Christmas in a Minute: Easy DIY Christmas Tree Trunk Cover

Now I know you may have been hoping for something a little more glamorous like how to get all of those Christmas decor totes to magically appear from being buried or how to cook a delicious Christmas meal complete with fruit cake or how to complete holiday shopping without spending a dime – all in a minute. That’d be awesome and magical! But those are more likely fairy tales because I tried snapping my fingers and wiggling my nose. And I got nothing except a sideways look from the dog. It didn’t work. So I came up with this tree trimming goody instead. ::cheers all around!::

Christmas in a Minute

This is just something simple and quick. Sometimes attention to detail – no matter how small – means so much to your artificial tree, especially this time of year. It is the season for giving. You weren’t about to forget bestowing love and affection on the focal point of your Christmas decorating, were you? How embarrassing!

Speaking of embarrassing…Nothing screams FAKE! like a Christmas tree with a hunter green metal pole, a little faux garland twisted around it and a patent label on display peeking out of the pretty tree skirt, below a beautifully decorated tree. And who wants screams at Christmas? Not me! You either? I thought not. artificial Christmas tree trunk

My artificial tree whispered that it was similar to displaying a big ole’ hairy leg while wearing a festive gown of lights and glitter topped with a tiara star. That won’t do! {Sorry for the visual!} Well, we’re all in luck! Because here’s a quick, cheap and easy fix.  DIY artificial Christmas tree trunk tutorial at


  • cardboard paper towel tube
  • brown craft paint(s) or hey, make yours candy-cane striped or rainbow bright!
  • foam paint brush & scissors

Tutorial (just in case you’re “stumped” – hahahahahahahahaha!)…

  1. Stop laughing because using scissors is serious business.
  2. Cut a straight line up one side of the cardboard tube. artificial Christmas tree trunk cover tutorial
  3. Paint it brown. I dipped my brush into a couple of different brown paints. DIY artificial tree trunk cover tutorial
  4. Let dry. I think mine took about 10 minutes. If you glopped on too much paint and it’s taking forever to dry, then wipe it down with a paper towel. Oh…you’re out since you have an empty paper towel tube? Try blowing on it. Just kidding. Clean up and put away your supplies. It should be dry in a few minutes and look like this: How to make an artificial Christmas tree trunk cover
  5. Optional: Get fancy and create the look of bark using a black Sharpie but just having a multi-brown tree trunk works for me. 
  6. Trim height of the cardboard tree trunk if need be (mine didn’t need it).
  7. Slip tube around the artificial tree trunk (cut side around back). DIY fake Christmas tree trunk cover tutorial

YOU DID IT! You just saved Christmas! Okay, that’s an exaggeration but your artificial tree might disagree. However – you did just recycle. Hurray for that! 

I know it’s only seen from across the room or right up under the tree (until the presents arrive) but with this quick little DIY, my tree feels ‘complete’. Now, my tree looks a little more polished, a little more dressed.

easy DIY artificial Christmas tree trunk tutorial at

Now, go light a pine scented candle, crank the Christmas tunes, pour a glass of eggnog and rock around the Christmas tree. 

DIY Christmas at DIYShowOff

For the record: skip the painting step and technically, it really is a minute project! So let’s start a trend and get those poles “SPRUCEd” up! hahahahaha! I couldn’t resist.

Also shown above:

Christmas in a Minute

It’s your lucky day! MORE Christmas in a Minute from these awesome blog friends {and more creative exciting ones at that!}.

Danielle’s beautiful Christmas tree for the Christmas Tree Contest & Link Party.

Danielle's Christmas Tree

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge

I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I have had Christmas decorating on my mind early this year for many reasons. One of those reasons: I’m so excited to be participating in the 2nd annual Michaels Dream Tree Challenge! 

Last week, I took a moment to run into Michaels to browse the Christmas decor and craft selection for the challenge. First, there is no such thing as just running into Michaels. Is there? I’m always there way longer than intended – a DIY/crafter’s dream come true! Who would have thought the aisles would be stocked for the holidays so early? It seemed they were still working on it but there were so many glittery, beautiful, fun themes that it’s difficult to know where to start.  Michaels Craft Store

Traditional red and green? red and green Christmas

A more natural vibe with burlap? Love the pinecone garlands natural Christmas

and how sweet is the printed burlap ribbon? burlap Christmas

Silver? silver Christmas

Country? country Christmas

Pastel? pastel Christmas

All white Christmas? white Christmas

Silver? silver Christmas

Fun, bright and colorful? Colorful Christmas


I’d say there’s something for everyone!

Christmas decorating is one of my favorite things about winter. I love it! Now, I’m not a fan of taking it all down, organizing it and putting it all away but when the days are short and cold, I can ignore my dislike for the winter season by getting my home all warm and festive.  turquoise white Christmas tree

And festive it is. I decorate the dining room, living room, family room and sitting room. My most favorite holiday decoration: our Christmas tree! Make that plural. Do you decorate more than one tree?  burlap natural Christmas tree

My tree decorating tradition has changed since my girls are no longer little and at home but I still love playing Christmas music even if it’s more of an event for one. And when it’s all done: hot cocoa, only tree lights glowing in the room and reflecting on the year’s blessings. Do you have a tree-trimming tradition? traditional Christmas tree

 Six Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

If you could decorate your tree any way with any theme, what would you choose? Come back November 1st to see my choice…it may be early but I’m going to be ready for that holiday home tour. 😉 

*Michaels provided me with a 7 ft lighted tree and gift card to participate in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge. As always, the post above is in my own words and my own opinion. I’ll be sharing my decorated tree and a DIY ornament tutorial in the near future.  

  • Michaels has a HUGE selection of pre-lit artificial trees. 
  • Did you know each tree purchased at Michaels comes with a 5 year tree warranty and a 2 year warranty on the lights? Now you do!
  • Heads up: On November 3 through November 9, Michaels is hosting a special tree event.
  • Follow the hashtag #JustAddMichaels to see more!

Show Off your Christmas Tree contest!

Show Off your Christmas Tree Contest

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! I’ve just finished decorating 3. If you celebrate Christmas, more than likely you decorate an evergreen tree (real or artificial) with ornaments and lights. It’s a Christmas tradition in our home. Throughout the day, the Christmas tree stops me in my tracks. It’s a moment when I’m reminded to Rejoice! I’m celebrating the birth of my savior. When the days are short and evening arrives early, there’s just something happy about twinkly lights on a Christmas tree that lifts my spirits and warms my heart this time of year.  Christmas Tree Party and Contest I’m a “do what you love” decorator. Classic, modern, French country, rustic, vintage, farmhouse. See what I mean? Our old farmhouse doesn’t have an open floor plan, so rooms aren’t all the same theme and color. I love so many different styles and our home reflects my indecision…I mean: appreciation for a variety of decorating styles. Here is a look at the trees in the DIY Show Off home:

The family room Christmas tree is a white. I love how it glows and the fun bright colors are perfect for the eclectic vibe in this room.  Trimming the Christmas tree is such a fun part of the holidays!

colorful eclectic Christmas

Our traditional red and gold tree in our living room: DIYShowOff Christmas Tree

{tips for decorating your Christmas tree – can you tell lights are strung vertically? I create a faux root ball to give our 7.5′ tree another foot of height.}

A peek from traditional into bright and eclectic through the French doors…

traditional christmas living room

Our dining room tree is decorated with thrift store treasures, burlap ribbon browns, golds and a grapevine wreath star. Base is an old trunk and an old crate which give the tree some height {and charm}.  vintage natural Christmas

{More dining room Christmas decorating details and Holiday Home Tour coming this week!}

and a little DIY tomato cage Christmas tree in the sitting room: DIY Tomato Cage Christmas tree

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Christmas tree with the most “likes” {you may want to share with your friends to “like” your tree!} wins $100 Visa gift card for some after-Christmas sales shopping or for a first DIY project of 2013.

Contest starts now and ends December 25th at midnight EST. Winner will be announced shortly after. In the event of a tie, another blog post will be written and DIY Show Off readers will choose the winning tree. DIY Show Off may choose the final winner if necessary. Non-bloggers may submit a photo to with “Christmas Tree” in the subject line {DIY Show Off will link your photo and reply with your entry #}. Open to US and Canadian residents 18+ only.

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Christmas Tree Inspiration:

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DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Bringing back an oldie but goody.
{scroll down to see all 4 of my Christmas trees}
A couple of years ago, I made a lighted tomato cage tree – a DIY Christmas tree using lighted garland and a tomato cage. I was able to find everything I needed at my local True Value Hardware.
  • Tomato cage.  Ask a store associate.  They should have them in the warehouse/storeroom since it’s not garden season.I got the largest they had.
  • 3 – 9ft. lighted garland
  • Thick rubber band
To make the tree:
Using a rubber band, gather the “stakes” to make a tee-pee top and secure together (sorry for the bad picture! I didn’t check it before going to the next step…too late now!).
Starting at the bottom (with the plug end of the garland), start to wrap the bottom wire circle with the garland. Wrap a few branches here and there around the wire frame to secure.
Working around the frame, continue wrapping.
When one garland ends, plug in another and continue wrapping to the top.
Fluff.  If there are gaps, fill in by twisting branches around the frame or fluff branches to fill ‘holes’.
All done! We don’t have a live tree and I love the smell of pine. So I headed out to the backyard and clipped small pieces of different real pine.
Just tuck them in open areas for a fuller ‘real’ look with pine scent! (Mine are only tucked but you can use floral wire to make things more secure if needed.) I do this closer to the holiday since there’s no way to water the fresh sprigs or add only when entertaining.
Need more height?  {This year I used an old small barrel}
Or this also works great for a base:
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • fabric
  • large rubber band
Take the handle off of the bucket.
Stretch a rubber band around the top of the bucket.
Sit bucket in the center of a piece of fabric and tuck under the rubber band.
It’ll look like this:
 Add a round tray (aluminum cookie tray or rattan works) and it’s the perfect base to add height to your tomato cage tree.  If you have an out of the way spot, it can just rest on top. Otherwise attach with wire into the holes were the handles were removed.
You could also paint the bucket instead and fill with stones for weight to use outdoors.  The base was a little to high for my purposes so I didn’t end up using it…oops!
My tomato cage Christmas tree in 2010:
 This year…
  DIY tomato cage Christmas tree tutorial
Have you assembled your own tomato cage Christmas tree? They’re beautiful for outdoor entryways too!
 colorful eclectic Christmas
DIYShowOff Christmas Tree
{tips for decorating your Christmas tree – can you tell lights are strung vertically? I create a faux root ball to give our 7.5′ tree another foot of height.}
vintage natural Christmas

For even MORE Christmas tree inspiration…

Christmas Tree Contestimage

We were chosen by True Value to be one of the members of the 2012 DIY Squad. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY projects. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. I have not been paid to publish positive comments and no one has twisted my arm to participate. 


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DIY Holiday Highlights #3

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

I love Christmas carols! Happy half way through the week! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was filled with love, family, friends, many blessings, special memories and lots of food!


Once my daughter’s birthday and Thanksgiving are complete, I get into full Christmas spirit mode! Scene: Furniture has been re-arranged to make way for the Christmas tree. Boxes are piled in the dining room, living room and family room spilling decorations, ornaments and lights. Christmas music fills the air. There are even snow flurries here in western PA. Most of my DIY and decorating posts for the next couple of weeks will include Christmas projects, crafts, do-it-yourself and holiday features.

I’m currently finishing up decorating the dining room. I love that it’s a little more um…Natural? Cottage? Farmhouse? Rustic? lol…you’ll soon see.

I got our main tree up over the weekend. I shared some tips for decorating a Christmas tree the other day including stringing lights vertically, giving an artificial tree height, my favorite Christmas scent, etc. To create a fuller tree, I love using silk poinsettias and glittery leaves before adding ornaments.

decorating a Christmas tree

Our living room is more traditional, so our tree is decorated in golds and dark reds.

DIYShowOff Christmas Tree But the family room is going to be non-traditional colors for Christmas. Merry and bright, right?!

Reindeer Games mantel

Last week, I shared a DIY reindeer games sign tutorial with a chevron pattern for a family room that I’ve never decorated in the 7 Christmases we’ve spent in this house. I’m so excited! I still have projects to complete that I haven’t started for the family room but for now, it’s at least functioning as a family room and is “decorate-able”! AND it’s a mix of eclectic and fun colors coordinating with the beautiful curtains I’m sewing…{more information coming}.

VIBRANT FESTIVE COLOR! Amanda from Mommy Is CooCoo is giving away one of her beautiful DIY ornament wreaths. I won the one shown last year and I have to tell you – it’s gorgeous! Just a few days left to enter to win!


Christmas ornament wreath

I know you have some holiday posts to share and I can’t wait! And if not, then take a look at the links for some inspiration!

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1. Have you entered the $100 True Value gift card giveaway? A $100 shopping spree for holiday decorations, home improvements, DIY materials, paint, tools or give it as a gift!

2. There’s still time to get the Black Friday specials at Silhouette (through Friday 11/30). Use promo code SHOWOFF to get great deals!

6 Tips for decorating a Christmas tree {DIY Project Parade}

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This is the weekend that we {I} decorate for Christmas! Yesterday and today {probably tomorrow too}, Christmas decorations have exploded in the living room, family room and dining room. There are boxes everywhere. Is it like that for you too? {I apologize for the poor quality pics…but it wasn’t a priority. Not like getting great “after” decorating pictures will be!}

artificial Christmas tree decorating tips

Today I wanted to share a few tips for setting up and decorating an artificial tree, some that help make it look more ‘real’ and full. For our living room, we have a rather nice artificial tree. It’s always mistaken for being real but there are some things I do to make the best of having a fake tree:

Pine Scent

Tip #1: I do burn a Yankee Balsam and Cedar candle to create a real pine smell. Love it! Pretty pine scent without smelling like a pine tree car air freshener.

Yankee Balsam and Cedar candle

Faux Root Ball {and adding height}

Tip #2+3: Rather than a skirt for this tree (our main one where Santa leaves the gifts), we create a faux root ball and giving the tree more height. First, make sure you have room to lift your tree about a foot higher! I set a galvanized tub in the center of a circle of burlap. We add weights to the tub {25 lbs.}. Then I set the stand of our tree onto the tub. I use twist ties to secure two of the feet of the stand to the handles of the tub. I gather up the burlap and tie it around the tub and stand and secure with twine at the “trunk”.

directions: Christmas tree faux root ball

Pull the top of the burlap to make sure it’s over the tied twine. Fluff a little. Lots of room underneath as it lifts our 7.5′ tree about a foot higher. I love that about doing this too!

artificial Christmas tree faux root ball

Tip #4: I also use a 9 outlet Christmas tree extension cord. I like that the outlets are spaced along the extension cord. One plug into the wall outlet and an off/on switch for the Christmas lights. I found mine at True Value Hardware along with lots of lights and decorations!

Christmas tree extension cord

String lights vertically

Tip #5: I was surprised that not many Facebook fans knew this tip, so I’ll share here too: I add my lights to the tree vertically {up and down} rather than around. I can’t tell the difference and when the tree is in a corner like it is in our home, it’s a lot easier than trying to get around it’s width, pulling it out and pushing it back into the corner, moving a ladder all around while trying to “lasso” the tree with strings of lights.

Christmas tree with lights  Filling in the tree

Tip #6: If your artificial tree isn’t as full as you’d like it to be, add faux pine garland or silk flower bunches to fill in the gaps {large faux poinsettias help to fill in space and look pretty too}. Even dollar store green garland pushed near the center of the tree will help hide seeing the “pole” through sparse branches. Try larger ornaments and use wide ribbon or tulle as a garland to help fill the empty spaces.

I only have the lights on at the time of writing this post but will share it all decorated soon. I do a traditional tree in our living room with red and gold. Dining room gets a more rustic decorated smaller tree and I can’t wait to do something fun in the family room this year {to go with our eclectic colorful decor}.

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We were chosen by True Value to be one of the members of the 2012 DIY Squad. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY projects. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. I have not been paid to publish positive comments and no one has twisted my arm to participate.