Metallic Gold Favorites

Hello Gold! I am loving it! While I’ve been doing a little birthday wishing, I’ve collected a few pretty gold treasures from my wish list to share with you. *Hey, there are a few Amazon affiliate links sprinkled in below. The others are not. 

gold home decor trend @diyshowoff

Go for the gold…

  1. Big Ben alarm clock
  2. gold wire basket
  3. cup & saucer
  4. gold cake stand
  5. triangle wall decals
  6. deer head wall art
  7. metallic gold spray paint
  8. unscented ambiance candle
  9. wooden box with gold lid
  10. Nate Berkus embellished pillow

  gold gift ideas @diyshowoff

All that glitters is gold….

  1.  hashtag gold earrings
  2. gold aviator sunglasses
  3. wonderland of whimsy bracelet
  4. Rifle XO note cards
  5. antique gold stag head jewelry stand
  6. Starbucks gold polka dot travel mug
  7. glam jam earbuds
  8. Jude Phone cover by WallFlower 
  • You know my passion for essential oils? Well, it’s true what they say. “There’s an oil for that!” Egyptian Gold™ includes the biblical essential oils rose, cinnamon, balsam fir, and lavender, renowned for spiritual sensitivities. This transcendent blend gently enhances moments of devotion and reverence. Must try! 
  • Ever since I made up that metallic gold #blogger t-shirt last year (which I still LOVE), I’m obsessed! 

What about you? Take it or leave it? What’s your current favorite trend?

Metallic Gold Arrow Accent Wall Tutorial

A small plain wall is a great spot for adding some pattern and detail to a room. This small wall in the apartment nursery nook was just begging for a little attention. Here’s what we did to give it some pizzazz:

metallic gold arrow wall at

Arrow Accent Wall Tutorial


What worked for me:

I started with creating triangle (arrowhead) vinyl stickers in my Silhouette Design Studio software. (Since I had some extra space, I created a few vinyl decals including the letter A and a deer head as well…they aren’t a part of this project.)

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

I hit the “cut” button and adjusted the settings on my blade for vinyl. 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

Load the vinyl into my Silhouette Cameo color side facing up. 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

Hit “cut” and remove from machine. 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

Weed away the excess vinyl (the vinyl that’s not a part of the design). Vinyl stickers. That fast!

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

On the wall using a level and Sharpie, I drew vertical lines evenly spaced part. 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

We then decided on placement of the arrow heads, alternating the direction every other line. 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

I cut a “chevron” pattern from cardboard and used it to create arrow tails, again, evenly spaced and alternating the direction every other line. 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

Ali used a piece of damp magic eraser to erase the Sharpie line between arrows (note for potential future reference: magic eraser works on removing permanent marker from walls). 

metallic arrow wall design tutorial @diyshowoff

That’s it. I was hoping for a more staggered look, but even with drawing it out on paper, the final design had an alternating horizontal pattern too. Cool! 

metallic gold arrow wall - nursery @diyshowoff

What do you think? Cute. Simple. Right? 

See the entire nursery nook HERE

small apartment nursery nook reveal @diyshowoff

See my guest room/nursery space for more nursery ideas:

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