Painted Stenciled Paneled Walls

Angel’s Room: When my sister planned her move from Florida to PA last summer, I can’t tell you how happy we all were! We love having her ‘home’!  The budget for decorating their rental home was super tight. I wanted to surprise my teenage niece, Angel, with some pretty and fun accents in her bedroom. I know it’s not easy for a 16-year-old to move away from friends, but we are so excited to have our family local again. I wanted her to have a welcoming, pretty space of her own.

This blog post is sponsored by FrogTape. The walls are paneled (that old faux-paneling sheets) and since it’s a rental, we had no choice but to ignore the ugly green carpet.Thankfully it was clean, only in this one bedroom and in decent shape.

paneled walls before

Rental Tip: It never hurts to ask the landlord if cosmetic changes/home improvement materials can be reimbursed or if material receipts can count as cash towards the security deposit. I’m almost always given a green light. Free labor for the home owner and more personal choices for the renter.

With permission from the landlord to paint the paneled walls, I chose a Valspar Signature Paint + Primer. Color is “Lilac Mist”. Painting paneling is NOT fun. All of those grooves. Hard work! But it is worth the effort. The next day, I then used my damask Cutting Edge Stencil (held in place with a piece of FrogTape) and simply rolled on the stenciled design using leftover white paint.

damask stencil

The result is very subtle and so pretty…

lilac and white damask

I let the paint dry for a day before using FrogTape Delicate on the walls so I could paint the moulding around the room…

FrogTape Delicate

Pretty, isn’t it? Light, soft and subtle and much better! Even the landlord approved.

paneled damask walls

{reveal pictures will be better quality!}

Next up: some thrifty wall decor and room accents.

*This sponsored by FrogTape. FrogTape provided by Shurtech. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.

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Stenciled Walls

Closet before:  
Now with beautiful new color thanks to Dutch Boy Refresh paint.  It’s a light blue called Fountain of Youth. The perfect backdrop for a fresh new look.  Speaking of fresh!  Not only is Dutch Boy Refresh paint zero VOC, check out the key features:
  • Exceptional hide and durability
  • Gives mildew-resistant coating
  • ZeroVOC / Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified

Tools needed:
  1. Cutting Edge Stencil’s “Whispering Elm Wall Pattern Stencil
  2. 3 different colors of paint (I used less than 1/2 a quart for the closet.  It doesn’t take much.) Our stencil was made using Mythic Paints in Woodbury and Bleached linen for the pattern.
  3. 3 foam rollers
  4. Paper towels
  5. Paint tray or foam plate
  6. 3 pieces of painter’s tape
The stencil comes with very easy to read directions, tips and tricks.  At first, I felt overwhelmed with placement and where to start.  I chose the right top corner of the wall since this is the most viewed side of the closet.  No measuring required.  Once I developed a pattern (eyeballing stencil placement), the rhythm and pace sped up.
1. Place the stencil on the wall (secure with a piece of painter’s tape).
2.  Roll the foam roller into the paint, covering the roller.  Then roll on folded paper towels to evenly coat the roller.
3.  Roll over the open areas of the stencil. 
4.  Repeat until entire wall is covered in the 1st stencil pattern.
5.  Repeat with Steps 1-4 for Stencil #2 and then with Stencil #3.
6.  Clean stencils by laying them in the utility sink under running water and rubbing with a sponge.  Hang to dry.
Tips:  Use a clean foam roller for each color/stencil. After coating the roller with paint and rolling on the paper towel, roller is good for about 3 turns with the stencil. Again – no measuring required.  It’s magic.  Okay, maybe not but the pattern works out and imperfections aren’t noticeable.
Here is closet after with the look of painted wallpaper.  No ripped or torn wallpaper in the future, no wallpaper removal. There is no lighting yet in the closet so colors are off a little in pictures.  

 “I love wallpaper patterns but after tons of wallpaper scraping in our old farmhouse, I will never apply wallpaper.  Scraping wallpaper is my least favorite DIY project.  Using the cutting edge stencil was the super easy. Little prep, little clean up and once I got a rhythm going, it went quickly. I love that it looks like wallpaper but I chose the colors, it was so much less expensive and I did it myself!”

Closet now.