3 Favorite Fall DIYShowOff Projects

Fall is in the air! Mornings are crisp and chilly (back to school weather), days bright and sunny, and evenings cool and perfect for a cozy night’s sleep! 

Fall vignette

I decided to gather up and feature three favorite fall projects from the DIYShowOff archives. So here we go!

Fall Favorites:

Fall dream catcher wreath tutorial: my all time favorite! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s large and in charge and a statement that doesn’t go un-noticed! 

DIY fall dreamcatcher wreath door decor tutorial @diyshowoff DIY fall autumn dreamcatcher door decor wreath @diyshowoff

Wooden candy corn decorative accents. Cute and whimsical and so much better than there real thing! Well, at least in my opinion. What do you think? Are you addicted? I remember mom filling the candy dish. And I’m pretty sure they were purely decorative until they formed one hard mass at the end of the season. lol 

DIY Halloween/Fall craft: decorative wooden candy corn pieces


Decorating with non-traditional autumn colors can be a challenge but I can’t wait to tackle our dining room fall decorating again this year! The DIYShowOff 2017 fall home tour has lots of inspiration!

Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff Fall Home Tour Shaw Floors diyshowoff

Those are DIYShowOff’s most popular fall blog posts and my favorite too! Are you ready for fall? Are you an all things pumpkin spice loving, mum planting, autumn leaf raking, sweater and boots, warm fuzzy throws and mulled cider fanatic? What’s your favorite thing about this time of year? 


Top Essential Oils for DIY lovers


Hello fellow DIY lovers!!! 

With the studio renovation in progress (follow #helloredreno), I’ve never been so grateful for the power of essential oils! As a DIY enthusiast, I always have one project or another going on and as a DIY blogger, the process from start to finish takes a little longer. Know what I mean? I ALWAYS ALWAYS have my essential oils within reach! Why would it even matter? Well, here are some of my favorite must have essential oils when it comes DIY.


Peppermint Vitality – energize! Add a drop to morning coffee or a cold glass of water (be prepared – it’s powerful). It’s gonna wake you up! essential oils @diyshowoff

Diffuse for an energizing scent and to enhance concentration…that tip “measure once, cut twice”? It’s so easy to work on auto-pilot and make mistakes. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a poke to bring me back to mental clarity and alertness. 

peppermint essential oil #diy Peppermint is also cooling. I like to add a couple of drops to a 2 oz. spray bottle. Spritz the back of my neck when working in the heat or feeling overheated. It’s so refreshing. Store it in the fridge. A must have for working outdoors in the summer! 

DIY Cooling Mist

Keep calm & cool off! DIY cooling spray @diyshowoff

Paint fumes? I always opt for a low or no VOC but the smell of paint can be brutal. Add 10-15 drops or so of Citrus Fresh to a gallon of paint to help neutralize the strong odor.

citrus fresh essential oils #diy

Carpet freshener: I like to mix 5-10 drops in a cup of baking soda to create a DIY carpet freshener. Sprinkle before bed, vacuum in the a.m. LOVE it! (Purification or Citrus Fresh). 

Speaking of fresh. Choose a scent you love (lavender would work too!) and freshen up the mattress!

#DIY essential oils

Lavender: Life can be crazy and busy. Sometime my brain has trouble turning off at the end of the day when there’s so much going on. Lavender in a relaxing bath, on my feet and temples.  I like to keep a DIY linen mist spray bottle on the night stand. 

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff

Lemon – cleaning power! Sticky residue? A drop of lemon oil will dissolve the sticky mess like magic! 

lemon essential oils #diy

DiGize – When we’re working on a DIY big project, meal time is usually on the go or last priority which means we’re grabbing something quick and it’s not always a healthy choice. DiGize is my best friend and I’m never without it! NEVER! I either apply topically around my belly button or for faster relief, I will add a drop to water (1 oz – shot glass size), hold my nose and ‘down the hatch’. Instant results! 

essential oils @diyshowoff

PanAway + Copaiba – after a long day, DIY can be quite the work out. Vibrations from power tools = stiff arms. I’ll usually add a drop of PanAway to a squirt of V6 (carrier oil) and just rub it in as needed. Soooo soothing! Tip: Add a drop of Copaiba to magnify! 

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff essential oils @diyshowoff


Stress Away – Dealing with complicated project details, timelines, budgets, things not working out as planned? “Stress Aways” says it all. They should sell it by the gallon. Bathe in it! Sprinkle some on yourself. Douse your spouse. Whatever it takes. This smells amazing too…a little like vacation to me. You need it! 

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff essential oils @diyshowoff

Clean up: Thieves Household Cleaner is the best clean cleaner out there, in my opinion. This cleaning concentrate has no harsh chemicals and packs a powerful punch of cleanup and your lungs will thank you! 

Thieves household cleaner #diy

If you’re an avid addicted do-it-yourselfer too, you might want to consider adding some essential oils to alleviate the symptoms and side effects that accompany DIY! Or if you already are, are you in Salt Lake City as we speak?! Let’s connect! 

essential oils @diyshowoff

Haven’t added essential oils to your home yet? CLICK HERE to learn more about getting an amazing brand of high quality oils. I’ll also connect you to some fun and helpful communities on Facebook. You may even recognize some of your favorite DIY bloggers in the groups! It’s an amazing community of friends! I also teach classes regularly so they don’t just sit in the box and I’m offering a 2ND DIFFUSER when you purchase one of the Premium Starter Kits HERE! One for your home, one for your tool box! 

Friday Favorites

Every year, every day is a blessing and I’m so grateful! And while I’m going to share some of my favorite products and things from 2017, of course my most favorite things aren’t material things at all. The “things” that top my list are Jesus, my favorite little guy, being a grandma, LIFE, family, wellness, love, friendships, happiness. I count my blessings every single day that all is well with my soul, my life and my loved ones. 

That being said, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Amazon Prime purchases from 2017. I’m not a big spender. I’m a cart filler and dreamer. When it comes to checking out, I linger and hold off and edit my shopping cart. haha! But I do pull the trigger on occasion. Let’s get started…

amazon prime favorite things

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The wall mounted coat rack serves another purpose in our dining room for storage and balancing the wall decor. 

Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers Color Lover's Room Makeover - dining room reveal @diyshowoff (navy, chartreuse, blush and gray for a soft but colorful fresh new look) #colorlovers #birchlanecolorlovers #TheMinecolorlovers #mintedcolorlovers

(dining room decor sources)

We’re on a mission to chemical free living so another baby step towards an environmentally friendly kitchen with this cute composting bin

compost bin

I’m often asked about these striped curtains

Beautiful Floorté plank flooring classico antico @diyshowoff #shawstyleboard

EVERYONE needs this book by our sweet blog buddy, Carrie Higgins. Goals for 2018 include organization for less mess, less stress. Several of these DIY Organizational Hacks are on my to-do list!

DIY Organizational Hacks

In an effort to make the task of laundry a little easier, I’m loving this fold-up laundry cart and ditching the toxic dryer sheets for some wool dryer balls

folding laundry cart wool dryer balls

and this cute glass container for a DIY laundry boost

DIY essential oil infused laundry fabric softener tutorial

(get the Thieves laundry detergent here)


I had a few conferences and some traveling this year so I had to set aside the “work uniform” of yoga pants and tshirts! Here are some of my favorite fashion pieces that will carry over to 2018 faves…

sandals plaid poncho

rose gold vine earrings love arrow necklace


diyshowoff bohemian dress pink asymmetric knit poncho

Travel buddies…comfortable walking sandals and RFID blocking sleeves for credit card protection

comfortable walking sandals RFID blocking sleeves

Grandma’s little guy might be a little spoiled. These were my favorite purchases. His too! 

DIYShowOff Favorite Things DIYShowOff Favorite Things

Lots of baby girls this year. Gift ideas: 

Baby shower #1:

DIYShowOff Favorite Things

Baby shower gift #2: 

DIYShowOff Favorite Things

I usually add in a bottle of Gentle Baby essential oil and this book…

Gentle Babies

Baby shower gift for the racer car driver’s princess: 

DIYShowOff Favorite Things DIYShowOff Favorite Things


For work…

DIYShowOff Favorite Things

What about you? Do you love shopping via your Amazon Prime account? Share a favorite purchase with us in the comments. I love getting new ideas!