Snack Time Table Runner

Serving up snacks for guests? Dress up the ‘buffet’ with a cute table runner. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Materials I used: 

What I did: 

Wash, dry, iron and hem edges of toweling fabric to create a runner. I accidentally deleted the photos from this step…but the toweling only needs hems on the short sides. 

Create text using Silhouette Studio Designer software. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Important: flip/mirror text (right click and “flip horizontally”). 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Adjust Silhouette blade settings for heat transfer in the “cut” screen.

Load iron on vinyl into machine shiny/pattered/glittered side down and click “cut”.

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

When complete, remove vinyl from machine and weed away excess iron on vinyl. Design/text will show backwards on the tacky side of a transparency. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Place iron on decal with transparency onto fabric. Cover with scrap fabric and apply heat with iron on high setting for 20-30 seconds.  snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff


snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Pull away transparency. (If iron-on pulls up, replace transparency and repeat applying heat.)

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

After iron on decals are all placed, iron entire runner on the back side.

Perfect for adding a special touch to snacks for a small gathering. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Cute display for appetizers, desserts and beverages displayed on our kitchen island.   snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff


snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

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Easy DIY Personalized Easter Basket Liner

Happy Spring! With a new grand-baby in the family, I can’t help but get all giddy about making up an Easter basket this year. As you know, I love to personalize gifts and with just a t-shirt and a DIY iron-on vinyl, this liner is super easy to make! 

DIY personalized Easter basket liner tutorial @diyshowoff

What I used:

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

What you’ll need: sewing machine, scissors, straight edge, computer/vinyl cutter, iron. 

What I did:

Lay inside out t-shirt flat and using a straight edge, draw a line beneath the t-shirt arms. This is the sewing guide…simply a straight line. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Sew along the line. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Then cut straight across above the sewn line (right below the armpits of the t-shirt). 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Flip right side out. 

Place the seam inside of the basket and fold the edges of the t-shirt over the basket to create a liner. Measure how much room you have horizontally and vertically to get an idea of your iron on design’s size. I kept mine under 2″ high by 7″ wide. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Using the Silhouette Design Studio software, I created a graphic with name and a cute little bunny shape. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

You’ll need to mirror the text and image by right clicking and selecting “flip horizontally”. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Double check the size. (One sheet of iron-on vinyl is going to make a LOT of decals!) 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Load vinyl into the machine shiny side down. The shiny side is actually the transparent cover. Vinyl is the matte side (facing up). 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Send the design to ‘cut’. Adjust setting for heat transfer material and “cut”.

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

When cutting is complete, remove vinyl from machine. Trim to a manageable size. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Weed away the excess vinyl. The decal will show a backwards design on the transparency. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Smooth out the t-shirt liner with the open end facing you. Place the iron on decal towards the bottom, centered. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Cover with a cotton cloth (or the scrap t-shirt material) and iron according to instructions that came with the iron on vinyl.

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Carefully remove the transparency film. 

personalized Easter basket liner @diyshowoff

Line the Easter basket and fill. Easy, right? Cute too! 

DIY personalized Easter basket liner tutorial @diyshowoff DIY personalized Easter basket liner tutorial @diyshowoff

It’s actually a pretty easy DIY project for any time of the year, any basket or to personalize a gift basket for any occasion.

DIY personalized Easter basket liner tutorial @diyshowoff


More Easter DIY ideas

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*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own. I love the products and the prices are affordable. Check out all the supplies at Happy Crafters for great prices, products and inspiration for your next project. 


Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

This post may contain affiliate links.

Going green? It’s great to have reusable shopping bags handy. How about one that’s DIY, upcycled and customizable? All the better! 

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

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This upcycled t-shirt market bag project from Michael’s was the perfect inspiration.

ordering online at michaels

My take on the Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

Materials I used:

  • short sleeved sport gray adult medium t-shirt
  • black parachute cord 
  • black distressed iron on letters
  • gray thread 

upcycled tshirt tote back supplies  

Skill Level: Easy

Project Time: 30-60 minutes

You’ll also need:

  • scissors
  • sewing machine (optional) 
  • needle
  • iron

Michael’s Coupons: 

What I did:

1. Start with a washed, dried, and ironed t-shirt then flip inside out. 

easy tshirt tote bag tutorial at

2. Next sew the bottom hem of the shirt closed using a sewing machine (you could also do this by hand).

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

3. Cut off the sleeves.

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

4. Cut off the neckline (squared).

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

5. Flip t-shirt right side out. That easy – it’s a bag! 

The following steps are optional. Use your imagine to come up with your own creative take on it!

6. Embellish! I chose to use iron on letters (apply to t-shirt according to package instructions) but you could also decorate with fabric paint and/or stamps as shown in Michael’s instructions. 

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

7. Cut two 12″ pieces of parachute cord and knot each end of each piece.

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

8. Using a needle and thread or sewing machine, attach the parachute cord for bag ties between each of the handles (at one knotted end). 

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

All done! Place near the door, ready to toss in the car for shopping.

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at

Cute, cute, cute! Love it! Easy to do with so many possibilities…love that kind of DIY, don’t you?  

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at Your 24-hour Arts & Crafts Store

I recently joined the Michael’s Makers team which means I receive a gift card to complete and share fun craft challenges.

Painted Striped Curtains {apartment sneak peek}

Painting Horizontal Stripes on Fabric Curtain Panels

Renovating, furnishing and decorating an apartment = very tight budget. With the main floor needing six panels, Ikea’s Vivan panels were a perfect choice. A set of two panels for $9.99 – what a deal! And they’re huge! 52″ wide x 98″ long. I love all white curtain panels but for the main living space, I wanted to add a little texture, neutral accent and simple pattern. I love horizontal striped curtains. We decided to go with three large neutral stripes, starting from the bottom.

Not according to plan: My plan was to do an ombre design from black, dark charcoal to light gray. I ended up with something a little different. Here’s how I did it, my suggestions on what I would have done differently and why my stripes aren’t ombre.

What I did: 


  • Ikea Vivian curtain panels
  • Paint (fabric paint or latex paint)
  • Sponge rollers (recommend trying foam rollers)
  • FrogTape
  • Tools used: yard stick, iron, sewing machine for hemming if needed

I started by pre-washing and ironing out wrinkles, then spread them out (one at a time) on the dining room table. I used a vinyl table cloth as a “drop cloth” for underneath the panel.

Ikea Vivian curtain panels

Using my yard stick, I started from the bottom and measured 12 inches, then drew a pencil line.

DIY horizontal striped curtains

I used my FrogTape on the outside of my 12″ line to create a crisp border. For the next stripe, I measured 12″ from the edge of the FrogTape. Note: My straight tape lines extended past the panel to secure the edges of the fabric to the vinyl tablecloth to help prevent shifting.

FrogTape for painting striped curtains

I purchased 3 large bottles of fabric paint in black. My plan was to add white to lighten each stripe. However even three bottles of fabric paint does not go a long way with six curtain panels. I ended up using the black fabric paint for the bottom stripe of each panel.

painting striped curtains

painting stripes on curtains

Dip in paint, roll on cardboard/paper towels then roll onto fabric. My cheap rollers meant I had to go over it a few times but once the roller was saturated with paint, it went quicker. 

painted horizontal striped Ikea curtains

Then…since we are on a budget, I used latex wall paint – which is the reason I ended up with a black stripe, gray stripe and greige stripe…not white ombre, but neutral! Tip: {figured this out after the fact}, water down latex wall paint for better absorption.

DIY painted striped curtain panels

I used a sponge roller from the dollar store for each stripe. Tip: DO not use cheap dollar store sponge rollers. Invest a couple dollars in a better quality foam roller. My cheap sponge roller is part of the reason for a “suede” look…which we were okay with and ended up liking the look, but I also would have liked a more solid result. The faded look is pretty too and when time is an issue, it looks even better. 😉

I painted each stripe, let it dry a little, then hung each panel to dry more thoroughly.  So, with six curtain panels, it did take me a couple of days.

drying painted curtain

I wiped the vinyl tablecloth in between laying out each panel. (Pleasant time saving surprise: The paint on my vinyl drop cloth could be seen through the white curtain panels, meaning after the first one, I didn’t have to measure/mark each panel – I just lined it up on the vinyl drop cloth and taped where the previous curtains’ FrogTape lines showed through.)

how to paint striped curtain panels

I immediately removed my FrogTape once painting was complete.

removing FrogTape from painted curtains

Once all of my panels were dry, I measure the length and cut from the top, adding 3 inches to create a rod pocket (cutting from the top or bottom means one of those needs hemmed and I found painting from the bottom up easier). I love using curtain rings, but again, 6 sets of curtain rings adds up, and this is a budget friendly makeover.

measuring and cutting curtain panels

cutting and measuring…

creating rod pocket

sewing a rod pocket

I creased the extra 3 inches with an iron,

ironing rod pocket

then folded about an inch under and ironed that.

creating and ironing rod pocket hem

I sewed a straight line near the bottom of the ironed fold to create a rod pocket.

sewing rod pocket

***I’ll share what I did with the “top” piece of the curtain panels soon – cutting from the top left me with 6 valances, just needing a hem.

I gave each panel another quick iron over and now they’re hanging!

Before apartment makeover:

door before

Just a peek of the apartment windows before:

chartreuse door

Door paint color is Valspar Gilded Pesto (beautiful chartreuse!).

Sneak peek windows after:

DIY painted horizontal striped curtains

Side note: Since the tiny apartment doesn’t have an entry way or closet, I attached some coat hooks (Hobby Lobby) to a board and screwed it to the door – instant cute coat rack. DIY Show Off bag is from Nest of Posies.

painted curtain after

Whatdoyathink? It might make more sense when you see the rest of the apartment, eh? Patience, my friends. I know – not one of my strengths either. 😉

Note: I haven’t washed the curtains after painting, but I’m assuming all will be well – after all, the paint doesn’t wash out of my paint splattered DIY attire.

Update: More apartment details! We are still working on some finishing touches and last minute issues that have come up {the joys of DIY!}, so the reveal has been pushed back. However, there are a TON of DIY details and I’ll be sharing those over the next week or two {and while we’re on vacation}. We think it’s awesome and can’t wait to hear what you think! Little by little…we’ll work up to the reveal!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience. 

FrogTape Blog Squad

Pass It On

Have you met Linda at IASWP? She’s super talented and so sweet. She, along with some of her closest blog friends, are hosting a blog event called…
it all started with paint.
The idea is that they started a ‘pay it forward’ type thing and sent a handmade gift to some lucky girls. I was one of Linda’s lucky friends and received two amazing gifts…
If you know Linda, you know she has an natural talent for creating some of the most beautiful accent pillows using drop cloths.
But I’m looking forward to participating in Pass It On and I will make two surprises for a blog friend, one to keep and one to pass on. I’ll keep you posted about that. I may even choose more than one blog friend! 😉
Linda recently opened an Etsy Shop filled with beautiful designs…
and is hosting a fun pillow party starting tomorrow 4/24 (you’re invited!)…
Linda, thank you SO much for the beautiful ruffled pillows and choosing me to be a part of the Pass It On Project. We’re in the process of redoing our family room and they are just so so sweet and perfect!

Kids’ Closet Project

Hello! I’m Christina from No. 29 Design. Thank you so much to Roeshel for asking me to guest post. I’ve very honored since I’m still a newborn in blogland! I thought I’d share with you a project I’ve been working on and am happy to say it is done!

No. 29 Design
My boys closet got stripped of it doors a while back to make room for the Ikea Expedit I put inside. It has freed up the rest of the room to fit in two twin beds as well as plenty of play space. It stays organized and all those bins hold clothes and some toys. All in all it works great, except for the top. I can’t take the bar down which holds the clothes on either side. Seeing everything stored on the top shelf of the closet does not make me happy. I’d put more “stuff” but then I’d see that too, so I’m limiting my storage capability.

Numbered Drop Cloth Napkins by It All Started with Paint

I’m excited — and honored — to bring this post to you from The DIY Showoff.  Roeshel has so generously opened up her blog to guest posts – and has even given me two opportunities to feature my projects.  Thank you so much Roeshel!Now on to the post …You may or may not know that I’m obsessed with numbers.  If not, here’s a quick refresher of numbered things in- and out- side of our home … 

 Numbered Steps.Porch.closeup (2) (600x450)Porch Pillows Indoors (600x450) (2)Numbers Powder Room (600x450)Numbers Back Porch (600x450) 
When I landed on an image a few months ago showing off a table setting with numbered napkins, I knew I needed to make these for our home.  And then make some more to sell on my ‘in-the-works’ etsy shop …

No. Napkins Final Close Up (550x413) (2)

… and a plan took shape in the form of iron-on transfer numbered napkins made from drop cloth fabric … Painter’s drop cloth as fabric is my newest obsession.  It’s cheap. It’s washable. It’s easy to tear into perfectly straight lines.  I like the natural color, but it can be bleached lighter or even dyed — like I did for my fall wreath.Here’s what I did …1. Machine wash and dry drop cloth.  I purchased mine from Menards.  It cost just under $15.00 for a 4’ x 15’ drop cloth.2. Create mirror image numbers and print on transfer paper (I have an ink jet printer but mistakenly used paper made for a laser printer.  It was a mistake that worked in my favor because the images transfer to the fabric without that annoying film border.  It comes out a bit grainy and aged – but honestly, I like that look …)

DSCN3417 (550x413)3. I cut the drop cloth fabric into 22” x 22” squares, allowing for a 1” seam allowance around the border …No. Napkins Measured (550x413) (2)Here’s a tip that guarantees a straight line:  cut a small slit in the drop cloth and then tear …No. Napkins 2 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Rip (550x413) (2)
 4. Double fold over a 1/2” inch and pin.  The drop cloth frays easily so the double fold will make it much more durable for frequently washed fabric napkins.
  No. Napkins Pinned (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Pinned All (550x413) (2)
 Here’s a quick ‘pic-tutorial’ on how I pinned the corners …No. Napkins Corner 1 (550x413) (2)No. Napkin Corner 2 (550x413) (2)No. Napkin Corner 3 (550x413) (2)No. Napkin Corner 4 (550x413) (2)
 5.  Sew … and since I’m a glutton for punishment, I sewed a double seam to ensure greater durability …No. Napkins Sewing (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Sewing 2 (550x413) (2)
 6.  Now it’s time to transfer the mirror-image numbers … (check back soon for my ‘screen cap’ tutorial on how to make mirror image text and numbers in a Microsoft Word document).No. Napkins Transfer (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Transfer 3 (550x413) (2)
 … the transfer paper I used comes out a bit grainy, but I really like that aged look on the drop cloth canvas …No. Napkins Iron (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Iron Transfer (550x413) (2)… and the finished product …
 No. Napkins 12 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 6 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 again (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 more too (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 too (550x413) (2)… is ready for dinner …image

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Linda. You and your projects are amazing! I want these so I either see a project in my future…unless you get that in the works etsy shop up and running!  Can’t wait!

I‘m hanging out here today with Lisa…
Crafty Christmas
Pin It

DIY Present Pillows by Linda from It All Started with Paint

Present Pillows Twine on couch (550x413) (2)

I’m honored to be blogging to you today from The DIY Showoff. Thank you Roeshel for this amazing opportunity to be a guest contributor on your blog.  You, your readers and your followers have been so very kind to me … and an amazing source of inspiration and instruction.  About 13 years ago, I made ‘present pillows’ for our home.  They were jewel-toned with gold bows.  Seriously, those were the hot colors of the day splashed across the catalog pages …

Present Pillows (3)
… my creations (and photos) were a little rough around the ages in my pre-blogger days …

   … and the very pages where the inspiration for this project first sparked. It was either Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel that featured ‘present pillows’ in a photo shoot.  They weren’t for sale.  Just a prop.  But it was a prop that I knew I needed in our home for the holidays …Those jewel-toned present pillows were literally loved to death by my children and were ‘recycled’ many moons ago.  Then I happened upon that picture above (the baby holding those pillows is now in high school) and decided it was high time to bring back the present pillow.This time around I jumped on my new passion of using drop cloth as fabric.  With a $10 Menard’s rebate, I picked up a 4’ x 9’ drop cloth for under $5. Then I grabbed a bunch of different ribbon options.  They were all marked 50% off and if I don’t use them in this project I’ll put them to good use elsewhere …

Present Pillows Materials (550x413) (2)

The first step was to wash the drop cloth with detergent and fabric softener.  And then dry with a dryer sheet.  I actually ran mine through the washing machine twice.  It’s amazing how much it softens it up.I made two present pillows that are 8” x 6” in size.  That meant I cut 4 pieces of fabric (tops and bottoms) 7” x 7”; and cut 8 pieces of fabric 9” x 7” for the sides.I cut  — well, more like tore – the top and bottom pieces first.  If you make a small cut in the drop cloth like so …

Present Pillows Tear 1 final (550x413) (2)You can then tear it and end up with a perfectly straight line …Present Pillows Tear Final (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Tear 2 (550x413) (2)When all the cuts (tears) were made, I pinned the pillow “sides” together …Present Pillows Sides (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Pinned (550x413) (2)…and stitched them up…Present Pillows Sew (550x413) (2)

In an ideal world, I would add a zig zag stitch on the edges because the drop cloth frays so easily … but since these are seasonal pillows, I skipped that step and instead pressed open the seams …

Present Pillows Press (550x413) (2)I pinned the top on next, matching up the corners …Present Pillows Top Pin (550x413) (2)

When sewing the tops and bottoms to the sides, when you get to a corner you need to lower the needle into the exact corner and lift the footer …

Present Pillows Sew Top (550x413) (2)

Pivot the fabric and spread the boxing around the corner … lower the footer and continue sewing. Repeat at each corner.

Present Pillows Sew Top 2 (550x413) (2)I clipped the corners, pressed open the seams and turned right side out ..Present Pillows Clip Corner (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Press Open (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Press Top (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Turned (550x413) (2)

Then I pinned the bottom on the same way, only this time when I stitched it up I left an opening for the stuffing …

Present Pillows Opening (550x413) (2)

… and speaking of the stuffing, mine is from a ‘deconstructed’ $9.99 body pillow from Target.  And no, really, I didn’t get that great money-saving tip from a fabric and craft store employee …You can slip stitch the opening closed … or do what I did and sew it shut using the machine …Present Pillows Sew Open Close (550x413) (2)Present Pillows sew open closed (550x413) (2)All that’s left to do is dress them up with some twine and rosettes ….

Present Pillows Twine on couch (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Twine 2 (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Twine (550x413) (2)Present Pillows Twine on porch (550x413) (2)Or, if you prefer, with some ribbon and bows …Present Pillows Country (550x413)-2 (2)Present Pillows Country table (550x413) (2)And, just because I couldn’t resist, I used a $2 fleece remnant to make a Tiffany blue pillow box …Present Pillow Tiffany Box Kitchen(550x413) (2)Present Pillows Tiffany close up (550x413) (2)

I’m not a huge jewelry person, but even my heart skips a beat when I see that robin’s egg blue all wrapped up with a simple white ribbon …

Present Pillows Tiffany 2 (550x413) (2)

Thank you Roeshel for hosting my project!  And “Happy Holidays” to all you DIY Showoff followers. If you happen to find yourself here through my blog, please be sure to check out all the great posts, projects and creativity featured on The DIY Showoff … 

DIY Show Off Shout Out – Easy Purse Tutorial

Giving a shout out to Elizabeth from Covered in Crafts.  She has a quick, easy purse tutorial – using a pair of pants her daughter outgrew!

Here is what you’ll need:

You will need:
Sewing machine and thread
pants, skirt or shorts your little one has out grown

Ribbon and Humor

Turn this:

Into this!

So clever and so cute! (Or should that be sew clever, sew cute?)
See the full tutorial and more great craft ideas at Covered in Crafts.