Canvas Table Runner Tutorial

Dinner Time {canvas table runner}

canvas table runner


First I measured the size I wanted for my table. My table was longer than the canvas, so I added equally sized extra canvas to each end to create more length.
Then sewed my extra length to each end of the runner.
I ironed the seams before sewing to create a sharp, crisp line to sew along the length of my table runner.
Canvas is a stiffer quality fabric so instead of ruffles, I added a pleated accent to the short ends by using a longer thinner strip of fabric, pinning it into pleats and sewing it into place. Then sewed top side where the pleat meets the runner so it lays flat.
I love that it’s a just the size I wanted for my table. Perfect.
*I think I did my pleats backwards…but hopefully no one will notice. 😉  It’s still pretty!
I have an addiction to decorating with clocks lately. For fun decorative detail, I used fabric markers and a clock stencil to create a design to go with my Time to Eat, Pray, Love banner.
Here it is all done…
clock theme dining room

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farmhouse dining room,

The dining room…

farmhouse dining room

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