and decor too!

Making a Creative Space

Creating a small space for yourself might be easier than you think.  I love this idea from Gwenny Penny.  A cluttered closet becomes a useful spot for sewing and crafts.  Click the link to see the full post.

New Sewing Closet!

Closet before and after:

Isn’t it awesome?  I have to admit that I did a double take.  The before looks like some of the closets in our house!
Gwen and her husband transformed it in just one weekend with some built-ins and paint.

Now it’s SEW organized…

Doesn’t it make you just want to dive in and organize YOUR creative space?  
Thanks so much, Gwen, for sharing your creative space.
I look forward to seeing your craft and sewing projects!

Involving Color

Jena from Involving Color has some amazing before and after transformations to show off…

January seems to be a month for focusing on organization and that’s exactly what Jena’s done with her shoe closet.  What a lucky girl – an entire closet dedicated to shoes!  Here is the before:

And here it is now – all organized!

To see the entire transformation click HERE.

Makes you want to see more, doesn’t it?  Well…we’re in luck.  Her half bath got a makeover too.  Here is it is before:

Here is what she did:

  • Remove wallpaper.
  • Repair walls, prime, and paint.
  • Install plantation shutters
  • Install new toilet paper holder and towel bar
  • Install pedestal sink and faucet
  • DIY artwork

  • Ta-da! Hard to believe it’s the same room!

    Half Bath After Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

    Half Bathroom After Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

    And my most favorite of all?  Her backyard.  It makes me long for summer parties, sunshine and warmth!  Amazing! (Full backyard transformation details.)

    Backyard Before
    Back Yard Before
    To this:
    flagstone patio
    Patio After
    Backyard Before
    Back Yard Before
    To this:
    flagstone patio
    Patio After

    There’s something else I’d love to show off about Involving Color.  The Involving Color Image Gallery allows you to search rooms by paint color, by room or by painted furniture!   So cool and lots of inspiration!

    Thanks, Jena for sharing your projects.  Every single thing is awesome – so beautiful!

    Inspired to Organize – edited to add reading nook.

    “Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”  ~ A. A. Milne 

    With the new year, the buzz is all about organization.  After taking down holiday decor, everything feels so de-cluttered so it’s only natural that motivation to get everything organized hits you like a contagious disease but it’s energizing instead.  As you know we finally organized our coat and shoe closet recently.  It was a chaotic mess with no purpose. Now coats, boots, shoes, scarves and hats have a place to call home.  Do shoes and coats and junk piling by the entryway get you stressed?  Maybe not in a ‘the world is coming to an end’ sort of way but it is stressful when things aren’t put away in their proper place or there isn’t a place for things to be assigned.  

    Getting started is the hardest part but in no time, I was cleaning our and de-cluttering the rest of our back entry way and was done in less than an hour.  Tell yourself you’ll just do one small drawer.  Empty it, sort and start putting things where they belong.  Before you know it, you’ll have three drawers done instead of one.  I always trick myself with making a small goal. The trick is getting yourself to “START”.  Instead of looking at the BIG overwhelming picture of organizing your entire home or even a whole room, start small and say “I’m just going to clean up this little area.”  Once you get started, you’ll want results and do more than just that one small task.
    Keys, change, cell phones have a designated and assigned area near the door with this organizer I made a couple of years ago (yes – we still use it!).  Key Keeper Tutorial

    We chose furniture that allowed for extra storage.  I love decorating the console table but it’s the drawers and shelf that allow us to know where certain things are.  The top drawer holds take out menus, batteries, spare change, etc. 
    The faux-apothecary chest is a great place for my summer shoes (my boots are in the coat/shoe closet).  
    The drawers up top serve as a place for gloves and extra sets of keys.  Sometimes I’ll use a drawer to hide a few odds and ends during a ‘quick clean’ to corral little stuff until I have time to sort it.  Wooden boxes under a bench provide more storage and the bench is the perfect place to sit and pull on shoes.
    Do you have an organized entry area in your home?  We actual enter through the door in the kitchen right now as it’s closest to our parked cars but I’m still able to redirect coats and shoes to be put away instead of piling near the door.  No mess. No stress.  🙂
    Have a clean up/organization post to show off?  Link up and share!  

    I’m joining the party at

    Organize and Decorate Everything

    I’m back!  THIS is why it takes me longer than usual to organize:

    I start out small.  “Just sort and put things away” I tell myself (you know you talk to yourself too, right?!).  Then I get carried away with the need to freshen things up, redecorate, rearrange and move things from room to room and before I know it, I have a new reading nook!  Let the above pictures serve as the before.  This is my after:

    It’s sort of a reward for being motivated to clean up.  😉  However…warning:  This means you’ll mess up the adjoining room in an effort to redecorate and have to start all over again in there. 


    Wrapping Center

    Do you love to wrap or find it to be a chore?  I love to wrap.  Jenny from Jenny Free Style is organized and all ready to go.  To make wrapping easier, designating an organized space with everything you need will make the task more enjoyable.  I love her idea.  It beats wrapping gifts on the living room rug, scrambling for tape, hunting for scissors, etc.  Visit Jenny here to see the steps she took to making a helpful workspace for more efficient gift wrapping.  

    She even has a helper!

    Hallway Library

    I love this little library that Amy from A Little Busy shared in the project parade.  Amy and Brian took an overlooked wasted space and created a little library.  Shelves in a hallway corner – genius!  

    Hallway before:

    They took off the chair rail and baseboards…

    They used beadboard paneling for the back of the bookcases…

    Brian built the frame work (not even a mild injury stopped him from getting back to work).

    I love this part!    Amy says, “After the base went in and before he nailed it down we put in a letter to future homeowners and a copy of that days newspaper.” 

    Shelves up and ready to be caulked, primed and painted.

    Amy lined shelves with this pretty contact paper…

    All done – a little library to organize her homeschooling books.

    GREAT job, Amy & Brian! I love that it looks original to your home, built-in like it was always there.  What a clever use of unused space!  Thank you for sharing your creativity!

    Want to see the cutest laundry room/mudroom makeover, a pretty kitchen, other DIY projects and adorable family stories?  Pop over to A Little Busy!

    Jewelry Tree

    Edit!  I’m showing off and linking up to:

    I love when decor has a function, don’t you?  This DIY jewelry tree is pretty AND functional.  

    Rust XO spray paint in Antique Gold (sold at True Value)
    .29 embroidery hoop from thrift store
    free branches from the yard
    How to:
    1.  Snip off a few branches to a desired height.  I used 4. 
    2.  Open embroidery hoop and squeeze branches in between wooden hoops.  Tighten to secure.  This is tricky but push them through with the ends sticking out the other side.  I didn’t cut them off the bottom at this point because having it up off the surface made painting a little easier. 

    3.  I love this antique gold color by Rust XO Spray Paint and Primer in One!  Give everything a good coat of spray paint.  Just 1 good coat on from every angle is all you need!

    4.  Snip off branches at bottom of hoop.  

    5.  Secure branches into the hoop with hot glue.

    6.  Hang necklaces!

    Easy decor, pretty storage.  Now my daughter’s jewelry won’t be a tangled mess!  What do you think?

    I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.
    XO Rust
    X-O Rust Paint & Primer In One
    • The only spray paint and primer in one.
    • Direct to metal application.  Works well with wood too!
    • New 360º spray technology for coverage at any angle.
    • New comfort tip offers wider coverage area.
    • Superior indoor/outdoor rust prevention.
    • Available in 31 colors!
    • Available in Flat, Satin and Gloss.

    Staying in the Closet – It's Reading Nook!

    I‘m currently organizing a closet but when I saw this one, my jaw dropped.  I want a reading nook in my closet!  lol  Check out the gorgeous makeover from Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl.  Here is her post:

    This past weekend my husband took the boys camping. A free weekend – by myself – peace and quiet!
    (insert sound of hammers, jigsaw, table saw, and more hammering)

    Well, forget the quiet part, I decided to tackle another DIY project I had been thinking about for almost two years. I first got the idea after seeing this photo in Creative Home Magazine:

    Kym, the homeowner, had turned her son’s closet into a private nook. I thought, no problem, I’d complete this project in an easy 2 days. Afterall, how long can renovating one 6′ x 2′ closet take? During stopping points I could squeeze in a pedicure, swim some laps and possibly have a friend over for wine and some chat one evening.  Truth be told, it ended up taking a full 3 days (and nights)!

    So, here is the abbreviated (press fast forward on the remote) version:

    My three year old has two full size closets in his room. And, yet, his toys were always strewn around the room. Here is my “keeping it real” BEFORE picture:

    Last year I took the doors off one of the closets and put up some curtains so he could have a little hideaway.

    First task (after cleaning up all those toys, of course!) was removing hardware, demolition and patching holes (where I found I didn’t know my own strength.)

    Phew, glad that is done. Now comes the fun part, time to build!

    First I cut all my wood to size, then built two frames. One for the base and one for the bench.

    The base frame only had one center support since it didn’t have to hold much weight. The bench seat frame had two center supports at 2′ intervals.

    I bought paint quality (almost smooth) plywood for the tops of the base and seat frames.

    Here is a little trick I learned for scribing the profile of trim or other obstacles onto your board. In this instance, I used a compass and set the width to the same distance from the wall to the outside of my door casing. Then drew a line around the casing being careful to keep the compass perpendicular to the casing. Then you can cut out the profile with a jigsaw or coping hand saw.

    See, perfect fit!

    Next I built the second platform the same way (with the exception of the extra center supports.) I highly recommend priming as much of the wood as you can before nailing it into place. It is easier to prime wood on sawhorses.

    I pulled out my levels (both a carpenter’s level and laser level) and carefully leveled my bench platform before nailing it in. Then I used framing nails to nail the platform into the studs in the closet. (I promise to post about finding studs at a later date.)

    Seriously, I really did level it! I even have the pictures to prove it! Because, at some point the right hand side of the bench must have shifted while I was nailing, which resulted in a slight slope. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! My lesson learned is that next time I will either screw the frame in place to hold it or put a brace underneath to keep it from slipping.

    Somewhere during the process, I cut the foam cushion for the bench seat. If you haven’t heard, the best way to cut foam is with an electric carving knife! (Huge thank you to my friend and neighbor Karen for the use of her 1970’s electric carving knife.)

    Next I installed all the moulding, wainscoting and trim. Did I mention that I bought all my trim and decorative moulding at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore? Super cheap at $.50 (yes, 50 cents!) per linear foot! My total for all the trim was $18, and I still have two 6 ft. pieces left.

    Before I could prime I had to caulk all the seams. Did you know that some of the moulding in your home, especially crown moulding, is usually made up of several different pieces and then caulked to hide the edges?

    This is the Pretty Handy Girl’s tried-and-true caulking method:

    1. Squeeze out your bead of caulk. 
    2. Run your finger along the bead to smooth it (then wipe your finger off on a rag.)
    3. Follow up with a slightly moist paper towel for a super smooth finish!

    Once the caulk dried, I primed all the wood and wainscoting.

    After trying some Benjamin Moore paint swatches, I settled on a deep navy blue called “Symphony Blue”. I knew I’d need to use some tinted primer before trying to paint such a dark color on the light walls. Unfortunately our Ace Hardware was out of stock. Luckily George, my friendly Ace Hardware paint consultant, told me how to mix my own.

    Isn’t the marble effect pretty! I used 1 part paint to 3 parts primer and stirred it up really well.

    Once everything is dry, the painting can begin. I always use two coats of paint. The only time I got away with one was by using Benjamin Moore Aura paint in our living room. But, I was going from a medium green to a slightly lighter green. Not a major change in color.

    So, are you ready?? The drumroll please…

     Can’t you hear the Symphonic Chords playing?

    The copper wall sconce was also from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I scored that gem for  only $5! It has a cord that I snaked around the moulding and then plugged into the outlet just outside the closet. A tutorial on re-wiring the copper sconce with a white cord and adding a switch is poster here.

     Plenty of storage bins for all the toys a three year old can hoard.

    Finally, a nook built for reading, sleepovers…

    …or just hanging with big brother.

    Isn’t it awesome?  I think it’s fantastic.  You did an amazing job Brittany!  Thanks so much for sharing your hard work.  The colors and organization is so cool, the wainscoting is gorgeous and I love that bench and those cute pillows!  Great way to take a closet and turn it into the coolest brother hang-out ever!
    Pretty Handy Girl Blog

    Closet Makeovers

    Closet makeover – I have a few that could use some help!  I shared one with you the other day and here are two more.  Rebecca installed textured wallpaper and built/painted shelves in each closet.  Look at the difference!  Awesome!
    Here are her pictures:  
    Storage Closet Before
    I have to admit, I have one that looks almost identical.
    Cleaning out
    New shelves

    Storage Closet After

    Craft Closet Before
    Craft Closet After!  Wow!

    Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca!  You did a fantastic job creating useful organized spaces! And I love the craft closet with the chair, curtains, workspace with everything in it’s place and within easy reach.  What a great place to get creative!  
    I attempted to clean out one of ours the other day, but I only got as far as the room and then started rearranging furniture and vignettes.  I get a little side tracked when it comes to opening that closet door!  Does that happen to anyone else?

    Closet Makeover #1

    Sometimes I wonder if you guys can read my mind!  I have a closet makeover on my list to do in the next month!  And I’ve just received 2 closet re-do submissions to show off!  Coincidence?  Nah.  Great minds think alike!

    Here is a beautiful (drool!) closet makeover from Ronda at Batchelor Way:

    Closet Reveal

    We are finally done with our master CLOSET!! And I’m in LOOOOVE!!!  Here is the after of my side.
    And the Before
    The before of the middle
    And the after.  (This is looking straight into the closet through the master bath.)
    Before of Les’ side,
    After of Les’ side
    I found these jewelry boxes at Downeast Outlet store for $5 each.  I think they look great in my jewelry drawer.  Go here to see how we did the drawers.

    I found a cute little oval frame I wanted to make signs out of, but could only find one.  But super neighbor to the rescue.  Shelley found two slightly larger oval frames for me.  ( They only cost 10 cents each.) 
    I spray painted them, of coarse.  Then I replace the pictures with some scrapbook paper I had  and finished them off with some vinyl.  I got the vinyl from my great neighbor Shelly.  (You can get the same thing for $2 each!)  I love these signs.  They are the perfect detail.  Go ahead and take them in!!!!!
    I also love my new shoe cubbie.  We have so much more storage now.  And it’s custom to “our” storage needs.  Plus I love it when my supper functional storage it so dang pretty.
    I’m pleased with my stenciled wall.  My last post tells how to make your own stencil like I did.  I got the great quadrafoil basket below on clearance for $7 at Home Goods.  And the wood to build the boxes below that for free.
    These shots are a little different angle, but I wanted to show the whole stenciled wall.  Call us crazy, but we took the door off.  We never really shut it, and it allowed us to use the wall space on both sides of the door.
    So that is my new closet!  Do ya think it’s over the top for a closet?  Maybe, but I love it.  And I get to go in there every day.  In fact I keep sneaking in just to stare at it!!!! Silly me.

    WOW!  First, I’d stare at it all.the.time. too!  So organized. Everything within easy reach.  Great job Ronda!  Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous closet!  I love the stenciled wall, the His&Hers plaques and coat hooks.  So pretty!  Love the drawers too – everything having a place has to make life so much simpler!

    I‘ll share another amazing closet makeover tomorrow!

    This post is brought to you by 
    Sit back in comfort with polywood chairs from DIY Home Center, knowing you’ve made the right choice for our environment. 

    Before and After Hall Closet Desk

    Isn’t this a creative solution from Karli at The World Spins Madly On for organizing projects? It’s a mini office.  In a closet!  Brilliant!  Here is her post:

    Before and After Hall Closet/Desk

    Here’s another little before and after.
    Ever since the mudroom has been finished we no longer need the small closet in the hall for storing jackets and other mudroom type paraphanelia.
    Well I couldn’t very well let a perfectly good space go to waste so I repurposed the space into a…….

    Mini Office!

    What do you think?

    I’m using it to store tubs with each of the boys’ names on them. These are holding all those little projects they bring home from church, pre-school, and first grade. They’ve all just been stacking up in random places all around the house and it was time for some organizing.

    It’ll be a great little spot for wrapping last minute gifts or writing thank-you cards or storing checks for last minute pizza delivery dinners (ok so, I live in BFE and pizza’s joints don’t deliver herem but still!) I could go on.


    It’s a great place to re-charge my computer when I’m not dragging it around the house working on editing photos or writing new blog posts.

    Eventually the bead board will be painted a creamy white and the walls will be a beautiful sage green.

    Isn’t it a great little space. I’m in love.

    And a little before and after side-by-side…

    I love that she created a little secret room by fitting a desk and shelves in there.  Creative!  Thanks for sharing Karli!

    $8 Closet Makeover ~ Posh Pieces

    Need some motivation for spring cleaning? Shannon from Posh Pieces has a little project that inspires me to get busy on a closet we built last year. That’s as far as we got. It’s built. Inside is chaos. What about you? Are your closets organized or are you trapped under and avalanche when you open the door?

    Here is her post:

    The $8.00 Closet

    Early in the week I started cleaning my closet. It was a disaster! No organization, too much stuff and just a big mess. I picked a good day to start the Spring cleaning. It ended up being a lot more then spring cleaning though. Isn’t that always how it happens?


    After I removed everything from the closet, I started sorting. I ended up with a bag of garbage, a bag for Goodwill, and a pile of stuff that just didn’t belong in the closet.

    Then I got this bright idea to paint the closet.

    Did I stop there? Of course not….

    I decided to paint stripes. I have always wanted stripes, and I just couldn’t help myself. I remembered seeing Roeshel over at the DIY Showoff and her Bathroom stripes and thinking how amazing they looked. So off to the Home Depot I went.

    I refused to spend a lot of money on this project because after all, it is just a closet. I was brave, and I bought one of their mess up cans of paint. The color was totally workable so I felt comfortable with the choice. I had to add a little white paint to tone it down a little, but other then that it was a good buy for $1.00.

    I bought a basket from Target, in their clearance section for $4.00.
    and a shoe rack for $2.50

    Total cost was about $8.00, not including supplies, most of which I had.

    Here it is… the $8.00 closet!
    (This is my main closet downstairs, and I didn’t stage it with my pretty shoes. All shoes in this closet are the ugly, everyday shoes. Sorry.)

    I love how there is almost nothing up here now. Ignore the uncovered doorbell thingy on the wall.

    You can see the huge color difference from my main walls, and my closet. I kinda don’t mind it like this. It makes me feel like I have a mini mudroom or something behind those doors. 🙂

    See how one of the doors is off kilter? It fell off in the process and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back on track.

    The other side of my closet, angled walls. This was a very cramped space to paint in.

    Of course, I love the stripes! But I also like that something so inexpensive and simple made a huge difference! Great job Shannon! Thanks for sharing!
    I hate to do this. But Sindy never responded to winning the Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway. Sad for Sindy but good news for… chose another winner – #73.
    CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley at Decorating Obsessed!

    Ashley, March 21, 2010 5:50 PM 73

    So cool! I love the houndstooth one. I would love that in my hallway. 🙂


    This post is brought to you by Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners – found at DIY Home Center your source for premium & unique products for your home, deck and patio area.

    Feminine Features – Surprise Party

    Note: Feminine features is a post about feminine DIY home improvement, decor and craft projects. I apologize in advance if you came here looking for another type of “feminine features/show & tell”…you won’t find that here but you will find DIY eye candy. Enjoy!

    Surprise! It’s a party! You’re invited! A Girls’ Day Out!

    Here are some beautiful feminine DIY projects. Click the links to visit the original post for more details and tutorials. Then feel free to link up your own feminine DIY project (see instructions below).

    Picture A
    Picture B

    Homemade Strawberry Shortcake (costume) at Chrissie Grace

    Jewelry Organizer from The Crafty Clique


    Thanks so much for sharing
    Adreann, Christy, Shanna, Chrissie, Lyssa, Marjorie and K
    I love my feminine office space/guest bedroom. Here are a few photos:

    My powder room has feminine touches too.

    And so does my guest room.

    How about you? Do you have a pretty feminine DIY project to share? Let’s see it! Email it to me and I’ll add your photo and link to your project in this post or share your link below.
    If you’d like to link YOUR DIY FEMININE PROJECT post to the party:

    1. It’s always a surprise with a different theme and no specific date planned…just pops up out of the blue when the inbox is full of great DIY projects.
    2. You must use the button above and link to this post to share the linky love.
    3. Add your permalink (not your blog url, but your Show & Tell post url). Feel free to link a Past Post, just invite your readers in a current post with a quick note.
    4. Or email your link to and I will add it for you.
    5. The party will run for a few days…so showing up fashionably late is acceptable. I will probably take tomorrow off from blogging so keep checking back for more links!
    6. Have fun!

    I'm Telling! A Home Improvement Show & Tell Recap.

    I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the projects from the Show & Tell Surprise Party earlier this week. Here are the DIY home improvement projects that I thought were creative, beautiful and fun. If you’re featured, Make sure you grab an “I’m featured” button from the right side bar. Thank you to EVERYONE participating. I’m amazed and grateful for your participation without warning. 🙂 In real life…I’d need hours to “get ready”. Those of you with the amazing kitchen makeovers – you’re killing me! I’m so jealous! Click on the links to visit for more pictures of each project!

    Red Writing
    (Dining Room Hidden Storage)

    I Love My 5 Kids
    (Kitchen Re-do)

    Polka Dot Thought
    (Kitchen Makeover)
    Before: KitchenAfter: KitchenForever Daisies
    (Scrapbook Room)


    Moore Minutes
    (Dining Room Makeover)

    Thrifty Living
    (Office Makeover)


    Proud Feet
    (Built In Bookcase)
    The Proud Feet
    (Kitchen Makeover)
    Mother of 3 Fellows
    (Craft Room)

    My Creative Attempts
    (Entry Room Makeover)

    Something To Do
    (Kitchen Makeover)
    The Craft Monkey
    (Laundry Room Makeover)


    (Playroom Makeover)

    Craig, Blair & Turbo
    (Kitchen Makeover)
    Home to Three Duncan Boys
    (Closet Office)
    The Meckleys
    (Laundry Room Makeover)


    Modern Country
    (Master Suite)

    Fingerprints on the Fridge
    (Kitchen Remodel)

    Making It Mine

    (Kitchen Makeover)


    I bow down to these DIY queens! Each of your home improvement projects are awesome!
    So many beautiful spaces. I wish I was a traveling blogger…
    I’d pop by to see your projects in person.
    Thank you SO much for sharing your makeover stories!
    I’m inspired!
    (See all of the amazing Show & Tell submissions! Check them out here if you missed them!)

    What are you up to this weekend?

    This post is brought to you by, for all of your Hotpoint washing machine spares.

    Trash to Treasure – Ribbon Organization

    Introducing another creative & crafty DIY blog:

    A group of crafters who love to create.
    This is the place that we show off what we make and show you how to make it!

    Here is one of the projects you’ll find there, submitted by Lyssa.

    Ribbon Holder tutorial

    I am amazed at what you can create when you have no or hardly any money. I love going to DI or Goodwill these days because I’m learning to see past what things are to what they could become.
    Such is the case with my Ribbon Holder. This is what I found at DI for $2:
    (Does anyone know what this is?!)
    After some TLC, it now looks like this:
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
    And it was really simple to transform it. I’ll break it down for you!
    Step 1: Using my trusty Tomboy Tools, Trim the wood with a hack saw so that a dowel can slide in and out of the hooks.
    Step 2: Sand them down a bit using a sanding block or paper.
    Step 3: Take out frame piece to decorate later.
    Step 4: If you are pregnant, nag and nag and nag your husband to spray paint it. If not, then you can do it (so jealous because it took my husband a week to finally do this step and I was dying!…something about fumes and the baby..I have no idea….)
    Step 4: Decorate frame piece and place back in Holder.
    I just traced the shape on scrapbook paper and used a glue runner to hold in place. Then I took black stickers and made the label.
    Step 5: Hang on wall, making sure to use a level to they hand straight! Something that helps with this is called a Picture Perfect Level, you must check this out!
    Step 6: Place ribbon on dowels and place on your holder.
    Step 7: Stand back and look at what you’ve accomplished!
    boy, what a feeling!

    All of that pretty ribbon – so organized. I love it! Thanks for sharing Lyssa! Great job! Now if I could just find a “whateverthatis”! But, your project is inspiration to keep my eyes open to seeing the potential in everything.

    Lord of the (key) Rings

    Ever here the saying “you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached?” That is my dear, darling husband. He forgets where he puts things. He loses tools, kitchen utensils, books, his cell phone, his super hero ring and his keys. (See HERE and HERE.) So with the mudroom being completed, I wanted a place specifically designated for his keys when he walks in the door.

    I found this cute snack tray at World Market and decided to give it a new impressive job title…Sargent Key Keeper.
    Update – It seems World Market has sold out of the snack trays. I did see something similar at TJMaxx. I also found these similar ones:

    • This one at Target is square and has 4 dishes (His/Hers/Yours and the training M&Ms!)
    • This one at Target comes with two 3-serving trays (one for you, one for a gift)
    • Here’s one with an iron stand
    • Another option
    • Try googling 3-way divided snack tray, try adding “white” or “ceramic”

    I think it’s very happy, preventing rushing-out-the-door meltdowns by guarding the keys and of course I couldn’t help labeling each “dish” because it would be pretty rude of me if guests were to arrive and see what they might consider is an empty snack tray. How heartbreaking. Now…even guests have a special designated spot for their very own keys.
    Stickers (not the paper-thin cheap ones, try something a little sturdier/vinyl)
    Mod Podge
    Spray lacquer

    1. Apply stickers.
    2. Apply Mod Podge with a brush. I did a swirling motion since the brush marks were visible. Let dry. If you finish with this step – do not get the dishes wet, wipe with a dry cloth or you’ll moisten and peel the Mod Podge.
    3. (Optional) Spray with a matte laquer for better protection against getting wet.


    Now to train Mr. Forgetful to remember to use it…