After recently popping over to the Lettered Cottage and reading about Layla’s inspiring word of the year resolution {I’ve seen several other of my favorite blog friends joining in too and it’s so motivational}, I started thinking about what my word for the year would be. It required a little more thought that I anticipated. I kept thinking of phrases instead of words. But after much pondering and  making a mental list of the things that mean the most to me, things I plan to do and goals I’ve set, I kept hearing the same word pop up: “keep”. 

I want to keep the things that mean the most close to my heart. I want to keep my friendships active, healthy, positive and meaningful. I want to keep being a good friend and source of encouragement and support, to keep helping others. I want to keep making the people I love smile.

When it comes to DIY, I always start by keeping things simple. Small accomplishments lead to bigger and braver ideas. 

I want to keep my home organized and keep on track, not giving up on the goals I’ve set.

I want to keep doing what I love.  I want to keep moving forward and working towards making my dreams come true. I want to keep growing and when I feel like throwing in the towel or feel discouraged, I’ll tell myself to keep it together because I’m not a quitter. 

I want to keep growing in my faith and to keep working hard to be the person I know I can be. 

And I want to keep my friendships thriving. Thank you for keeping me going. I’m so thankful that you keep stopping by, keep commenting, keep encouraging me and keep sharing your amazing self and awesome DIY because sharing and learning keeps me happy and I’ll be keeping my promise to do my best to keep doing the same in return because you’re friendship is a keeper. Keep true. Keep beautiful. 

And it makes me giggle to keep saying the word “keep” so many times…I even felt like I was spelling it wrong after a while because it looked so funny.  Keep! Keep!

Do you have a word to keep reminding you of your goals this year?

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