Gift Wrap Finishing Touches

There are two types of people when it comes to gift wrapping…those who loathe it, those who LOVE it. I’ve always been a lover of gift wrapping so I’m excited to join 9 friends in a Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas blog hop! 

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

And I’m the type who makes gift wrapping an event – a holiday party for one! I prefer to do it all at once. I love the tradition of setting out the supplies just so with a view of the Christmas tree…rolls of beautiful gift wrap, displays of cute holiday tags, whimsical ornaments, glitter pens, tape, ribbon and scissors. Pump up the volume on the Michael Bublé Christmas album, dress up in your most comfy pjs and grab a mug of hot cocoa…I’m going to share some gift wrapping finishing touches with you.

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff  

last year’s gift wrap to coordinated with an orange and green Christmas theme

Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challenge

Each year, I select about 4-5 coordinating rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I love mixing patterns. And I do prefer that the wrap matches my holiday decor too. So this year, it’s traditional red and green with a touch of black. 

birds and berries Christmas tree #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff Dream Tree Challenge birds and berries Christmas tree #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff Dream Tree Challenge

Above was staging of empty boxes for my Dream Tree Challenge but what I’m sharing today is what I’ve gathered for real gift-giving this year. I snagged a fun mix of patterns ranging from plaid, stripes, reindeer and text in red, white, green and black from Michaels. 

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Embellishments: decorative/washi tape (you know that collection you have but never quite use? GET IT!), black/white printed photos, monogrammed letters, cute gift tags, bows, ribbon, twine and some snips of pine, small ornaments, little DIY crafts/gifts.

And since a tutorial isn’t really necessary, let’s just cut to the chase and show some pretty gift wrap ideas in photos, okay? OKAY! Here we go…

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tip: Use decorative tape instead of ribbon to secure/stack a collection of gifts. I used chalk tape above. I love the satiny wide ribbon-like look. And those presents are going to stay stacked! Grab a chalk marker and personalize! Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tip: Add small handmade gifts or ornaments instead of a bow. Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tips: If you prefer wrapping gifts as you go, designate a roll (or coordinating rolls) for each family member. 1. That way you can embellish with tags/bows/etc. after the gifts are under the tree (tag the first gift you wrap for each member so you know who’s paper belongs to who). It makes storing much easier until “Santa” arrives! 2. It also makes it easier to tally the # of gifts for each person (in case you have a little one who keeps track!) 3. It’ll create a nice mix of colors and patterns when on display under your Christmas tree. 

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

Tip: Snag a photo straight from social media, print in black/white on card stock to create an easy and personalized gift tag!

Are you an all at once or as you go wrapper? Love it or loathe it?

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

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Holiday Gift Basket Idea {with free printables}

I recently created a gift basket for a sweet local lady’s benefit and it was a big hit. Since it’d make a great gift idea for the holidays, I wanted to share the idea as a part of my Michaels Makers’ December challenge. Purchase everything you need from Michaels Craft Stores and assemble or add a little DIY to make it a little more handmade. 

Holiday Gift Basket Idea with free printable art @diyshowoff

Materials I used: Michael’s has an awesome gift selection, DIY/craft supplies AND so many great gift wrapping accessories too!

  • Eat, drink & be merry sign (They were on sale the last time I looked!) or snag a beautiful picture frame or two and print the free printables provided below
  • basket & shredded white paper filler 
  • two mason jar mugs 
  • green mason jar lids with straws
  • Christmas ornament
  • mini faux Christmas tree with burlap covered root ball 
  • regular or organic cocoa mix in a mason jar with chalkboard lid label
  • optional: peppermint essential oil or peppermint schnapps, washi tape

Christmas essential oils gift basket idea @diyshowoff

More options: candy canes, marshmallows, holiday CD or movie, Christmas candle or homemade Christmas cookies. 

baby it's cold outside holiday gift set idea @diyshowoff DIY cocoa gift basket set @diyshowoff DIY holiday gift basket set idea @diyshowoff DIY hot chocolate gift set @diyshowoff DIYShowOff holiday essential oils gift basket idea eat, drink and be merry holiday gift basket idea @diyshowoff   

Making or donating a promotional type gift? Add in your business card and samples.  Young Living essential oils holiday gift basket idea @diyshowoff

A budget friendly option. Print one or both of the attached chalkboard printables and frame in place of making a DIY sign or buying a print: 


Right click and save to your desktop to print or click the blue link below to download the PDF for printing.


Save Eat, Drink & Be Merry PDF for printing


Save Baby, It’s Cold Outside PDF for printing

  holiday gift basket idea @diyshowoff essential oils holiday gift set idea @diyshowoff

Pin to your Holiday Gift board for future gift giving inspiration!

Holiday Gift Basket Idea with free printable art @diyshowoff

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Michaels Makers holiday  banner  

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*As a member of the Michaels’ Makers team, I receive a gift card to complete and share fun craft challenges. All ideas and opinions are my own.