Decorating Obsessed – Man Cave

Ashley from Decorating Obsessed is so DIY skilled.
They did an awesome job on their “man cave” but it’s so cool, I’d call it a co-ed cave.  After all – girls get thirsty too! 
Look at this bar her husband made.  All DIY.  I love the molding detail on the front, don’t you?  Gorgeous!


They gave the old wet bar a new look to match:

The wet bar project is almost done

Remember the ugly wet bar we had in the basement?

Well, it definitely got a facelift.

The most important task was replacing that dated green countertop with the matching countertop we got for the bar.

Unfortunately, pre-made countertops are one of the few things hardware stores will not cut (because of possible splintering), so this was a project Brent got to freehand. Yes, freehand.

So, he set up a cutting station using my other Craigslist dresser and a trash can, and went to work:

Brent did 3 practice cuts on the extra material before starting on the cut. To help prevent splintering, he placed masking tape down the center of the cut.



I think it turned out great. And the best part? We only spent $60 on this update – and that was for the countertop. The mirror is one I bought on clearance at TJ Maxx 4 years ago, and could never find a home for, and I already had the black paint.

We still have to get a mini fridge for underneath, since the former one was sacrificed for the kegorator. We have some Best Buy gift cards left over from the holidays, so hopefully we’ll find something we like there.

Now, my absolute favorite part?  Take a look for yourself.  
(That’s ALOT of wine, Ashley…had I known, I’d have pitched in on that DIY step!)

My wine cork dresser

Remember this guy I scored on Craigslist for $20 several weeks ago?

Well, it found a new home behind the bar as a buffet.

I’m not positive for many wine corks I used, but I would say it’s in the 800+ range.

At first I started out using a hot glue gun, but I was having issues with all of the corks properly sticking – so at Brent’s suggestion I switched to liquid nails and those suckers aren’t going anywhere now. Once the glue was done, I did 2 coats of poly over everything. 

Super job Ashely & Brent!

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