Cue the confetti and balloons! DIY news and a giveaway!-

Do you remember me telling you guys that I won the Purdy grand prize at the Haven Conference earlier this summer? Well, my prize arrived! Inside the box was this..


$1000 worth of Purdy products!

OH MY GOODNESS! I’m the luckiest DIY girl in the world today. I won’t have to buy paint supplies for quite awhile. Awesome!

Want to see what $1000 worth of Purdy looks like?

Purdy paint products

It looks Purdy awesome. Imagine the projects I can complete with this stash of goodies!


And if that wasn’t exciting enough? I have more fun news. Some of you have noticed and have sent me tweets, FB notes and comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Seriously…I’m on cloud 9! And your thoughtfulness has made me feel so special the last couple of days. Thanks for noticing, thanks for taking the time to tell me you’ve seen it!

It’s no secret that I use FrogTape a lot. A LOT a lot. (with the apartment renovation: almost every day!) Well, I recently had a dream come true opportunity to promote FrogTape, a product I do believe in and use in real life – in an advertisement! Woo hoo! You can see an ad in…

Country Living, September 2012

DIY Show Off  FrogTape ad

House Beautiful, September 2012

DIY Show Off FrogTape ad


Thanks so much to FrogTape and Purdy for making my DIY and painting projects so much easier. Amen, right?


DIY SHOW OFF favorite product giveaway…

Prize: So, what’s the giveaway? NOT $1000 worth of Purdy but, well, two of my most favorite DIY tools in the whole wide world, of course. I’ll share a bit of my duplicate Purdy products and stash of FrogTape with one DIY Show Off friend. It’ll be just like it’s your birthday too! 

How to win? Winner is open to US residents only. Giveaway runs today through midnight EST Sunday, August 12th, 2012. Good luck! Simply leave a comment for each of the following:

  • Just leave me a note in the comments below. Maybe about when/how we met or what your working on or what DIY has inspired you lately or what makes you happiest or just “hi”. 😛
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  • “Like” Purdy on Facebook.
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Thanks for sharing my excitement, thanks for letting me share my excitement! Thanks for tolerating me while I ‘show off’ on my online journal. 🙂 

Disclosure: I did not get paid to write this post. I’m sharing two products that I truly do love and personally use. 

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