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Super easy DIY ribbon wreath {last minute decorating}


Quick, easy DIY Christmas ribbon wreath
Easy DIY ribbon wreath tutorial

I made this DIY ribbon wreath a few years ago and I still use it today. It’s a great last minute idea {you may even have supplies on hand} and as I unpacked it to decorate, I thought I’d share it again. Here are my pictures from that time, I think 2009 {more 2012 pictures below!}…  Time: About 1 hour Materials:

  • stiff or wired ribbon (I used about 35 feet, thick wired ribbon works best and will save you time)
  • cardboard
  • coordinating decorative pick/bow
  • scissors
  • Xacto-knife,

Instructions & tips: Trace a dinner plate (or your preferred circle for wreath size) on a piece of cardboard with an Xacto knife. You can also trace and cut out with scissors, but that’s a little more difficult. Trace a smaller sized salad plate inside the bigger one:

You should have a cardboard circle like this. I also saved the inside circle and made another wreath from it (below).

Now, cut ribbon into pieces. I cut about 33 – 12″ strips. You can use any width/length of ribbon. I used 2 1/2 in. Tip: The wider the ribbon, the less work covering the cardboard. I also used wired ribbon so that I could fluff and manipulate the pieces better. Next, you don’t have to notch the ends of your ribbon, but I think it give it more of a wreath-y look. Tip: Don’t be a perfectionist! Layer ends and cut several notches at once to save time! Now the fun part! Tie the ribbon around the cardboard ring, knots on the outer edge. I did 1 tie not a double knot since my ribbon is wired and stayed. Continue this step until the entire ring is covered. Note: There will still be cardboard showing but we’ll address that in the next step. Tip: For a fuller look, use more ribbon and slide pieces close together. Next, start another layer filling in the bare spots. This time tie the ribbons in between the first layer to cover up the cardboard. I knotted this layer and place the knot in between the outer and inner edge of the cardboard ring, facing you. Almost done! Fluff and manipulate the wire ribbon to get a nice shape and to cover all of the cardboard wreath. Add a bow or the coordinating happy stuff you’ve chosen like holly, pinecones, Christmas ornaments, candy, etc. Here’s an easy to make bow:

Choose a different color wired ribbon. Wrap around 3-4 times into a loop and pinch together in the center.

Tie center with a twist tie. Use a large piece of ribbon to tie around the center (hiding the twist tie) and cut desired length of bow “tails”. Fluff! TA-DA! A beautiful handmade ribbon wreath created with love by your own two hands! Easy! Here are more pictures of it this year decorating the landing at the top of the stairs…

stair landing Christmas time

ribbon wreath

I think it all works with my eclectic style and that cheerful corner table, don’t you?

eclectic Christmas decor

and this guy has a red ornament nose just for the occasion. Isn’t he sweet?

framed reindeer

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