Pinterest PinFest – February 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  xoxo

The DIY Show Off

I live in the north, might be suffering symptoms of cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder and just lo-o-o-o-nging for sunshine and fresh air, open windows, green grass, warm temperatures and longer days but I do always remember that I am blessed and have so much to be thankful for and don’t really sink into any sort of depression, just a little case of the ‘blahs’ and discouragement. Some days, I just dream of staying snuggled all day…

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I find comfort in socializing via blogging, making new friends, laughing, crying and celebrating life with good friends.

warm hearts


So in honor of warm fuzzy feelings {via Pinterest, of course} and reminders to embrace the change in seasons, I’m loving today.  Snow and cold and all.  I’m feeling blessed and warm surrounded by your friendship.

{source unknown}

It’s so cold, even pillows need sweaters {recycled sweater pillows}…


Winter days are perfect for comforting foods…{click image for source}

Warm Hummus Soup

Spicy Tomato

Fiesta Chicken Soup

Stinging cold cheeks from making snow angels & winter fun doesn’t happen every day…


and coming in won’t always feel so good…


Even pedicures are on strike…


But chunky warm sweater hugs are the best… {yes, please!}


And when I’m feeling down and I get a comment from you, it’s just like someone gave me a …


Sending you warm wishes and a smile…


Bundle up and be happy. Spring is right around the corner and in the meantime, our blog friends are just a url away. 🙂


See my Pinterest WARM UP board for more cozy PINspiration.
The DIY Show Off

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DIY Project Parade – DIY Photo Backdrop


Hi DIY friends!  Having a productive weekend?

I’m far from a professional photographer. However, I do take pictures for my family. And friends. And sometimes friends of family and friends. {And of lots of DIY projects too!} Plus my girls and I love fun photo shoots just for fun as well. My camera sees a LOT of action. So I was thrilled to get this lighting kit and backdrop for Christmas because I was a good girl this year. 😉

But honestly, being my thrifty DIY self, if I hadn’t have gotten the above kit, I definitely, would have been making a DIY PVC pipe version like the tutorial shown here. You know what else I’ve considered using?  A clothes rack (simple to assemble/store and a nice smaller portable version – you might even have one ‘hanging around’ in the closet or basement!)…

Recently I saw this on on Pinterest by Kim from Easy Peasy Pie

and I was inspired! Who wants a plain white or black backdrop when you can have a pretty designer custom looking background? Kim uses a beautiful Target tablecloth. Use curtain panels, twin flats sheets – vintage from the thrift shop would be awesome and affordable and both of those options have rod pockets.  Or choose a pretty fabric. I purchased 2.5 yards of the fabric below from Joann’s.

  1. Iron fabric.
  2. Iron approx. 3 inch hem. Flip the raw edge under and iron.
  3. Sew close to the edge, creating a rod pocket.
  4. Slide into place on top rod.

Take it a step further with a faux baseboard:  I had two 1x4s left over from the guest bedroom makeover (lucky me – one was even painted!).  Place fabric between boards. I set the back board on top of the back side of the fabric and made sure the fabric was pulled taut…
Place finished board in front and clamp ends. Clamps were about a dollar for 4″ size at the hardware store.
So like Kim says, I can fool everyone into thinking I have a fancy schmancy house when in reality our family room needs lots of work…
Whenever I  need a photography model, I just start placing photo props in place and Lalka jumps right in, makes her self comfortable and claims it as her own.  Diva!
“Me not working hard?
Yeah, right! Picture that with a Kodak
Or, better yet, go to Times Square
Take a picture of me with a Kodak”…Give Me Everything, Pittbull
I think this shot is for her profile…

Single female Ragdoll seeks Casanova.
Works pretty well, doesn’t it? Looks like I have a pretty wallpapered wall in my home.
Thanks so much to Kim for the inspiration!
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