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After-Dinner Design – yes, please. It’s like dessert for a DIY’er, right? No! It’s Christina’s blog but just as yummy as dessert. After-Dinner Design = An ongoing blog following a young married couple as they renovate their railroad apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Both husband and wife work full-time jobs each day, so almost all of this project will be accomplished between 8:00-12:00 each night– hence the name: After-Dinner Design!
Here are some of her amazing DIY projects:
Her living room is stunning. I love the neutral but sophisticated result…
My favorite detail is the picture frame moulding.  Framing framed art is so subtle but makes a big statement. It says “Pssst. Look here, I’m special.”
Here was the space before/in progress…
And as if it wasn’t pretty enough, they added a punch of charm by painting a fun checkerboard pattern on the floor of their amazing apartment (one of my very favorite DIY projects)…
I LOVE this chair makeover:  The Upholstered Chair Hall of Fame
Lovely after..
A beautiful accent piece for her gorgeous bedroom…
Wow, Christina!  Beautiful transformations!  I love what you’ve done and look forward to seeing more of your amazing DIY talent!  Thank you so much for sharing!
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