Friday Funny…

Life a DIY blogger:  I had big plans to be productive on Wed. I really did. I was working on three DIY projects at once like I usually am. I had every intention of tackling the laundry as well. I stopped to eat my lunch around 1 p.m. and check some emails which lead to Facebook and G+ and a little online shopping/browsing/blog visiting. And for some background noise, I turned on HGTV. Uh…not a smart move. I should have known better. Those Property Brothers get me every time. Shopping for fixer uppers and amazing renovations…sign me up! <—–drooling

Before I knew it, Russ walked in the door, home an hour early from work. What?! Uh oh…how did it get to be 5 p.m. so fast?!  It was only a lunch break! Oops! So much for productivity. Happen to you too? <—–busted

The funny: Well, throughout the evening, HGTV played. We watched. Have you seen the tv show Renovation Raiders? I haven’t had the opportunity to catch it yet, but all throughout the day I caught glimpses of a commercial for it where Amy Matthews would surprise couples who’d go out to dinner and return to an amazing magic room makeover. It’s as if these home owners have won a home improvement/decorating lottery! <—–dreaming

I said to Russ: “How fun! I’d love to leave and come back to a surprise room makeover.”

His reply: “I do every day.”

hahahahaha! So true. Right?

And yes…Jonathan and Drew (Property Brothers) did inspire re-arranging the living room on my “lunch hour” this same day. I wasn’t a complete couch potato (in my defense it was raining so I wouldn’t have accomplished much with working on some outdoor projects anyway). <—– rationalizing

If you plan to dive into some DIY this weekend…leave HGTV out of it. 😉

—–>Enjoy the weekend!<—–

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