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DIY Chair Makeover – before and after x 2

Think a thrift store find with a little DIY love can’t be every bit as gorgeous as a high end find? I beg to differ.  Meet:  Kristen from 

Farmstyle Studio

Kristen often says that design wouldn’t be a challenge without a budget. What fun would it be to walk into a high end store and say “I’ll take it!” without even so much as glancing at the price tag? 

But it’s not nearly as interesting or satisfying when there isn’t a bit of a challenge involved. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when the budget is tight. 

Kristen scored these thrift store potential beauties…



and now prepare to be amazed…



Wow! So glamorous. She’s gorgeous!

001-1 017

…the second has a smoky blue to play against the deep brown tones in the room.




Kristen – you’re such an inspiration. These are amazing! I can’t believe that’s them in the before pictures. Gorgeous transformation!

See more from Kristin at Farmhouse Studio.


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