RH Inspired Zinc Dresser at Freckled Laundry (and Niski update)

I fell in love with a nightstand.  And a blog.  I want this…

in my house, beside my bed stacked with my decor magazines and scented candle.  (Since I’m dreaming, we’ll nix the alarm clock.)  I NEED it there.  Did I ever mention I’m using a cardboard box as a night stand?  Can you understand my longing for this?
Jami from 
freckled laundry
linked up to the DIY Project Parade last week with this beauty:

 If I can’t have it, can I be inspired by it?  Can I copy it? 
Yes. And Yes!
What about that GORGEOUS paint treatment?
I‘d love to copy/paste her tutorial but instead, I’ll send you over to check it out.  Click HERE to see her faux zinc painting tutorial. Thanks for sharing your creativity, Jami!
Thanks for your sweet comments about Niski.  She is slowly improving.  She’s not walking or standing longer than a few seconds.
She is still on crate rest and meds but…she wanted to take a minute from her crate in order to show you how she is doing.   
Please forgive my poor DIY video skills with bad lighting and sample audio clip.  
I’m just a beginner with no technical skills whatsoever and still learning!   Only the 2nd video in my entire life.
I spent more time than I would like to admit to even show you this much and when the screen goes black, that’s the end, despite the fact that it plays a lot longer – oops.
For right now – I don’t let her walk.  It’s too soon but I wanted to give you an update.  When crate rest is over, we will use a scarf under her tummy to help her walk when permitted.  🙂

And if you can’t see it …I apologize.  I don’t know what I’m doing!

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