DIY Project Parade and DIY No Sew Script Drop Cloth Curtain Tutorial

No Sew Drop Cloth Script Curtain Panel Tutorial
I wanted something different for our sitting room and the new DIY curtain rod. I love the idea of drop cloth curtains…affordable ($25 for a 9×12 drop cloth).
9×12 drop cloth for three 4′ panels
Sharpie Permanent Marker
I spread the drop cloth out on the dining room table.
I wanted 3 panels. My floor to ceiling height in the sitting room is 7 1/2 foot. I drew up a plan:
I made marks 18 inches (minus 1 1/2 feet) in from the bottom hem (laying out my drop cloth with 9 ft. being the height and 12 ft. being the length). The cut panels are the exact height from floor to ceiling (we’ll worry about exact correct length later…as long as they’re a little longer than needed, it’s all good.
*Tip:  The drop cloth will be larger than table (if you have floor space to spread out – that’s great). Otherwise, working from one end, hold up fabric overlapping edge, measure and mark.
I cut from mark to mark. I heard using pinking sheers helps eliminate unraveling (myth as shown below).
*Tip:  Large drop cloth is difficult to work with. Pull fabric towards you as you cut.
Next I cut 3 panels out of the 12 feet at 4 feet each.  However:  I don’t think the manufacturer thought anyone would actually measure a drop cloth, so I had two 48″ pieces and one 42″ piece. (Which is okay – these are decorative and it was okay for my middle curtain to be off a little…but take this into account if it matters for you!!!)
I did not hem  cut edges – I like the frayed edge.  Left curtain panel has an outer hem by manufacturer, inside is frayed. Middle has two frayed edges.  Right panel is reverse of left with an outer hem, inner frayed. Top hem is sewn by the manufacturer.
I washed the panels on the hand wash cycle and dried on low.
As you can see, pinking sheers did not make a difference with fraying…
Unless this is decreased fraying?!
I pulled or cut away the strings. I like the frayed look once the tangled mess was gone.
Next I ironed the panels, using a high temp and steam.
I laid each panel out on the floor and using a yard stick, I made LIGHT pencil lines every six inches starting from the top.
I chose Robert Frost poems. They’re mostly nature related and short. I selected poems that were around 12 lines long. (Panels have 14 pencil lines:  Poem title, poem and author’s name = 14 lines too! Perfect!)
Using a Sharpie, I just started copying and writing out the poems…judging/eyeballing whether I needed to write smaller or bigger or insert a symbol to make the lines fit on a line. Sometimes I went over and darkened certain words by tracing again with my Sharpie.)
I didn’t like the “B” at the beginning of one of my poems, so I made a patch of left over drop cloth and this is the only part I sewed – but I patched right over the ugly “B”.  You might call it imperfection but I call it character.  🙂
When finished, I hung the curtains using curtain clips.
For the bottom hem, with the curtain hanging, push the bottom fabric to where the floor meets the wall. Draw a pencil line in that corner.  Cut along the line with pinking sheers.
DIY script drop cloth drapes
All done. Custom. Affordable and I love the look!!!  How about you?
Let’s see what you’ve been up to!
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