Happy New Year!

I know, I’m a day late but Mr. DIY and I were recovering from New Year’s Eve. Not in the way you might think. We’re not party animals but we did stay up to count down and watch the ball drop meaning we were up past our usual bedtime. But anyway, Happy New Year, happy 2014, friends! No confetti or noise makers but my written sentiment is just as celebratory!  newyear2014

Do you make a new year’s resolution? I don’t because more often than not, I’m good to go for a few days before I forget or give up. But I do like the idea of a word of the year (inspired by Layla at the Lettered Cottage). Just one word. Just for me. For focusing on goals, thoughts and plans for the new year.

Earlier this week I shared a tutorial for a glitter iron-on vinyl decal. iron on vinyl glitter decal tshirt tutorial

Did you see it? Now don’t go thinking I’m all crazy when I say my word of the year is “horse”. Are you laughing?! Did I hear a snort?

Say what? Horse?! Nay (neigh?), really? Yep! This is how my brain works: Choosing a word for 2014 has been on my mind. And when I was working on a project for the glitter iron-on vinyl tutorial…I procrastinated. My glitter monogramed stockings didn’t happen so a plan B came into play. And I happen to really like graphic t-shirts right now so my project plan changed to dressing one up. I didn’t want a Happy New Year t-shirt. Ya know? I mean…there’s a really small window of when that’s wearable. So it got me to wondering what the Chinese zodiac symbol for 2014 is and I discovered: it’s the year of the horse. (It got you wondering along the same lines, right? No? It’s official. I’m weird.)

Anyway – I’m not really sure what all that means. I mean, according to the Chinese calendar, I’m a dog. But 2014 is the year of the horse and then it got me thinking of 4 things that horses symbolize…

  • grace
  • inner strength
  • freedom
  • treasure

What do you mean treasure doesn’t relate to the horse? My word. My symbolism. K? Of course I don’t own a real live horse but I’m pretty sure they’re expensive to have. That means $. And $ is treasure, is it not? See…I’m rational and in my right mind. So there you have it. My word for the year. HORSE. Let me explain a little more or if no one is reading, at least journal for reference so I don’t forget and whinny and gallop all of 2014 instead. (I can’t get that sweet prancercize lady out of my head now. Not sure what I mean? Search youtube. You’ll want to be able to identify prancercize moves in my upcoming DIY videos. Kidding!) Ahem. Back to the reason for my choice of word of the year:

  • Grace. Okay, I admit it, I lack coordination and you really won’t see me practicing prancercize. I don’t possess grace in that sense. But I’m more specifically referring to God’s love and mercy. That grace. Because it’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything else that’s going on, “horse” is going to remind me to devote more time to Him. 
  • I often tend to be quiet, unsure of myself, indecisive. I need to harness some inner strength (it’s in there somewhere, right?) to change the things I consider my weaknesses. I don’t know why I’m the way I am but those things about myself get on my nerves. It looks like they’re not going to change on their own so I’m counting on some inner strength for courage to change. That will lead to this:
  • In 2014, I’m working on being free of anxiety, worry and lack of confidence. It doesn’t come naturally, so freedom from those weights is a biggy. 
  • Treasure. This relates to how I want the people in my life to feel. Isn’t it so easy to take those closest to us for granted? It doesn’t happen on purpose but it happens nonetheless. I want to remember to be thoughtful and to let others know how much they mean to me, to know they are treasured. And just so you know, in case I haven’t told you in a while, I treasure you for taking the time to stop by, for reading along (you’re still here, right?), for being supportive, for your friendship. You being here is this blog’s biggest treasure.

Did you notice the first letter of those four things? G-I-F-T. Along with ‘horse’. Because last but not least, I want to apply the old saying “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” to my life. In other words, most of all…every day is a gift and I’m going to be grateful for that gift for every.single.day.  grateful


So every time I see a horse this year, real or not, I’ll be thinking of grace, inner strength, freedom, treasure, the gift of life. 

Does that explain “horse” as my word of the year? Make sense? If not…just process it it a little more. And if you still just don’t get it, it’s okay. It only has to make sense to me, really. Last year I just made a list of goals (not all were accomplished so it’s spilling over into 2014 too!). 2012, my word was “keep“. What’s your word of the year?

Wishing you the best year ever!


Ps. Today would have been my dad’s 72nd birthday. I sure do miss him. He did have horses and I do cherish memories of horseback riding with him. Fond memories when it comes to remembering laughing with my dad. Not so fond when I remember not being able to sit comfortably afterwards.

Pps. I actually have 3 horse figurines/statue-things and was going to include pretty horse themed vignettes for your viewing pleasure and to help this post make a little more sense or at least more tolerable but it didn’t happen. I apologize. But I bet you’ll see them in my home and decorating throughout the year! And then I’ll edit this post and add them in. If I don’t forget. Maybe I should have considered “elephant”, huh? An elephant never forgets. 😉 

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