antique blue cabinet

Cabinet Makeover – Veranellies

Good day, DIY’ers! I love beautiful furniture makeovers, don’t you? Today I want to introduce you to a new-to-me blog friend who shares how she removed old paint and refinished a vintage cabinet. Meet: Trisha from Veranellies.


The cabinet before was in sad shape, messy paint job and unloved…

antique cabinet before

vintage cabinet before

Trisha removed the countertop and got started.
  • heat gun
  • scraper (metal, plastic will melt)
Point the heat gun at the paint surface until the paint will begins to bubble. Once it bubbles, scrape with the grain of the wood (more like pushing the melted paint). This will take off the first layer. Repeat to get down to bare wood.
stripped cabinet
Remove the hardware and sand.
sanding cabinet
Next steps: Paint and add hardware.
Valspar Icy Blue
{color: Valspar Icy Blue}
Ta-da! It’s gorgeous!
antique blue cabinet makeover
antique blue cabinet
I really enjoyed reading through Trisha’s plans for her kitchen renovation – sounds like a very unique old house filled with character and look forward to seeing more. Want to meet Trisha and see more? Head over to Veranellies to say “hi”! Even check out her regularly scheduled posts:
and while you’re there, you can drool over her cute studio…
salvaged materials! Amazing. Guess what? She manipulates glass! See more here.
Thanks for sharing, Trisha!
Have you refinished a favorite piece of furniture lately?

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