Painted Chalkboard Labels

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff

Our guest bathroom has some bins for keeping things stocked and organized. I know what’s in them, however guests have no idea. So I grabbed:

  • the bins from the shelf in the guest bathroom
  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • chalkboard paint
  • foam paint brush

Here’s what I did:

Using my FrogTape, I taped off rectangles onto the front of the bins…. 

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff

I burnished the edges of the tape with my thumbnail…

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff

and gave each rectangle label area two coats of chalkboard paint.

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff

While the paint was still wet, I carefully removed the FrogTape to reveal crisp clean paint lines! I let the paint dry. 

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff

I labeled the bins using a chalkboard marker.

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff

Now toiletries, first aid supplies and extras can be easily spotted. 

DIY painted chalkboard labels on storage cubes @diyshowoff #FrogTape

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DIY Trash to Treasure Home Sweet Home Chalkboard Message Center

Just a quick note today. I’m sharing a trash to treasure “Home Sweet Home” chalkboard message center that I actually made a few months ago (I’m a little behind) over at the DIY Club today.

Before: this tray or calender holder or whatever it is from the thrift store…

thrift store tray

After: becomes a sweet housewarming gift with a new life as chalkboard message center…

tray to chalkboard tutorial

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DIY 2011 Recap Party

Happy New Year, DIY friends! 
Do you have the habit of looking at all that needs done with little regard to all that has been accomplished? Me too! Always looking ahead to what’s up next on transforming this old house. Who does that?  DIY crazed much? So, this time of year (here’s last year’s post), I love looking back to the year’s DIY and all that we finished up and tackled. Mr. DIY says we get tons done in odd years and that on even years, we’re allowed to sit around and be lazy. Um, he’d be wrong. This DIY girl isn’t going to let that happen! There’s so much to be done, I don’t know where to begin!  Let’s start with reflecting on 2011 for some DIY motivation.
Here is a recap of what went on (DIY and otherwise) at the DIY Show Off home in 2011 according to my picture files:
We adopted Lalka…
Kitchen cabinets were painted, marble backsplash installed, walls painted, new granite countertops and bamboo flooring.

Before/In progress

How to Install a Tile Backsplash
Helloooo beautiful bamboo!
Pantry removed.


After, the fridge is closer to the work area instead of trying to run out the door…
Love this new-to-me piece of furniture:
Guest Bedroom Now…
Sitting Room Makeover
Dining Room Sliding Door 

Dressing Room Closet Before…

Bi-fold turned French Door tutorial…

Craft Room Before

Craft Room After (still tweaking)

Some favorite projects:
Shaw/HGTV Home Design Challenge…How to get this Beach Cottage Look
Whew – what a great year!
Let’s see a recap of your DIY productivity in 2011!  Link up, then visit the links for some motivation to get moving this year!

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Special thanks to YOU for making 2011 so much fun! Your support, encouragement and comments mean so much to me…for real. I look forward to us all having a productive 2012 and can’t wait to see what you have planned!  I also want to thank these companies for their support and amazing and super fun opportunities this past year and look forward to an opportunity to work with them again this year…


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DIY Project Parade ~ Custom Chalkboard Paint Tutorial and Edging Tips

I recently came across Christina’s chalkboard paint post from Designing by Numbers in the DIY Project Parade (thanks for the inspiration, Christina) and remembered that I had bookmarked Martha Stewart’s chalkboard recipe with grand plans that kept getting pushed back.  So, the next day I headed to True Value for supplies. (The True Value in Sarver, PA has a ‘mascot’…the sweetest dog who greets customers at the door, with a roll of duct tape in his mouth. Adorable.)
Our basement stairwell is a blank canvas.  Lots of plans, just needed to get started. 
I wanted a navy chalkboard so custom chalkboard paint was the solution. 
Color:  Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
I started with having my primer tinted.  Primer doesn’t really tint well, so the closest I could get was a bright periwinkle, but every little bit of pigment helps.
To make my project go quicker and because ceilings are high/scary and complicated, I use an edger. 
The secret to using this little treasure is dipping it into the paint at angle, keeping the wheels out of the paint. 
Then drag across up the ‘ramp’ of the paint tray to get off excess paint…
I “sneak up” on where the wall meets the ceiling and then move from side to side. (Don’t just smash down near the ceiling and start side to side.)  I also ‘smooth’ out the bottom of the edged paint line to keep it from dripping/building up and making a visible line. So: touch the edger to the wall below where you’re going to run your edging, then come back and smooth the line made from the bottom of the edger.
For high up/hard to reach places, I added an extension and stood on a ladder at terrifying heights (remember to keep as little as possible paint towards the side of the edger with wheels)…
Once the primer is applied and dried, it’s time to move on to the next step.

The recipe calls for 2 tbsp. of non sand grout for every cup of latex paint. Here’s the conversion for making one gallon of chalkboard paint:
2 tbsp. for 1 cup
16 cups in a gallon 
= 2 cups (32 tbsp.) of non sand grout in one gallon of paint

I used a 5 gallon bucket for mixing.
I alternated adding paint then a bit of grout (thanks to Christina for the tip). Then stirred.  Repeat until all paint and grout are mixed.
I used a paint stir. Tilting the bucket helps get the grout/paint mixed that sticks to the sides of the bucket.
The consistency is thick.  There are small clumps…keep stirring (a mixer-bit on the drill might be more helpful).  I did have a few bumps…but we’re not picky. Most dissolved or smoothed out with a paint brush (a little bit of a pain but overall – it was worth it). If we were perfectionists, we wouldn’t have bought an old fixer-upper farmhouse! This wall will actually be partially covered up (future project) and then a couple of years down the road, it’s being torn out when we get to the big basement renovation. The solution is to lightly sand between coats. 
Make sure you use a drop cloth and wear old clothes. Consistency is thick and splatters will occur. (Thankfully we have stairs waiting for slate tile…so although I was careful, it didn’t matter). A mask is preferable too. The fumes were on the strong side. Use same edging technique as mentioned above. 
I used a foam roller for the larger/middle task of painting the wall. 
Once I finished the wall, I put the lid on my bucket and my paint tray/roller in a baggy and let the wall paint dry overnight.
first coat, drying…
In progress but looking good!
Second day, second coat.  Next…the hard part. Rub the entire wall with the side of a piece of chalk. 
Then erase.
All set to accept chalk board writing!

More on our stairwell transformation coming up – you’ll never guess what we have planned.

Let’s see what you’ve been up to!

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