Protecting Floors from Heavy Chunky Furniture

I recently spied this BIG beauty in a local antique/junk shop. You know how much I love junk and unique thrifty finds! Anyway I HAD to have it….

Of course, it’s just a little buried in the dark in a back room so I couldn’t see the entire thing but I just loved her chunkiness and that she was old AND that she was the perfect size for a recessed area in our home. 
Upon getting it home (thanks Bri & Steve for truck/delivery services), I discovered it was pretty filthy.  Even oily or perhaps tar was used as an anti-skid application? Maybe it lived in a garage for 30 years.  I don’t know but she was not stepping foot in our home until she had a bath.  
Isn’t she pretty?
A little scrubbing and degreasing helped however not enough that I’d want to shove it around directly on our new bamboo floors!
A little ingenuity, Gorilla Glue, felt weather stripping and Self Adhesive Cushions and Felt Pads did the trick!
I applied Gorilla Glue to the bottom of her bulk. 
(Yes, I went from swimming straight to DIY without changing…sometimes I’m in my pajamas, sometimes swim wear and sometimes I even wear old work clothes for the DIY occasion.  See how it’s dark outside?  There’s never enough time in the day…or if there is, I just might be taking the opportunity during the day for an end of summer swim at mom’s. )

Felt weather stripping was cut to fit  and applied using Gorilla Glue.
I added weight and let it dry overnight. 
A little extra added protection using Felt Furniture Movers never hurts (floors). 
Then Mr. DIY and I used tons of blankets and towels to flip this big girl.
With the felt bottom, a giant heavy piece of furniture now easily slides around and right into place. No damage to the floors! I can even slide it around myself. I do love to rearrange!  

More details on where this is going coming up at Friday’s Roomspiration!  🙂

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