Mancave – basement Flooring (Part 2)

Last week I shared the beginnings of a basement makeover with major clean up, a wall removed, fresh new paint (Mancave in Progress – Part 1) and today…you guys! I’m so excited to show you the floor! Hurray! One step closer to completion!

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

My contacts from A&S Carpet are Jeff and Frank and Frank stopped by to check out the area and do some measurements and since it’s a basement space, gave us some product recommendations. 

basement // mancave makeover

After looking at TONS of samples, we fell in love with a hardwood called Maverick from Shaw Floors. We love the color, the rustic design, how it looked next to the slate tile on the stairs, the durability and the distressing. It would have been love at first sight for you too. Not too dark, not too light. Lots of character! 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Pretty detail!!!basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

And the professional hardwood floor team A&S sent over had it installed in just a few short hours! There’s something about watching professionals … they make it look so easy. basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Tim has installed over a million square feet of flooring! basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Maverick is a 7″ ply-core engineered Hickory with a pretty texture unlike any other product in the Shaw Hardwood Collection. It showcases a timeworn rustic distressed look with circular saw marks randomly peppered throughout the design. It gives the appearance of reclaimed old flooring in a wider width. 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

See that random light piece in the middle?basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

I loved that light piece and anticipated random light pieces throughout the design. However, when that didn’t seem to be the case, I requested it be removed. Thankfully the glue hadn’t completely dried and the guys got it swapped out. basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

We went with the color “leather”.

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t the distressing awesome?

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

Since this will be a space for entertaining and play, it’s a great durable option!  What do you think? 

Do you have a finished basement? Is it a mancave type space? What type of flooring did you choose?


Mancave in Progress (Part 1)

We have a mancave makeover in progress! Hurray!!! 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Well, to be precise…we’ve never had a mancave in our home so we’re doing a basement makeover and creating a mancave for Russ. When it comes to our home, my husband has pretty much given me free reign to DIY, design and decorate as I please. We call it my life sized doll house. As you know, it’s kind of my thing, what I love to do and it’s still a work in progress with lots to be done but last summer, we started cleaning out the basement and it was time to start planning a space just for him. 500+ square feet all dedicated to him, his hobbies and his likes. He’s a home brewer so the mancave will include a bar for entertaining and because he enjoys football season, a living room area with enormous television…I’d call that a mancave, right?

I want him to make the decisions on this space but I appreciate that he includes me in his decision making and asks my opinion. See my Pinterest Board of Mancave Inspiration here


Our basement is two parts. 1 part old 1927 below the original house with ceilings so low he has to duck his head and 1 part newer addition – we’re guessing sometime in the early 1990s. The overflowing storage of junk had reached our puke point. We had a yard sale last summer. He tore down a wall that separated the space. Here are some before photos when the wall was removed and the junk was heading out the door…

basement // mancave makeover basement // mancave makeover basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard Shaw Maverick Leather

We’ve been here going on 12 years and never really did anything with the space other than he ripped up some nasty carpet when we moved in and we did have a wood burner for a while before insulating our home and new windows. But mostly, it just sat collecting junk, dirt and dust. It often also served as a workshop for DIY projects upstairs so lots of sawdust too! 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

The duct work that sits head-hitting low for his 6’3″ height will be encased in cabinetry. More details on why coming up later!

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboardbasement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Once we got it empty, he patched, primed and painted walls.

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

He really liked the sage green walls we used to have in our kitchen and I really like gray so we decided on a gray-green. He used Benjamin Moore Aura paint color matched  – Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Then we started the search for flooring. We had our local Shaw Floors dealer stop by to determine which floor covering suited our space best. Frank from our local Shaw dealer, A&S Carpet recommended engineered hardwood for our basement. 

basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard basement // mancave makeover #shawstyleboard

Stay tuned for Part 2 for what we chose and installation! 


Creative in Chicago

Hi!  No, I’m still in PA, not Chicago but I’d like to introduce you to someone “Creative in Chicago”.

Creative in Chicago: a decorating blog

Meet:  Zoe.  She is currently decorating a house that boasted brown in EVERY room.  Here is her journey to make her home fresh, light and airy.

Now – soothing and peaceful!

Basement – Boring to Fun!
Blah before
Fun after
Boring before
Makeover magic…
family room makeover
Zoe has an awesome list of accomplishments:   before and afters AND great how-to’s including everything from painting paneling to homemade deer repellent!  She addresses her blog to her Chicago house and the changes that are taking place. Check it out! I love her latest project too.  So cute!
Looking good, Zoe!  Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! I look forward to seeing more!

It's Just Paint…

“It’s Just Paint”.  That’s the mantra over at W Design, along with “Love Where You Live”.  Great advice from Susie, blogger at W Design.  That is exactly how I feel about our home…do what we love, make our home ours.  

Susie does just that.  Take a look (click the links for more details and pictures!).

Kitchen Before:
Notice the paint can on the counter. The cabinets were about to be rescued!

So much wood crying out to be painted!

Kitchen After:

Oh for the love of painted cabinets.  Everyone is doing it (including me!) but I never get tired of seeing the transformation.  It’s lovely. Every.time. And Susie’s kitchen is no exception.  What a beautiful brighter difference!

Susie’s little girls’ room got a makeover too.  It’s beautiful before and it’s stunning after…

Girls’ Room Makeover

Before (so sweet!)

But two daughters became three daughters and more room was needed. The closet went from looking like this:

to looking like this:


Next, she added some character to the room with painted wallpaper by making her own stencil. Trace, paint, repeat. LOVE!

Hours and days later, the walls were finished.

$10 Goodwill desk is perfect for her girls…

Susie’s father-in-law finished a bunk bed system they designed for the room.  Perfect for three girls in one room.  It is beautiful!  The entire room is just so sweet, isn’t it? Awesome bunk beds!

What a fun girls’ room!  More details to come!

There’s more to see at W Design – including her fun basement!

See more at It’s Showtime!

Susie – every single project, every detail is so amazing!  Way to transform a space or two or three! Thank you so much for ‘showing off’!

Don’t forget to enter the $ giveaway!
Unique gifts, decor and DIY!

Decor Allure and the Basement PlayWorld

Do you have a finished game room/entertaining basement/man cave/kids’ playroom?  If it’s something in your DIY future, be prepared to be inspired.  Erin from Decor Allure just finished her basement makeover and it is a beautiful bright space that no one is ever gonna wanna leave!  1000 square feet of something-fun-for-everyone!  Grab a napkin, you’re going to drool!
Here are some highlights from her reveal but visit her “basement is finished” post to see the full details!

As you open the door to the basement this is what you see:

(No, the “no food” sign the kids made is not staying!  It was just up for our annual New Year’s Eve Family Party.  We had over 100 people and needed to keep the food to one level.)

The landing half-way down:

The vintage roller coaster poster I mod-podged onto a cheap canvas and the old wood tickets sign I made earlier (details here.)

Are you asking about that Ladder about now?  That ladder leads to my husband’s pet project and favorite part of the basement finishing.  It leads to a tube slide down!  Cool, huh?

My determined engineer husband twisted the top section and added an extension piece and made what I call “the death drop slide.” It’s very steep at the start, making it fast (perfect for our kids!) It does a zig-zag and comes out gently downstairs (you’ll see in a minute.)

As you turn the corner of this landing, you can see down the next set of stairs to the actual basement.

Straight ahead it the bathroom, to the left are the two bedrooms and to your right the main room.
If you turn to your right, this is what you see:

 We had a pipe that had to be soffited along this wall, so it made a perfect place for built-ins.  I pulled out a bunch of pictures of what I thought would work and my husband built it!

We found some lovely, wide crown moulding and some fluted trim at Habitat REstore.

Here you can see the almost-complete exit for the slide.  We still have a bit of mudding to the trim area and touch up to complete that.  We slanted the wall leading into the mai
n room to make a nice, wide entrance to the room.  The door lends access to the slide and should someone want to remove the slide, it would be easily done and leave a nice storage closet behind.


We threw down some furniture we had and I’ve since found the perfect smaller-sized sectional. I plan on slipcovering it and those red chairs with dropcloth.

The kids also love the swing from Ikea.  We reinforced some boards between beams and marked the spot before we drywalled the ceiling.  The air hockey table was a $60 score at a garage sale a few years ago and the $10 foosball wasn’t out of reach either!

I pulled together a collection of posters, maps and prints from a few places we’ve traveled to. My handy-dandy mat cutter made it easy to use some old frames from Goodwill and a few standard, cheap frames to frame the artwork.

Here’s a close-up of the moulding treatment we chose.

Alright, this is heading back towards the stairs and the rooms.

This is heading into the bathroom:

We chose to lay the typical square 12″ tiles off-set from each other instead of square to add more interest.  We really like how it turned out.

Now, we’ll head into the first of the bedrooms.  My oldest wanted an Asian feel to the room. This was her inspiration picture that we were going for:

And here’s ours so far.  We need some more accessories and such, but it’s off to a good start:

I made the upholstered headboard with nailhead trim (I’ll try to do a tutorial on it later) and made the bedspread.  We already had the artwork by VanGogh and just repainted a second-hand frame.

I found a very long $2 frame at a garage sale, cut a piece of thin plywood for the backing.  After painting it, I screwed on a kitchen drawer pull and hung a Japanese Obi we had from our stay in Tokyo.  It makes a fun art piece, yet does something much more practical; it hides the ugly electrical box that had to stay situated in the bedroom.  It’s on hooks for quick removal should we need access to the circuits.

Some wonderfully talented friends came over and painted these branches for us in a nice metallic paint.

On either side of the closet we placed some old Chinese screen panels:

 We’re on the lookout for a fun desk for her room, but it’s coming along.

Next door is our other daughter’s room.  She’s been warned that she’s the first to get kicked out when guests visit since we put a queen size bed in.

The headboard was found at a garage sale for $20, repainted the famous “Heirloom White” (we left off the footboard so it wouldn’t close in the room as much.)  It’s positioned in a bow in the foundation since this room sits right under the den in the front of the house, which has a bow window.

We already had these mini chandeliers from the girls’ old rooms.  They have very dim bulbs so they can be used as reading lights.  They’re connected together and put on a button switch attached low on the bed frame for easy on and off.  This very old, delightfully rough frame was found for a $1 and the bird print in the center was found at Goodwill.

On either side of the bed are these great old window frames I found on Craigslist.  We painted them gray and distressed them a bit.  We’re patiently waiting for some free mirror on craigslist or Habitat REStore to turn them into mirrors.  It’ll help reflect more light into the room.

To the right of the bed is a sleeping beauty print we had in
their old room.  The frame is a fun antique find for $5.

We’re moving in a slant-front desk and need to make some curtains, as well as look out for a few other accessories.
More pictures and details at her original post along with the paint colors she chose.  
Erin – it is fabulous!  What a beautiful and fun entertaining space!  The bathroom is gorgeous – love the tile and fixtures.  Lucky girls – such stunning rooms!   I see lots of fun family and friend get-togethers at your house!  Thanks for sharing all of your hard work.  Super job!