Bun Feet!


(paintable grade but I love the wood pattern)
French Country in Paint Grade Bun Foot

plus this…

TransTint® Dyes
2 oz. of TransTint Dye
2 qts. of water
(I experimented with a smaller amount of water with the a couple of drops to achieve a deeper look.)

 applied with a foam brush…

results in this…

color: dark mission brown
This picture is most true to real life on my monitor:
I love the color. I love that it’s not sticky or oily like stain. I love that it dries fast and I love the finish that shows the grain. LOVE…it’s a serious possibility for our kitchen island when the time comes. 
Tips:  Use in a workshop/outside or in a protected area. Wear old clothes and wear gloves if you’ll need to turn project. It’s “dye” and very concentrated!
Bun feet, TransTint and foam brushes are available at Rockler
Click HERE to see where you’ll find these feet!

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