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Small Shared Room Nursery Inspiration

It’s unusual to see me thinking along the lines of nurseries since we have an empty nest and no, noooooo!, I’m not expecting! However, I do have a special announcement to make:

I will be a grandma later this year!

::excited hugs and happy tears all around::

It's a BOY! @diyshowoff

and…it’s a grandson!

It's a boy!

What?! You guys! Ready or not, it’s onto life’s next chapter for me. Gosh! Am I old enough? (Wait, don’t answer that!) Despite a few years of loving grand-kitties, a grand-doggy and even a grand-piggy, I feel so un-prepared! The proof is in my knitting…

knitting fail

first knitting attempt: epic fail!

Not to mention…I’m clueless when it comes to boys. My experience is limited to girls!

It’s finally just starting to sink in…me, a grandma?!

Yep! And despite my destructive knitting skills, I’m going to be one awesome grandmother! We will be the best grandparents. I just know it! My baby. Having a baby. ::please pass the tissues::


Okay, on to the topic of DIYs and nurseries…

For now, at least until next spring, Ali will be staying in her dinky apartment (which I still have yet to fully reveal…perhaps we’ll do that soon too), so we’ll be brainstorming some small space ideas for the new little one’s temporary nursery nook in the tiny one bedroom apartment for at least six months of tight space living. 

small nursery inspiration

Here is a collection of small nursery nooks for inspiration: 

small nursery space

Small doesn’t have to mean skimping on style. {via Apartment Therapy}

small nursery at Adventures of a British Housewife in New York

It does mean getting creative! {via Adventures of a British Housewife in New York}

changing station at Mandy Busby Creative

and making the best use of little space. {via Mandy Busby Creative}

even if it’s a tight squeeze… {via Apartment Therapy}

crib closet

A Bit of Sunshine nursery

{via A Bit of Sunshine}

small nursery inspiration

Love this fun space! Great colors, fun patterns! {via Apartment Therapy}

nursery corner at Bleubird Blog

{via Bleubird Blog}

Nobody puts baby in a corner unless it’s a cute nursery corner.

small nursery

{via Apartment Therapy}

Stay tuned: Tips for creating a small nursery space in a one bedroom apartment. Space may be tiny but love is BIG!

How about TWO nurseries? Why yes, I think so! Grandma needs to create a nursery space in one of our guest rooms for overnight stays, right? So lots of baby love, baby related DIY and decorating and preparing for a precious little one coming right up! I can’t wait!!!

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