Kitchen French Door Trim Update

The trim around our french door was a more modern/inexpensive mitered jobby like this…
The rest of the door trim in the kitchen is original to the farmhouse…it might not be a big deal. Not really. We have mismatched trim throughout the entire house. But then Mr. DIY wanted one of these:
Ryobi Doorman Door Closer - DM85D
He HATES when the door is not shut quickly.  Ask anyone in our family his infamous naggiest lecture and they’ll holler:  “YOU’RE LETTING THE BUGS IN!”
::eye roll::
(actually…bugs = bad.  they bite. kitty destroys house getting them. take back ::eye roll::)
Since we’re remodeling the kitchen 
AND he wants an automatic door shutter-upper (also known as the Mr. DIY shutter upper! hehehehe) which needs a wider trim, we decided to change out the skinny trim for something chunky and matching the original.
You can see the skinny trim in the background of this picture: SEE IT THERE? And the bug destroyer in the foreground? I have a bent curtain – rod victim of bug destroyer’s determination.

Original trim throughout the kitchen. Wide. Pretty.

How we matched it:

We used three 3 1/2″ by 1″ boards.  Set up the vertical sides first from floor to top of door frame.  Mark to just the top of the vertical door frame and cut. I love this look and it’s so easy to frame doors and windows this way.  Mitering is a lot more complicated!
The top horizontal board sits on top of the cut vertical boards to complete the frame.  Ours overlaps each side by 1/2″. Mark 1/2″ past the vertical side and cut. 

Prime with a latex primer such as Kilz.

We then used Dutch Boy’s Trim & Cabinet paint (Ultra White).  One coat before hanging.

Place and secure with finishing nails, countersinking them.

Fill nail holes with wood filler.
Use caulk were needed (side/seams).
Lightly sand where needed.

I always use my Purdy paint brush for trim. I gave the trim a second coat of paint. We use a satin or semi-gloss finish on trim.  Much easier to wipe finger prints (this door especially is in the path from kitchen to grill and my cook never sees his black fingerprints but you can’t miss them).  


All done. Stand back and admire, be reassured that the door closes automatically and exit quickly to avoid the push and letting bugs in!  🙂
Next up – framing that window and baseboard trim!  I do love that the door trim now matches the rest of our old home’s character.  

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